• have MQX shell run in two different serial port.

    Hi, I need to have shell in two different serial port for two different purposes. One for debugging and other as user interface to a custom device or a customer through a PC.   I know that we can have two diffe...
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  • An MFS function call ioctl using IO_IOCTL_FIND_FIRST_FILE results in structure misalignment

    I’m trying to use the ioctl call to an sdcard to search for a filename and then delete it. When the function call returns it has an illegal ram address in the structure. After digging for several days I have col...
    George Joseph
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  • How do I read the file count on a mounted USB flash drive?

    I am running MQX4.2 and have built USB and MFS into my project.   A USB drive is interfaced OK and MFS installed.   I can read using 'read' a file so I am confident MFS is OK.   Is there ...
    Ashley Clarke
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  • MFS, how get the handle of a file?

    Hi, i work on a k64f, MQX 4.2. There is a way to recover the handle of a opened file if i miss the fopen() return handle? I have the pathname and the filename.   thank you   Emanuele Trapani
    Emanuele Trapani
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  • MFS_Create_directory_entry Edge Case bug

    With out the following patch the call MFS_Extend_chain returning null is not handled, and if null (due to corrupted FAT) will causes hard faults.   diff --git a/mfs/Sources/generic/mfs_dir_entry.c b/mfs/Sou...
    Leif Zars
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  • Using Micron MT29F8G08ABABWP with FFS

    Currently I’m using I’m are using MQX 4.2 and a K20FX512VLQ12 connected to a Spansion S34ML08G2 NAND flash memory chip. Everything is works well using the Spansion flash.  Our board house would like u...
    Randall Jordan
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  • PageOrderMap::init Change to uint16_t entries

    Has anyone been able to update PageOrderMap::init  to uint16_t entries?  I needed to change the entryCount to 1025 to support the NAND flash our board uses.  The comment states that if the assertion hit...
    Randall Jordan
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  • Calls to IO_IOCTL_FREE_SPACE returns half the NAND memory size

    I’m are using MQX 4.1and a K20FX512VLQ12 connected to a Spansion S34ML08G2 NAND flash memory chip.  Calls to IO_IOCTL_FREE_SPACE returns half the memory size, 512K instead of 1MB.   I have updated the...
    Randall Jordan
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  • File rename fail

    I’m having a problem renaming a temporary file when there are 170 files saved to NAND flash.   I am using CodeWarrior 10.6 MQX 4.1 Spansion S34ML08G201 NAND flash MK20FX512VLQ12   The NAND flash...
    Randall Jordan
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  • EEPROM MQX example code for READ AND WRITE data

    Hi,      i need EEPROM example code for FRDMK64f120 controller. am using KDS 2.0 and KSDK 1.1.0 example. so how to write and read data from EERPOM.   thanks and regards, sudhakar p
    sudhakar p
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  • Simultaneous SDCard Access Corruption

    The project is set up as follows. USB with MSC access to the SDCard device, along with MFS on top of the SDCard as well.   Now I know that it is potentially unsafe for both USB and MFS to access to the...
    Leif Zars
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  • MQX failing to write SD Card after about 900mb of write. I am using MQX™ RTOS 3.7.0

    I am using MQX™ RTOS 3.7.0. But repeated attempt to write on SD card (of 2GB) constantly failing at about 900MB. I am using different file sizes. And this failure is not related to number of file is written as I...
    Nilay Das
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  • MQX_FILE_PTR  IO stream for UART communication, mqx_file struct not accessable!

    Hey guys, I am currently working with a Kinetis K70 processor which should communicate over UART5 with a Bluetooth Module. I use the IO serial port ittyf:  to regulate the UART. My communication works fine, i can...
    Fabian Liebisch
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  • MQX 4.2, Sd card Read Speed

    Hello, We are using MQX 4.2, on a MCF52254 based custom made board.   We are trying to read data from sd card. This is audio data so we require real time performance. The data is read through following command:...
    Aftab Sarwar
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  • MFS Cache Bug

    Provide MFS_sector_cache_invalidate with args first_sector = X and sectors = 1. Insure cache includes sector X. The cache_record will not be invalidated!   Check the current code out... last_sector =...
    Leif Zars
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  • Date and time of a directory just created with MFS

    Hello, I use MQX 4.1 and a custom board based on a K64 with a USB host. When I create a directory on a USB memory key mounted with MFS and I look at the result reading the key under windows, I see the correct direct...
    Jean-Paul Deryck
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  • SD card writing after ejection

    Hi  I've a problem with SD card writing. The installation of SD card is ok, from esdhc to mfs over partition, as indicated in \mfs\examples\sdcard\demo.c, and I can write properly a file with the demo command "...
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  • MFS using NULL handle

    I have found a bug in MFS_Open_file the mfs_open.c file. A snippet of the code is shown below:             /* Lookup entry  with the requested name in t...
    Adrian Rockall
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  • frdmk64f uart flow control RTS/CTS

    Hi,      how to implement flow control in FRDMK64f120 controller. i am using KDS2.0 IDE and KSDK 1. 1.0 MQX example program. how to implement RTS/CTS flow control in "hello world" example project...
    sudhakar p
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  • MQX4.0 ADC interrupt

    I'm using MQX4.0 to develop ADC driver to control my touch panel. Recently, i have had already finished the work by using polling method to get the ADC from touch. But i wanna use interrupt to do for instead. Do an...
    tsung li wang
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