• How to enable debug_printfs within Kinetis Bootloader?

    I am running Kinetis Bootlader 1.2 on TWR-K65F180M. How do I enable the debug_printfs? The board is flashed over USB SDA. I tried defining DEBUG within KDS. But couldn't find corresponding outputs either in KDS consol...
    Tony Makkiel
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  • dev_hid_generic_freertos_twrk65f180m with multiple end points

    I am trying to add end points to the usb example, dev_hid_generic_freertos_twrk65f180m. I added end points to the descriptor and indeed, the TWR-K65F180M enumerates, correctly for all of the end points. However, when ...
    Kirk Clendinning
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  • Implementing UART RX/TX polarity inversion on MKE02Z64VLH4

    I am using MCUExpresso IDE 11 with MKE02Z64 SDK 2.4.1.   My application requires active high RX/TX operation.  It appears that in addition to the peripheral UART driver, KSDK 1.x also included low level HAL...
    Alexander Sammons
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  • MK20DX256VLL10 SPI Driver

    I am using MCUExpresso IDE v11.0.0. My project us using MK20DX256VLL10 and I need SPI1 to operate a Touch LCD screen. I have assigned Pins for this, and with the Pins screen the SPI Peripheral shows with a check ...
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  • No Thread-Stack for KW21D in Kinetis SDK

    Hello,     in the manual for KW2xD ist says that the KW2xD's are capable of running the (Kinetis) Thread Stack. I'm using the KW21D256 but for this there is no example in the SDK for any connectivity. ...
    Sebastian Miethe
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  • FTM Dual-Edge Input Capture

    I am using the frdm-KV11Z board and I am specifically using the FTM to do some measurements.   I have an application where I need to sample 6 inputs consecutively with dual-edge capture mode so that I can measur...
    Jeff Freeman
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  • freeRTOS_UART example faults in UART_RTOS_Send

    MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0 [Build 2516] [2019-06-05] Device: MKL26Z256xxx4 SDK_2.x_MKL26Z256xxx4 2.4.1   I started with the freeRTOS_UART example project. I had to change the MCU and package. See attached ...
    Bruce Graham
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  • LPC546xx  __disable_irq() linker error when called from .c file in a C++ project

    Has anyone stumbled upon this linker error ? arm-none-eabi-c++ -nostdlib -Xlinker --gc-sections -Xlinker -print-memory-usage -Xlinker --sort-section=alignment -mcpu=cortex-m4 -mfpu=fpv4-sp-d16 -mfloat-abi=hard ...
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  • Round-off error in PLL frequency calculation

    Hello,   In MK60DN256VLL10, I'm using external 50MHz clock in PEE mode with divide by 13 and multiply by 26 to obtain 100MHz System clock and Core clock. I couldn't find another way to get 100MHz.   Issue ...
    Satish Acharya
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  • Divide by 2 PWM using FTM in Kinetis K60

    Hello,   In MK60DN256VLL10, I'm trying to generate 25MHz PWM with 50% duty cycle (using 50MHz external clock) in Edge aligned mode. System clock and Core clock = 100MHz and Bus Clock = 50MHz.   Accord...
    Satish Acharya
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  • kl26z simple program eeprom

    Hello all someone has an example, using an eeprom memory 24FC512 with the MCU kl26z? some document or information to use the eeprom memory from the kl26z I am using the IAR compiler, I thank you very much
    Oswaldo Tovar
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  • How to change ip address using LWIP on K64

    Hi, I've managed to incorporate the LWIP stack into our project and can successfully ping etc.. and have now moved on to try and make the ip address as a user setting but I'm have trouble getting this to apply. I've f...
    Ian Norman
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  • LPC546xx system asserts with disconnected ethernet

    Dear Nxp, Dear community,   our system uses the lwip port from SDK 2.4.1 and regarding this issue we saw no change to newer SDK 2.5.   The problem is the following: When our system has no ethernet cable c...
    Andre Schüer
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  • Touch Sensing Software with the KSDK

    I am trying to install Touch Sensing Software to use with my KL16x project. The project is using KSDK 2.0. It seems the Touch Sensing Software will only install if you have KSDK 1.2, which I cannot seem to obtain. How...
    David Findlay
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  • KL25Z I2C RTOS api hangs forever (HardFault)

    I am trying to port the KL25Z Accelerometer I2C example to FreeRTOS so that instead of using the SDK's I2C driver it uses the FreeRTOS's I2C driver.   After configuring I2C pins and release I2C bus I try to Init...
    jm san
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  • MKL26Z How can 2 ADC inputs be read using an interrupt?

    MCUXpresso IDE v10.2.1 [Build 795] [2018-07-25] MKL26Z256VLH4   I am working on a Medical device. It needs to read 2 ADC inputs, a battery voltage and temperature.   I have 2 questions. 1) The ADC chann...
    Bruce Graham
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  • deploy file system on the 5748G flash by using the 256K blocks

    Hi,   i'm working on the DEVKIT MPC5748G module and working under the with S32 IDE. I'm trying to deploy 1 Mega bytes (the last 4 blocks of 256K bytes) in C55 FLASH for FATFS. My problem is that I need to eras...
    dany amsalem
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  • how to synchronize a freertos task with an interrupt using an event ?

    Do you have an example ? Thanks
    Raul Cortes
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  • lpc4330 lwip tcpecho_client

    I follow the some suggestion and modify tcpecho example to tcpecho_client. Though it works. But system will crash every 30 mins if it has connected with tcp server like below. I think the problem is pbuf allocation ...
    Li-Chin Wang
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  • Read Data From flash or RAM

    I am using a define to read data from and write to flash or ram.  #define REG_READ(address)             ((uint8_t)(*(vuint8_t *)(address))) #define RE...
    Harshitha C B
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