• Debugging a Hard Fault in MQX

    Several reasons may lead to a hard fault, for example, calling a function pointer with an invalid address, stack overflow, trying to read or write to an on-chip peripheral that is powered down or not being clocked, ac...
    Daniel Chen
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  • Problems when reading large files from USB stick.

    I'm facing problems when reading large files. I have some code that copies one file from a USB stick to an SD Card. But I'm facing issues when copying large files, larger than 10MB. Here is how I'm doing it:   I...
    Manuel Malagon
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  • My flight controller won't connect to QGroundControl

    I bought the KIT-HGDRONEK66 and I have assembled the drone. I followed the steps and downloaded QGroundControl. Whenever I go to update the firmware I plug in the flight controller it recognizes the flight contro...
    Jacob Betts
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  • Programming spec for MCF52223CAF80

    Hi,   May i know any interface to program MCF52223CAF80 except EZPORT? If it can be supported another interface for programming, please help to provide the documents to me. Thank you.
    Jack Hsu
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  • AN4147 source code

    I am having trouble finding the source code for AN4147. Could someone please point me to it.   Thanks Mark
    Mark Doxbeck
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  • Problem regarding installation of S32 Design Studio for Vision in Linux

    Hello, I am trying to install S32 Design Studio for vision in Linux and facing the following error: Extracting the installation resources from the installer archive... Configuring the installer for this system's envir...
    Md Anayatullah
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  • Why is shell terminated and MCU restarted in SDCard Demo?

    I successfully compiled and started a debug session for the mfs/examples/sdcard demo. But my serial terminal goes crazy and shows this over and over.   Shell (build: Oct 8 2019) Copyright (c) 2013 Freescale Semi...
    Manuel Malagon
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  • K61 SPI over DMA using MQX I/O peripheral code performance issue

    Hello Team,   I've been using SPI for K61 to communicate  wifi chip (Ti CC3120). My SPI communication running on 20MHz speed. To improve the performance (we have a webhmi, which communicate through wifi chi...
    Jins Paul
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  • Could you confirm if this is a bug or a feature in MQX 4.1?

    There is a part in the file cortex.h that is as follows:   /* minimal implemented priority required by Cortex core */ #ifndef CORTEX_PRIOR_IMPL     #if PSP_MQX_CPU_IS_ARM_CORTEX_M0P   ...
    Manuel Malagon
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  • on NXP PCAL6416AHF,128 - I/O Expander,

    Hi Nxp Team,   Please advice us on the below customer issue.@     NXP PCAL6416AHF,128 - I/O Expander, 16bit, 400 kHz, I2C, 1.65 V, 5.5 V, HWQFN URL NXP: https://www.nxp.com/part/PCAL6416AHF   IS...
    Siddeshappa MS
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  • Bootloader in MQX 4.0

    1- I need to know where is the Bootloader in MQX 4.0 RTOS? How it is configured and what is its name?   2- What is the difference between BSP, PSP, and bootloader in MQX 4.0 RTOS? I keep hearing and reading abo...
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  • MQX 4.0.2 k64 DSPI dma howto

    when porting from MQX 4.0.2 for K60 to MQX 4.0.2 for K64, we hit a problem.   Apparently, the BSP for K64 has DSPI1 dma turned off (Vs K60 with DSPI1 dma turned on).   Since we rely on the DSPI1 dma in our...
    Paul Lau
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  • How do you port MQX 4.2 USB_V2 into a particular chip using CW 10.6?

    Reference: https://community.nxp.com/thread/505958   Completing this question will correct a USB memory issue in this other thread. There is a manual, but the manual covers porting into the IAR.  Look...
    Colin Dawson
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  • NXP有没有线下技术支持

    NXP有没有线下技术支持,线上问答太慢了。我用的是K60,城市:杭州,芯片型号为: MK60DN512VLQ10
    Peng Yang
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  • Interrupt in freertos_i2c

    Hello,   I am testing freertos_i2c_frdmk66f demo project.   I found master task has a higher priority than slave task   /******************************************************************************...
    David Zhu
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  • PN7462AU - External Pin Interrupt In RTOS

    Hello EveryOne,   Greetings of the day ...!!!   I am working on the PN7462AU, with "PN7462AU-FW_v05.07.01_Full" firmware from NXP site. I need to add & develop external (GPIO) interrupt button to hand...
    Sachin Singh
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  • K70 UART using interrupt ISR in MQX

    Hi Guys,   I am new to freescale controller and mqx. I downloaded and installed MQX v4.1. I am using keil uvision IDE. I was able to program the twr-k7f120m board with the hello world and gpio programs and ...
    Vibhu Sounder
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  • about MQX interrupt uart

    Hey ,every one I find a problem about interrupt uart in MQX .I use K60 microcontroller.   Now I can receive data from ISR. but when I send bytes to Computer. I just receive one byte in Computer. even if I send o...
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  • Difference between MQX v5 and MQX 4.2

    Hi Nxp:   Could you please explain the difference between MQX v5 and MQX 4.2. If I use the legacy MQX 4.2, do I have to buy the license?   Thank you.
    David Zhu
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  • Problem while resizing ov10635 camera captured image

    Hello Everyone, I am trying to display 4 omnivision 10635 camera captured data by resizing the each camera data, so that all four camera data can be displayed simultaneously in single screen.But I am unable to resize ...
    Md Anayatullah
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