• Bug report for USB examples

    Is there a better place for reporting bugs? I couldn't find any.   I've run into an issue with some of the RT1050 USB examples where they don't enumerate correctly when connected to a computer running windows 10...
    Jay Monkman
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  • Execute another program from a code

    Hello All,   I am using FRDM-KW36.   In one of my applications, I need to run a small code and check for a condition. If condition is satisfied, execute another program stored in P-Flash at location o...
    Pandurang Chauhan
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  • Cannot download MCUXpresso

    I'm using Firefox on Windows 10 and I cannot download MCUXpresso.   If I go here: MCUXpresso IDE|Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) | NXP  and click on the download button, I get redirec...
    Curtis Hendrix
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  • SDIF driver invalid error handling

    I am using SDK 2.6.0 with LPCExpresso54618 and running an example lpcxpresso54618_fatfs_sdcard_fatfs.   If the write to the card timeouts or fail for any reason, then i run into an assert in SDIF_TransferHandleD...
    Tomas Vavra
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  • BOARD_XTAL0_CLK_HZ is always 12MHz with Clock Config Tool

    I'm using web clock config tool to setup the clock and generate clock_config.c and clock_config.h files, and then I export the two files into my project. Sometimes I select a board e.g. "LPCXpresso54618" and sometimes...
    Mo Abbasi
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  • Same enum names but different values in fsl_clock.h

    Hi,  We are using SDK_2.6.0_LPCXpresso54618and SDK_2.6.0_LPC54605J256 in our project.  I have faced an issue when I was making a customized uart driver.  I need to Get clock frequency, so I...
    Mo Abbasi
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  • EXAMPLE_GetRingBufferLengthEDMA in uart edma_rb_transfer example

    New uart driver example "edma_rb_transfer" in SDK2.6.0 has EXAMPLE_GetRingBufferLengthEDMA() implementation. Seems function will return wrong result if data length in rx ringbuffer will be same as ringbuffer size. E...
    Andrey Korol
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  • RT1064 fsl_kpp driver bug (?)

    Hi,  Experimenting with the fsl_kpp driver from the SDK_2.x_EVK-MIMXRT1064 2.6.1 package.   The keypad driver contains the following example: in boards/evkmimxrt1064/driver_examples/kpp/kpp.c: KPP_keyPre...
    Jonathan Vervaeke
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  • Bug fsl_sdif.c

    Hi, hope i'm right here. Found a bug in fsl_sdif.c from the SDK_2.6.0. (i use the LPC54605J256).   The cardRemoved Callback isn't assigned in the SDIF_TransferCreateHandle(...) Function ~Line1316. Best Regards ...
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  • Quirk to watch for in SDK 2.5.0 for LPC804 in fsl_gpio.c GPIO_PortInit()

    In version 2.1.1 the GPIO_PortInit code is:   void GPIO_PortInit(GPIO_Type *base, uint32_t port) { #if !(defined(FSL_SDK_DISABLE_DRIVER_CLOCK_CONTROL) && FSL_SDK_DISABLE_DRIVER_CLOCK_CONTROL)   ...
    Mike Katz
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  • Bug in SDK 2.5.0 for LPC804 (and maybe other micros) in fsl_usart.c

    Version 2.0.0 of the fsl_usart driver from the LPC804 SDK has the following code snippet from the USART_SetBaudRate() function (this works):               di...
    Mike Katz
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  • Error in usb_host_ehci.c

    Hi   I would suggest that this code fails when the user selects any value of USB_HOST_CONFIG_EHCI_FRAME_LIST_SIZE that is not 1024:     /* set frame list size */     if (ehciInstanc...
    Mark Butcher
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  • Upgrading from RS232 to USB without an FTDI chip

    USB to RS232 adapter ICs like the FTDI parts have been one of the most helpful "band-aid" ICs of the modern era.  Thanks to baud rates in the hundreds-of-kBPs they are still and will remain to be very useful....
    Nick Guzzardo
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  • Bug in FTM_SetupDualEdgeCapture()

    There is a bug in set-up of the input filtering. The function accepts a channel pair number, but this pair number is used as a direct channel number when setting up the filter.   Code currently in SDK 2.5.0 (and...
    Mark Loit
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  • Header documentation for SDK function TPM_SetupDualEdgeCapture

    After a lot of debugging and peering at registers I found an incorrect and/or misleading comment in fsl_tpm.h for the function TPM_SetupDualEdgeCapture()   It reads: /*! * @brief Configures the dual edge ...
    Martin Howell
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  • USB_DeviceCdcAcmEndpointsInit() ignores failures

    This could be considered both a documentation issue and a programming deficiency.  I've got a composite CDC + MSD device that was failing because the endpoint callback array wasn't large enough.  The configu...
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  • Hello world demo fails to build

    I downloaded the MCU espresso version SDK_2.5.0_TWR-K65F180M and imported the generated file into IAR.  When I make, I get the following errors:   Error[Pe079]: expected a type specifier C:\Users\agross\Wor...
    Ashley Gross
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    HI Wenda:   Which MCU you are using?   Regards Daniel
    Daniel Chen
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  • LPC540xx CLOCK_GetFlexCommClkFreq error

    Seen this in SDK Version: KSDK 2.4.2 (2018-09-14) for LPC54018 This function returns the wrong value for Audio PLL clock (0x2) and MCK(0x3). Seems a similar problem was already reported for an other SDK: h...
    Cedric Jehasse
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  • MCUXpresso USB Generic HID Example - High Speed and 1kB Packet Size

    I attempted to ppst this as a blog, but I wasn't allowed to select a "place" which prevented the post, so starting a new discussion is the next best thing.   Here are the details:  I was running the USB gene...
    Nick Guzzardo
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