• _timer_cancel未释放系统内存空间

    Hi, 在使用MQX定时器组件时,我发现在申请定时器时是需要申请系统内存空间的,但如果取消定时器的任务是Timer Task时,则不会删除定时器队列中的阶段也不会释放系统内存空间。如下: ti_cancl.c: timer_entry_ptr->VALID = 0; timer_entry_ptr->ID = 0; if (kernel_data->ACTIVE_PTR != timer_compone...
    hugo lee
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  • PPP pver serial

    Good morning   I need to use the PPP over the serial port. I would like to avoid the usage of the operating system. The example attached in SDK are using the MQX. Is it so necessary ? If I use the bare metal s...
    Pietro di Castri
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  • TCP Grammar header check in MQX4.1

    Dear Support: As we know, the tcp/ip stack in mqx4.1 has check the TCP Grammar Header in function TCP_Process_packet() in Tcp.c. the tcp header include: /*  Header of a TCP packet  */ typedef struct tcp_h...
    wulin weng
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  • Adding a task without the while(1) loop

    Generic question for an RTOS application:   Using FreeRToS (or MQX), what happens when the While(1) loop is let out of the task?   Here is the task create code: /* Run GPIO State Algorithm */ xTaskCreat...
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  • Encountered a problem on the RTCS and MQX.

    In my project, I encountered a problem: In Kinetis K66,my board with a 16MB SDRAM,I need change ram pool to SDRAM, so I use this code at the first task:   _mem_pool_id test_id , old_id ; test_id = _mem_create_...
    jet li
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  • PPP over serial

    Hello.   I am trying to figure out how to use the PPP driver to establish a connection through a GPRS external modem. It would be a standard Dial up connection.   I was only able to find examples on how ...
    Frederico Prado
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  • Problem with registers in MK60FX512VMD15

    Hello.   In most of the registers appear in this way. Can anybody help me?  
    Fernando Ramon
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  • Error in UDP communication - query/response

    Hi All. With MQX4.2 in CW10.6 I have run UDP communication. I am using UDP sockets,I am receiving query and then I am generating response. Everything works fine unless I set to response same source port as has MQX fo...
    Jaroslav Cermak
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  • Problems Copying USB to SD using MFS and MQX4.0

    I have K70 system running MQX4.0 with both an USB and SD card interface.  When using the shell (Shell_Copy) to copy files from the USB card to the SD card, they become corrupt.  Copying from SD to USB is not...
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  • MQXLite Semaphore issue in an interrupt

    Hello guys,   I'm facing an issue using MQXLite. My project runs on CW10.6 +  PEx + MQXLite. I'm calling  "_lwsem_post" in an interrupt handler to synchronize a task with this ISR but my program ...
    Anthony Duhamel
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  • MQX changes

    I can't imagine I'm alone in feeling betrayed at the latest development with NXP and MQX. Having initially chosen the freescale ecosystem in large part because of the free MQX offering, its a shame to see it move to a...
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  • MQX Lite Support for Kl27X SOC

    We are using MQX Lite on MKL27Z256VMP4 SoC . We have installed GPIO driver and LP UART driver using Processor Expert.   Setup : 1. SoC MKL27Z256VMP4 . 2. GPIO Driver 3. LP UART Driver 4. MQX Lite / FreeRT...
    Anil Nadargi
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  • Reduce MQX/RTCS RAM usage

    Hi, we have a mk60fx512 cpu on which we run our own software together with MQX 4.2 and the RTCS stack. Recently we've been running in to some RAM memory shortage problems and we've had to make some compromises to make...
    Jesper Evertsson
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  • GT202 / QCA4002 Wi-Fi Support for KSDK K64

    Hi Folks,   Arcturus been working on a forward port of the GT202 / QCA4002 MQX WiFi support from MQX 4.0 to KDS 2.0.0 / KSDK 1.1.0.  Currently running on K64 with RCTS support.  Our application is stre...
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  • Re: Ping problem over 2 different subnets

    Hi Gian,   this is a problem with your network settings rather than the MCU config.   This question was already answered in the following thread: Routing problem with MQX 4.0 on Windows PC   Regard...
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  • MQX flashx driver READ

    flashx driver allows registration of proprietary READ function, however it doesn't seem to use it anywhere. How can a flash device that requires proprietary read function (for example SPI) be implemented ?
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  • HTTP Cookies

    I thought I would share this to give something back to the community. I have added support for one time HTTP headers that I use to send cookies to the client and support for reading cookies from received headers. I am...
    Adrian Rockall
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  • Solution for memory leaks in MQX 4.1’s PPP_init() and PPP_release()

    Note this also occurs in MQX   I would be grateful if a freescale member could validate the fixes I’ve applied to the rtcs files below.   Issue Our product uses a GPRS modem to send UDP data...
    Graeme Redman
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  • Re: how to update IP from DNS server in FRDMK64

    hi,      thank you very much.its working fine.and also i want to know is any easy way to update IP from DNS server. please guide me if any example code there..? actually from domain name i need I...
    sudhakar p
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  • Now Available: CyaSSL for MQX RTCS

    Now Available: CyaSSL for MQX RTCS – Enabling Secure Network Connections for Kinetis MCUs   We are pleased to announce the availability of the popular CyaSSL SSL / TLS software library in a pre-configured ...
    Maclain Lobdell
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