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The following article is a step-by-step tutorial how to use the NXP MCUXpresso SDK & IDE to create a SD card bootable image on i.MX RT. It features the i.MX RT1050-EVK(B) but is with minor changes applicable to any other i.MX RT device:

Tutorial: Booting the NXP i.MX RT from Micro SD Card

  • Creating a project running in RAM
  • Generating S19 file
  • Running application in RAM
  • Creating SD card boot image with Flashloader and elftosb
  • Loading image to SD card with MfgTool
  • Booting i.MX from SD card image


I hope you find it useful,


Updated v1.02  1st March 2019


Please find attached a document detailing various features related to using the iMXRT1060-EVK evaluation board with MCUXpresso IDE v10.3.x and SDK v2.5, including details of how to enable SWO trace on this MCU.


Updated to include a section on the MIMXRT1064 EVK.


Also attached are:


  • an example project demonstrating how SWO trace features may be enabled
  • an updated LinkServer (CMSIS-DAP) flash driver for the iMXRT1064 containing a fix for Mass Erase




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