• KDS update website link

    Hello, I develloped project into KDS few years ago. Since, I change My computer and reinstall KDS v3.2.   But Plugin for MQX not installated. Then I follow procedure said above, But error message appears: ...
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  • Intergrating projects in mqx

    Hi Guys, I am using keil IDE and mqx 4.1. The board I am using is twr-k70f120m. I want to integrate two projects into a single project.  1) Freescale_MQX_4_1\rtcs\examples\snmp 2) Freescale_MQX_4_1\mqx\example...
    Vibhu Sounder
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  • Query regarding implementing RAM self test mechanism

    Hello,   I am using kinetis MK60FX512VMD15 controller having 128 KB SRAM and MQX RTOS version 4.2.    I would like to implement RAM self test mechanism as follows: Write some test pattern (e.g. walki...
    Swapnil Vaychale
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  • How to add MFS and Shell support to a new MQX RTOS for KSDK and PEx project

    Hi Community,   Based on How to add RTCS to a Processor Expert Project Using KDS and KSDK,  below you can find the steps to include MFS and Shell to a KDS3.0 project using KSDK1.2 and Processor Expert. ...
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  • [MQX 4.1]I2C demo for MMA8451Q

    I have just implemented an I2C demo for my customer, he found no demo for MMA8451Q based on MQX 4.1, so I personally wrote one for him based on the I2C EEPROM demo, as well as the driver code for MMA8451Q supporting b...
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  • Installing NIO driver in MQX for KSDK

    Hello All,   Next document lists the steps needed to install a basic NIO driver in MQX for KSDK 1.3. In this document, a basic SPI driver for FRDM-K64F was created in order to serve as guidance for any user's dr...
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  • USB host problem

    Hello   I'm facing a problem on USB stack. Fisrt, my configuration: K70, MQX with usb, not usbv2   So when USB is plugged, like done in HVAC demo, I do following: _io_usb_mfs_install(..) usb_fs...
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  • I installed KDS 3.2 and MQX 4.2 but Debugg MQX TAD drop down menu is missing

    Good Morning! [EDIT: MQX PLUGINS ARE INSTALLED. This issue isn't from not installing it but the lack of menu in the debug perspective] I have recently purchased a new laptop and tried installing KDS 3.2 (By itself) t...
    Tak Ming Marco Pang
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  • SPI CS1(instead of CS0) on Kinetis for SD interface.

    I am using MQX 4.2 and I have a code for (SPI) SD card  for MCF52259. My Quesion is,Can I use the this code for Kinetis ??  If yes , My customized board has SD card CS connected with PTD4 that is SPI0_CS1 (a...
    Abu Bakar
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  • DDR in twr-k70

    Hi Guys,   I am using twr - k70f120m board. The IDE I am using is keil uvision v5.28.0.0. I wanted to test the DDR in the twr board. How do I test it ? Is there any example or document which tells how to write a...
    Vibhu Sounder
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  • MK20DX128VFM5不工作

    买了几个MK20DX128VFM5芯片,电路图见附件 将USB插入电脑,没有任何反应,识别不了USB口, 测试如下: TP3003(VBAT): 0.659V TP3002(EXTAL32):0V TP3001(XTAL):0V TP3012(ADC0):3.3V GPIO20 GPIO19:0.017V 8MHz 晶振未起震
    xie anton
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  • 大家好!请问一下:如何用芯片内部的寄存器来识别芯片型号是MK60DN512VMD10,还是MK60DN512ZVMD10?

    canjun he
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  • get data from mqx - webpage

    Hi Guys, I am using twr-k70f120m board and am using mqx_4_1 version. I wanted to get data from a webpage and send it in uart. The example which is given in Freescale_MQX_4_1\rtcs\examples\httpsrv is only for sending ...
    Vibhu Sounder
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  • MQX snmp error

    Hi Guys,   I am using twr - k70f120m board and mqx_4.1 version. I opened the snmp example in rtcs and compiled. At first it gave tow errors stating that the RTCSCFG_ENABLE_SNMP and MQX_HAS_TIME_SLICE w...
    Vibhu Sounder
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  • Looking for Complete Example of MQX 4.x SPI Slave implementation

    Does anyone have a complete example of implementing SPI slave driver for MQX 4.0/4.2? I am using CW, and a K60 TWR. I dont mind modifying the code to fit my needs, but I'd like something that works.
    Mark Doxbeck
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  • Download MQX RTOS 4.2

    Hi, I could not find MQX RTOS 4.2 to download, the links mentioned in the related queries are either obsolete or inaccessible. can anyone please provide information to MQX 4.2 download. mqx4.2 download problems f...
    raveena reddy
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  • I Need some Help with PN 548 PLEASE

    Hi I am new and have purchased a device with a Pn548 mobile, i am looking for a manual or some help in how to use this or put information on it to transfer to others ..many thanks in advance Michael 
    michael flaherty
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  • sgtl5000 record not OK

    Hi,    sgtl5000 is the codec chip in my zynqMP project and the play is OK.The key register value is as following, CHIP_DIG_POWER = 0x63 CHIP_SSS_CTRL = 0x10 CHIP_ANA_CTRL = 0x22   The record has n...
    yun li
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  • My flight controller won't connect to QGroundControl

    I bought the KIT-HGDRONEK66 and I have assembled the drone. I followed the steps and downloaded QGroundControl. Whenever I go to update the firmware I plug in the flight controller it recognizes the flight contro...
    Jacob Betts
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  • sgtl5000录音没声音

    现象描述如下: 1.可以播放声音。 2.播放声音时录音,会听到有杂声的录音歌曲。这里选择的寄存器是line_in->adc->i2s_dout(0x0002寄存器值为0x73, 0x000a寄存器值为0x10,0x0024寄存器值为0x26) 3.不播放声音时录音,录音没有任何声音。line_in->adc->i2s_dout(0x0002寄存器值为0x72, 0x000a寄存器值为0x10,0x00...
    yun li
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