• How to use mutex and semaphores in a FreeRTOS and SDK2.0 Project

    This document shows how to use a mutex and semaphores in order to synchronize two tasks in a FreeRTOS and SDK 2.0 project. For this example it is used SDK 2.0, TWR-K64F120M, and FreeRTOS. If you want to know how to cr...
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  • Introduction to SPI interface

    SPI, which stands for Serial Peripheral Interface, is a standard with a very specific hardware interface. A connection is between a master and a slave, with the master typical being a processor, and the slave being a ...
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  • Introduction to I2C Interface

      I2C is a common way to interface a processor with a peripheral such as EEPROM, accelerometer, or communication device, and can even be used to communicating with another processor.   Quick Review of I2C ...
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  • Working with FreeRTOS projects using KDS and KSDK 1.3 Project Generator tool

    Hello all,   This document describes how to create a FreeRTOS project in KDS using the Kinetis SDK Project Generator tool. If you are interested in how to Create a FreeRTOS project using KDS and Kinetis SDK Pro...
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  • MQX Software Solutions Wiki

    The links below provide useful design resources for MQX Software Solutions product developers.   Products Latest Releases and Patches Announcements & Information Training MQX Classic MQX v4.2.0.2 Patch ...
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  • MQX v5 is Coming!

    MQXv5 is Coming!   NXP has teamed up with Embedded Access to continue active development of MQX software solutions, providing regular updates, enhancements and ports to new processors.   With the introdu...
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  • TCP Retransmission Time Out (RTO) and Round-Trip Time (RTT) in MQX RTCS

    If you have noticed many TCP Retransmission, Out Of Order or Duplicate Acknowledge packets while running a TCP/IP application based on MQX RTCS then you may be interested in this article. After some investigation it c...
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  • Quick Overview of FreeRTOS vs MQX RTOS

    Quick Overview of FreeRTOS vs MQX RTOS   MQX  real-time operating system is designed for uniprocessor, multiprocessor, and distributed-processor embedded real-time system. Freescale semiconductor adopted th...
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  • How to generate PWM signal using MQX

    The Freescale MQX Software Solution includes a comprehensive Board Support Package (BSP) supporting common peripherals and functions. However, some applications will require customization of the available drivers or t...
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  • How to add GPIO pins to the default BSP configurations

    Hello All,   This document explains how to add GPIO pins to the default BSP configurations. This example shows how add a LED pin for the BSP TWR-K70FN1M board. The procedure is the same for other ports and perip...
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    Hi,   I want to share a document, the purpose of this document is to indicate step by step how to get the memory footprint of a MQX project. The Freescale MQX RTOS includes the tool Codesize.exe, this document ...
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  • pppdump01.hex

    MQX ppp communication. Could be imported to wireshark as hexdump.
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  • Introduction the BSP configuration file in MQX for Kinetis SDK

    Introduction the BSP configuration file in MQX for Kinetis SDK   1  Overview of BSP directory in MQX classic  and MQX for KSDK If you compare the BSP directory of MQX classic and MQX for KSDK , you wi...
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  • MQX Installation Guide

    This is a friendly guide to install MQX.
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  • Como hacer un nuevo Driver en MQX.pdf

    Freescale MQX incluye un BSP que soporta funciones y periféricos comúnmente usados. Sin embargo en aplicaciones muy específicas puede ser necesario el desarrollo o modificación de uno o vario...
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  • Compiling MQX Libraries and Demos for the KDS Toolchain.

    Introduction Official support for MQX in KDS is slated for August of this year (2014), but what if you want to start building up your libraries now? Through Mingw and the files included in MQX 4.1, we can compile lib...
    Rael Sasiak-Rushby
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  • MQX4.1/tools/ds-5/ds5_update_site.zip updated and new name "MQX Support.zip"

    May 7, 2014   MQX plugins were rebuilt to support latest DS5.18.   Zip attached to this email contains following plugins:   - com.freescale.projectofprojects   - com.freescale.buildtoolb...
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  • Flexbus in MQX

    It's a note to configre and use Flexbus interface in MQX platform .
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  • MQX 实时操作系统用户手册.pdf

    MQX Chinese User Manual
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  • Create MQX for KSDK Project From Scratch in IAR IDE

    CREATE MQX FOR KSDK PROJECT FROM SCRATCH IN IAR IDE   Note: ${KSDK_PATH} is used in this guide line to instead of path of KSDK source (Example: C:/Freescale/KSDK_1.2.0/). This procedure was created for TWR-K64f12...
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