• What do I need to get the LPUART IRQ Handler to work for the FRDM-MKL82Z

    I am developing a project in MCUXpresso for the FRDM-MKL82Z board with the SDK for that board from NXP. There is an 'lpuart_interrupt' example project included in the SDK that I am using as a reference to use UART wit...
    Ronald Chasse
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  • FRDM-KE04Z Hello World MCUXpresso SDK Issue

    I have a FRDM-KE04Z development board. I've installed the MCUXpresso and downloaded the SDK for the FRDM-KE04Z board. I imported it into the IDE without any issues.   I wanted to compile it to make sure that eve...
    Chris Lambrecht
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  • LPC5528 SPI FIFOWR controlbit issue

    For the project I am working on we are using multiple SPI peripherals. I am currently working on a driver that meets up to our abstraction layer written in C++ but I encounter an issue when trying to exchange data on ...
    Rik Vugteveen
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  • Real-time DSP using the LPC55S69 i2s Examples

    I currently experimenting with the LPC55S69 i2s examples i2s_interrupt_record_playback and i2s_dma_record_playback examples. My starting point has been the interrupt version example. I want low latency and the ability...
    Mark Wickert
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  • Possible bug on kinetis driver fsl_dac_h/c SDK 2.7.0 ???

    In my app i use a driver set for MK66FN2M0xxx18 SDK Version 2.7.0, Manifest V. 3.6.0 on MCUXpresso IDE v11.1.1_3241. Using the DAC peripheral configuration tool, if you enable buffer and you fill the firsts n-values,...
    Antonio Del Magro
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  • Classic CAN using mcan in LPC546xx

    Hello ,   Are there any sample code/example for usage of classic CAN in LPC54628?     regards, Hemanth
    Hemanth S
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  • SAI/I2S Example for FRDM-K64f

    Hi,   i'm using the FRDM-K64F Board and try to connect it via I2S to an external I2S Microphone:   Are there any SAI Examples for this board? Or maybe Example for similar Board, such i could addept it for...
    Niklas Teschner
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  • Bad UDP behavior after migrating fsl_enet from 2.2.4 to 2.2.5 version

    Good morning,   We have a UDP/IP stack code that has started to misbehave on a K64 after migrating fsl_enet driver from 2.2.4 to 2.2.5 version. This is the result of updating SDK from version 2.6 to 2.7. We have...
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  • K64 Internal Flash Erase Error

    Hi,   I am writing my application data to internal flash for FRDM-K64. My data is 8 byte aligned. I was getting fault while erasing the sector and later on I find that I should disable all IRQ before flash oper...
    Darshan Shah
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  • Segger JLINK doesn't work properly in MCUXpresso 11.1.1 (with projects)

    I just recently installed MCUXpresso 11.1.1 and have the most recent JLink drivers (6.54c). I'm also using SDK V2.7.0 and a JLINK Base debugger with an FRDM-K64F board.   I'm experiencing problems debugging...
    Manuel Malagon
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  • Bug: tx buffers should be const in fsl_dspi

    Using SDK2.8, MCUXpresso 11.2, Kinetis K64F Lots of applications (like ours) will send SPI data from const structures (ie flash), so... tx buffer pointers need to be const (and probably volatile is not required). Pl...
    Dave Nadler
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  • K81 SDK Support

    Hello,   Is there an MCUXpressso SDK specifically for the K81 processor? I currently see a duplicate entry for the K82 and it seems like this could be a duplication mistake.   Thanks,   Aaron
    Aaron Husz
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  • Timer in LPC546xx

    Hello ,   I am working on the LPC546xx based device. I intend to use the timer for generating interrupt at various time interval.   I came across various timers 1. Multi-Rate Timer (MRT) 2. Repetitive Inte...
    Hemanth S
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  • FRDM-KL46Z FreeRTOS example UART and SPI Project Issues

    Hello everyone,   So, this is my first time using an ARM board, so I know so little. I have a FreeRTOS university project that utilises UART and SPI, so I was instructed to load the example SDK projects to famil...
    Konstantinos Bolosis
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  • PWM with multiple period using LPC546xx SCTimer/PWM

    Hello ,   I am using LPC54628(OM13098) development board. I intent to use PWM output with different period. Is it possible to have different PWM period in SCT0?   e.g. SCT0_OUT4     ...
    Hemanth S
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  • KW41Z SDK drivers fsl_common missing linker script

       There is fsl_common in the drivers of KW41Z SDK and at looks like it is missing a linker script. The InstallIRQHandler is using external references to things like __RAM_VECTOR_TABLE_SIZE_BYTES. ...
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  • SDK assert results in hardfault

    I am developing a project with the LPC5528 and us the generate SDK code for multiple pheripherals. I created a C++ project and started coding. Since i do not use the heap i set the size of the heap to 0 in my linker c...
    Rik Vugteveen
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  • Firmware Upload using LPC LINK-2 possible?

    Hello ,   Is it possible to get firmware (xxx.axf) of the connected target (upload)?   I am having LPC LINK-2 in MCUXPRESSO IDE.   regards, Hemanth
    Hemanth S
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  • Unsupported version of mcan in toolchain/IDE

    Hello ,   I am intending to use classic CAN module in LPC54606/08 controller. I tried code generation from MCUXpresso IDE for the CAN module.   But I get a warning while configuring. Issue: Unsupported v...
    Hemanth S
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  • Hard Fault in SC Timer

    Hello ,   I am using the LPC54628 (OM13098 board). I am using PWM using the SCTimer.   I am able create custom PWM waveform using "SCTIMER_CreateAndScheduleEvent" I intent to change the duty cycle/period ...
    Hemanth S
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