• stuck in _msgq_send_internal when using RTCS send

    Hello,   I am using RTCS for one of my application. As a brief about how, following are some key takeaways. - I have kept RTCS priority at 70 - My watchdog refresh is also in another task at 70 - One of my ta...
    Preet Mehta
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  • RTCS with HTTP server tasks with time slice

    Hello,   We have a project running with the following environment: KDS (1.3.0) with KSDK (3.0.0) and Processor Expert (PEX). We did a small web server with a few HTML pages. I believe that when the pages are dis...
    Nicolas G
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  • MQX v4.2+RTCS simultaneous port connections

    I have multiple threads of the function below and can only connect to 1 port at a time.  I'm testing this code by running Hyperterminal on a PC and simply connecting and disconnecting the port. Each port works, e...
    Phil Roth
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  • CyaSSL embedded SSL now available for MQX!

    Hi!   yaSSL is happy to announce that the CyaSSL embedded SSL library now supports MQX/RTCS/MFS as well as the Kinetis MCU and H/W RNGA.  To supplement the port, we have also released several example CodeWa...
    Chris Conlon
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  • Tcp retransmission from connected socket

    hi, i use mqx 4.2, cw 10.6, frdmk64f. My problem is that i see some unexpected retrasmission packet. Some time ago i had a similar problem (https://community.freescale.com/thread/383852) that i solved setting a glob...
    Emanuele Trapani
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  • There is a problem when sending and receiving data.

    send:  hAPduInst = PDUM_hAPduAllocateAPduInstance(apduZDP); if (hAPduInst == PDUM_INVALID_HANDLE) { DBG_vPrintf(TRUE, "hAPduInst:===PDUM_INVALID_HANDLE\r\n"); } else { offSet = PDUM_u16APduInstanceWriteNB...
    Gao Lei
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  • Using _RTCS_mem_pool for memory allocation

    Hi,   I have MRAM attached to the flexbus that I would like to use for RTCS.  I have been running the task successfully by using the following: _RTCS_mem_pool = _mem_create_pool(RTCS_mem_location, MRAM_POOL...
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  • MQX PCB Corrupt

    Hi all,   I am using MQX for KSDK 1.3.0.  I have been using the GNU tools 4.8 2014q3 since the project started.  I decided to update the tools to the latest version which is included in MCUXpress0...
    created by jschepler
  • Changes undone in MQX RTOS patch

    Hi, We are working with MQX and we have detected the same problems that Chris Solomon detected in  MQX TCP bug - Lockup on more than one simultaneous open.  I have been investigating a little more an...
    Eukeni Urkiaga
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  • HTTP Server Max Sessions

    I am having issues when first loading the webpage of an embedded webserver.  I think it is due to the amount of TCP connections Chrome is requesting when I first try to load the page.  Please read through my...
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  • RTCS and SNMP manager

    For a project currently under development, we need to use SNMP which I'm not familiar with. I was happy to see that the RTCS implements the protocol, however, the given example only shows how to set up an agent while ...
    Nicolas G
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  • RTCS Watchdog Interference

    We encountered a problem on a K60F120M using MQX that seems mainly related to the RTCS module. Namely when the RTCS module is activated and with a watchdog set to 1 second the system restarts/resets about onc...
    Christian Fischer
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    Hi all, We have noticed some connectivity issues with RTCS network stack. Here we are using the API ipcfg_bind_dhcp_wait to retrieve IP address from  DHCP server. Most of the time, IP binding is successful. But...
    Akhil M V
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  • MQX DHCP client lease renewal issue

    We have a customer that has captured Wireshark data showing that the DHCP lease is expiring. Investigation has determined the cause is in .\Freescale_MQX_4_2\rtcs\source\tcpip\dhcpclnt.c\DHCPCLNT_service_ack(). Normal...
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  • TCPIP Event timing error in MQX 4.2

    Hi, Our application has been developed with MQX 3.8. Our application has a dhcp client and it works properly.. We are porting our application to MQX 4.2 and now the dhcp client is not renewing the lease time before ...
    Eukeni Urkiaga
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  • Atheros 4100 on K70?

    I am trying to use Atheros 4100 on K70.  I want to host the same web pages I got running on Ethernet port using MQX on Atheros wifi.  I am running MQX 4.0.2 and have the Atheros 4.0.2 patch installed.  ...
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  • Does MQX support SFTP?

    I have a requirement to use SFTP to dowload a file on to K64 processor. I have MQX 4.1 running on the processor. Is SFTP supported by MQX?   Appreciate your help.
    reddy Viditha
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  • MQX 在开启telnet服务后,如何把printf打印的信息通过telnet客户端打印出来

    MQX 在开启telnet服务后,如何把printf打印的信息通过telnet打印出来。默认的是串口打印。telnet成功后,通过telnet命令调用的printf都能打印出来。但是在别的程序中直接调用printf,telnet客户端没有反应,打印不出来。如何重定位printf函数到telnet客户端。
    yongzhen yan
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  • TCP / IP Socket Client Issue (RTCS bug?)

    TCP / IP Socket Client Issue (RTCS bug?)   I’m currently using MQX 3.8.1 and Code Warrior 10.3. I’ve written a TCP client to read a web page.   The client is based on the syntax from Freescale...
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  • Client-Server(Daemon) Example

    Hello All,   I want to share a client-server project. In this example the server can accept more than one client (Daemon server implementation). This example was created and tested using MQX4.2, CodeWarrior 1...
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