• No rule to make target `out/target/product/sabresd_6dq/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libwpa_client_intermediates/export_includes

    No rule to make target `out/target/product/sabresd_6dq/obj/SHARED_LIBRARIES/libwpa_client_intermediates/export_includes
    李志 李
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  • Flash Drives Incorrectly Identified as Not DOS

    I'm using an MQX4.2 port with MFS.   I'm having problems with various different USB flash drives, partly because of the following, taken from MFS_Mount_drive_internal in mfs_mount.c   if ((boot_sector[...
    Ashley Clarke
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  • USB >8Gb not working properly

    Hi , I am using MQX for my project, Where i am not able to use USB device 8GB or more than that.  If i use flash drive more than 8 GB. I could see write as success but it is not actually written into it. I trie...
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  • how to use MQX SAI driver for FRDM-K64f

    Hello everybody! Firstly, I want to thank the team of developers MQX OS! this is my first experience with OS, and I really pleased to work with MQX! Many examples with detailed comments allow me to quickly build a wo...
    Oleg Lavrukhin
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  • ESDHC Timeout Error

    I am using MQX for KSDK 1.3.0 on a K64F processor.  I am using the MFS file system and writing to an SD card.  I noticed a post mentioning there is a 32-bit / 64-bit issue and designed a simple test to evalu...
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  • _io_part_mgr_write fails on large sector

    I am using KSDK 1.3.0 with MQX on the MK66 processor. Problem 1: I have found a problem where after a period of time of writing data to an SD card it would become unavailable. It would mount but any read /...
    Adrian Rockall
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  • MQX_USE_LOGS - error log to file

    Hi,   I was wondering if there was an example of how to use the error log and save it to a file on an SD card?   I am running MQX 4.2.   I looked under that directory for an example, but nothing jump...
    Jason Scott
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  • USB0 - K60 - MQX4.2 - Only works with debugger attached.

    Good Afternoon,   Hopefully someone can give me a pointer or two on the enumeration of USB0 on the k60.   Brief background: MQX Version: 4.2 Not using process expert. Custom board: using the k60 processo...
    Jason Scott
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  • MQX 在开启telnet服务后,如何把printf打印的信息通过telnet客户端打印出来

    MQX 在开启telnet服务后,如何把printf打印的信息通过telnet打印出来。默认的是串口打印。telnet成功后,通过telnet命令调用的printf都能打印出来。但是在别的程序中直接调用printf,telnet客户端没有反应,打印不出来。如何重定位printf函数到telnet客户端。
    yongzhen yan
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  • Sharing several issues with NAND FFS in MQX4.1.1

    This blog shares several issues reported by China customers when they use NAND FFS in MQX4.1.1. NAND FFS open failure issue   Customer reported they can use a pressure test code to continuously open file, write...
    Cutworth Wang
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    Hi folks,   I have run up in to a problem of MFS giving me error MFS_NOT_A_DOS_DISK.   Since all the function calls like - io_usb_mfs_install, io_mfs_install, fopen return MQX_OK(no error), I cant find the...
    Nitin Kothari
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  • GDB PEmicro code loading problem

    Hi, i am using FRDMk64f, KDS 2.0 and KSDK1.1.0 example. using KDS 2.0 i loaded my code using Flash option. i have Multilink universal board. i loaded hello example code and timer example code . each have different l...
    sudhakar p
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  • problem in jumping from bootloader to Application code

    hi,      i am working on FRDMk64 controller. i am using KDS3.0 and ksdk1.2.0 example. i did bootloader code. but i am facing some problem in jumping from bootloader to application location. in my ...
    sudhakar p
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  • MQX Lite LED task not work

    Hi ,I am using FRDM-KL25Z and I have successfully Written LED blink program  using code warrior. I am also able to run all the sample program from freescale start up kit.Now I am writing A MQX Lite program to bli...
    yogesh patel
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  • Hi  am pavithra.

    i am   working on mqx version 4.0.0.can we use all file functions in mqx. I am getting problem while using  fputs  function. It is working properly on linux platform  but not in mqx it is writ...
    pavithra s
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  • USB Sticks write error

    Hello   I'm using MQX4.1 with the  TWR-K60D100M and Keil IDE. I'm using the mfs and USB host of the MQX to write data to an USB Stick. I modified the example of the mfs_usb in the shell.c that every 400ms ...
    Ivo Senn
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  • unable to open USB problem

    Hi All,   I have been trying to run  MFS USB example unfortunatly it gaves errors. I am not much familiar  with USB stack and hope I can solve the issue with your guidance. I have enabled the stack's l...
    Mehmet Ekici
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  • the USB MFS hot un-plug issue

    Some issue found on mqx4.0/mfs/examples/mfs_usb: The fatfs failed to be remounted if unplugging the USB disk when copying files. Actually, when unplugging, the files opened must be closed, otherwise the MFS failed to...
    Jerry Fan
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  • Howto perform SD-Card Hotswapping?

    My issue is to be able to make it possible to remove and to insert the SD-Card during a runtime of the system (Hotswapping).   Scenario description: 1. Installation of the SD-Card (esdhc device, sdcard driver, pa...
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  • how to destroy only one task

    hi.. now i am working on frdmk64 controller. actually i edited hello example project. in this project i created 3 task but i want to destroy one task after some time but its destroyed all task. i attached my code al...
    sudhakar p
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