Good morning   I need to reinit the stack run time. I tried to use the lwip_init() but it craches. Has someone a good suggestion on how to reinit the stack at a later time???   Thank You   Pietro
    Pietro di Castri
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  • How do you detect (and handle!) a lwIP disconnection?

    My application handles graceful closing of the socket, but it does not recognize when the Ethernet cable has been disconnected.   In my packet-handling loop, I check the result of all netconn commands used, whic...
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  • K21 UART4 RX with DMA problem

    Hi,   I meet a problem on UART4 Rx with DMA. I tried to modify and build driver_examples\uart\edma_transfer in KSDK2.0. The modifications as following: pin_mux.c CLOCK_EnableClock(kCLOCK_PortC); PORT_SetPinM...
    Jim Yang
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  • OM40007 LPC54018-based IoT Module with Amazon FreeRTOS example error

    In the SDK example , lpc54018iotmodule_aws_aws_shadow_wifi_qspi_xip , I see some errors as below : 2769 1550441 [ShDemoUpdt] Successfully performed update. 2770 1555027 [Shd-IOT-0] Shd-IOT-0 changing desired state. ...
    Rick Tseng
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  • UART transmission for PN7462

    Where can I find the sample code about the UART transmission for PN7462?   Thanks in advance, Vincent
    Vincent Chen
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  • Secure Bootloader AES help

    Hello! I would like to use on kinetis KV11Z and MK22FX the bootloader with security aes. When I try to compile, it asks me for the file aes_security.h and I can't find it. Can anyone help me? Is there a step by ste...
    Marco Bologna
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  • Latest data sheet for TWRK60D100M board required

    I am using tower board TWRK60D100M with 700-27291 REVA board.When I checked the data sheet,the one which is existing is not matching with the case of jumper for example J19 jumper information is not present in the dat...
    sunil vasudevan
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  • SDK2.6 composite cdc msc lite example with printf on the LPC54608

    Hello,     I am trying to merge printf functionality from the hello world example in the sdk with the composite cdc msc example project.  the composite device project works fine, and i'm able ...
    Eileen Radzwion
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  • [Question] FRDM-K64F -> SDK_2.6.0 -> lwip_mqtt(bare metal)

    Hello, I am looking for a lwip_mqtt (bare metal) example, I want to use it to do some applications, but currently in the FRDM-K64F SDK_2.6.0, lwip_mqtt example only provides FreeRTOS version. I would like to ask if t...
    York Tsai
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  • FreeRTOS + TCP

    Hi   Does NXP has plan to support FreeRTOS + TCP in SDK ?
    David Zhu
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  • FreeRTOS LwIP SDK v2.0.0/V0.8.2 tpcipecho demo

    Dear all,   When implementing FreeRTOS lwip function on the basis of SDKV0.8.2 or V2.0.0 routines, we found that ehternetif.c file had no actual content, and compiled after changing #if 0 to #if 1, there were a ...
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  • How to enable debug_printfs within Kinetis Bootloader?

    I am running Kinetis Bootlader 1.2 on TWR-K65F180M. How do I enable the debug_printfs? The board is flashed over USB SDA. I tried defining DEBUG within KDS. But couldn't find corresponding outputs either in KDS consol...
    Tony Makkiel
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  • dev_hid_generic_freertos_twrk65f180m with multiple end points

    I am trying to add end points to the usb example, dev_hid_generic_freertos_twrk65f180m. I added end points to the descriptor and indeed, the TWR-K65F180M enumerates, correctly for all of the end points. However, when ...
    Kirk Clendinning
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  • Implementing UART RX/TX polarity inversion on MKE02Z64VLH4

    I am using MCUExpresso IDE 11 with MKE02Z64 SDK 2.4.1.   My application requires active high RX/TX operation.  It appears that in addition to the peripheral UART driver, KSDK 1.x also included low level HAL...
    Alexander Sammons
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  • MK20DX256VLL10 SPI Driver

    I am using MCUExpresso IDE v11.0.0. My project us using MK20DX256VLL10 and I need SPI1 to operate a Touch LCD screen. I have assigned Pins for this, and with the Pins screen the SPI Peripheral shows with a check ...
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  • No Thread-Stack for KW21D in Kinetis SDK

    Hello,     in the manual for KW2xD ist says that the KW2xD's are capable of running the (Kinetis) Thread Stack. I'm using the KW21D256 but for this there is no example in the SDK for any connectivity. ...
    Sebastian Miethe
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  • FTM Dual-Edge Input Capture

    I am using the frdm-KV11Z board and I am specifically using the FTM to do some measurements.   I have an application where I need to sample 6 inputs consecutively with dual-edge capture mode so that I can measur...
    Jeff Freeman
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  • freeRTOS_UART example faults in UART_RTOS_Send

    MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0 [Build 2516] [2019-06-05] Device: MKL26Z256xxx4 SDK_2.x_MKL26Z256xxx4 2.4.1   I started with the freeRTOS_UART example project. I had to change the MCU and package. See attached ...
    Bruce Graham
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  • LPC546xx  __disable_irq() linker error when called from .c file in a C++ project

    Has anyone stumbled upon this linker error ? arm-none-eabi-c++ -nostdlib -Xlinker --gc-sections -Xlinker -print-memory-usage -Xlinker --sort-section=alignment -mcpu=cortex-m4 -mfpu=fpv4-sp-d16 -mfloat-abi=hard ...
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  • Round-off error in PLL frequency calculation

    Hello,   In MK60DN256VLL10, I'm using external 50MHz clock in PEE mode with divide by 13 and multiply by 26 to obtain 100MHz System clock and Core clock. I couldn't find another way to get 100MHz.   Issue ...
    Satish Acharya
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