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MCUXpresso Config Tools v4 Now Available

Blog Post created by Petr Struzka Employee on Nov 24, 2017

We are pleased to announce that MCUXpresso Config Tools v4 are now available.


MCUXpresso Configuration Tools is a product with set of tools that help users of all levels with a Cortex-M-based MCU solution.


  • Available as Web and Desktop application
  • Kinetis SDK v2 support
  • Multicore support
  • Localized for English and Simplified Chinese
  • Mostly Connected: On-Demand device data download
  • Integrates with any compiler and IDE


MCUXPresso Config Tools



Currently there are the following tools available: 

  • Peripherals
  • Pins                  
  • Clocks
  • Project cloner


To download the installer for all platforms, please login to our download site via: 


Please refer to MCUXpresso Config Tools documentation for installation and quick start guides.


For online version, login into MCUXpresso site:


Overview of Changes - version 4

  • Peripherals Tool added

  • Project Generator replaced by Project Cloner

  • Added ability to import configuration from existing MEX file (for selected tools)

  • If the MEX file is stored within toolchain project, the tool reports missing SDK component in that project, that are required by the tool

  • Open configuration command verifies that the configuration matches with sources detected from toolchain project

  • Added common Functions group toolbar across all tools

  • Added option to not generate YAML

  • Pins tool: multiselect in Routed pins view supported

  • Syntax coloring supported in Sources view

  • Export sources wizard simplified

  • Several bug fixed and performance improved

  • Quick start guide added



MCUXpresso Config Tools