• K65 VCOM example USB Device not Recognized when reconnected

    Recently, I am working on a USB virtual comport example (dev_cdc_virtual_com_twrk65f180m_mqx_twrk65f180m) from KSDK 1.2.0 under KDS 3.0.0. After success compiling USB stack and application, I was able to run the appli...
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  • CAN transmisison on S32k146

    Hi Team   CAN communication development on S32K146 microcontroller and facing below issues. Could you please help us in resolving these.   1) After transmission, not able to see respective buffer bit set...
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  • Kinetis SDK Printer Class Demo App Bug

    All,   I'm writing this discussion to bring to light a bug in the printer class example code in the Kinetis SDK. Specifically in the demo app that is provided. The example is called "usb_device_printer_virtual_p...
    Matt Lang
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  • Bug report: fsl_sai_edma ignores multichannel SAI module

    It appears that fsl_sai_edma.c uses the static s_edmaPrivateHandle to maintain callbacks for EDMA, but it reserves the 0 index for TX and 1 index for RX, ignoring SAI modules with more than one tx/rx channel...
    Jacob Jennings
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  • KSDK I2C Slave Driver Issue - Slave I2C driver is not detecting the stop condition properly when repeated start is sent by the master  

    # Hi, There is an issue exists in KSDK 2.0 I2C slave driver when master sends repeated start I2C slave driver fails to detect the stop condition and also event "kI2C_SlaveCompletionEvent" is generated in the callba...
    Ashok G
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  • two suggestion for UART driver of KDSK2

    1. UART_RTOS_Receive() in fsl_uart_freertos.c ,   int UART_RTOS_Receive(uart_rtos_handle_t *handle, uint8_t *buffer, uint32_t length, size_t *received) {   ...     /* Non-blocking call */...
    chaoxi cai
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  • SDK DMA uart

    Good morning I need to install the dma for receiving on the serial port CONTINUOUSLY. There are examples for using the uart for SDK 2.0, but after the first fill up of the buffer they stop the service. Is there an ...
    Pietro di Castri
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  • How android mobile apps are helping services businesses to grow?

    Android is undoubtedly the most chosen mobile platform from the community of mobile users across the world. According to the experts, android mobile apps have unquestionably augmented a number of industries to experie...
    Dahlia Kinzel
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  • FRDM-KW40Z - Setting IRQ Handler results in interrupt

    Hi,   I'm attempting to set my own interrupt handler on the FRDM-KW40Z. The problem is, as soon as I call 'INT_SYS_InstallHandler', it causes an interrupt. I've attached GDB and found it occurs on line 80 of fsl...
    Sam Mathews
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  • Comments on Creating a First KDSK 2.0 Application

    This is about the fourth comment I've made on starting a new product which will provide an SD Card (as well as USB CDC) interface which I started in January of 2016.  As the tool set is changing (I've done quite ...
    Myke Predko
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  • FRDM-K64F FTM_CH5 output as PWM using KDS_3.2+KSDK_v2

    Hi, I wrote a program using the FTM timer to configure a PWM clock and associate it to a specific GPIO. As described in the Reference Manual (section K64 Signal Multiplexing an PIn Assignments), I used the GPIO P...
    Nadine Sueur
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  • I2C EEPROM Memory with the FRDM-K22F

    Following the idea of connecting I2C EEPROM memory to the Kinetis platform as outlined in KSDK I2C EEPROM Example by Jorge Gonzales, the attached is a similar implementation but using the FRDM-K22F and MQX.   I ...
    David Pfaltzgraff
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  • ADC multi ch with DMA on KL27

    Hi, I'm now working on KL27Z256 with KSDK2.0. My goal is to get 5ch data via ADC with DMA transfer.   I think 5*16bit ADC0-RA data should be stored in memory in a row, and ADC0->SC1 is switched automatically...
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    We use the driver codes from KSDK1.3.  I define a buffer g_lpuart_rxbuf[] for lpuart1 edma RX and add it to live watch in IAR. I kept watching the change of this buffer while I enter some keys in lpuart con...
    Hy Mai
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  • FRDM-K64F + USB + Host + msd (OSA_Start and OS_Task_Create functionality)

    Hi everyone,   After battling with trying to configure my custom board with similar settings on the demo (msd_fat_demo), stumbled trying to make it recognize the USB stick.  I finally discovered that the f...
    Neil Porven
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  • K64F KDS_3.1 + KSDK_1.3.0 USB/SD using FatFs

    Hi everyone,   I have a custom board which has a USB connection and a micro SD card connection.  I am currently collecting data on the micro SD card (as a data logger), but I would also like be able t...
    Neil Porven
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  • JTAG interafce on K81

    Hi,   I wish to design a custom board with K81 controller. I want to use KSDK as a development tool.Plz. tell me the JTAG design for debugging. Do we need any external JTAG OR we can do debugging with KSDK...
    abhishek tiwari
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  • Kinetis SDK UART Driver (MQX)

    Hi everybody  I used to use this set of drivers (UART drivers) for my application and it was working fine. basically, it was working very nice off the shelf.  however, I have been running into trouble recen...
    Roosbeh Almasi
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  • COM port must be closed from the terminal tool prior to unplugging the CDC device

    In the readme file of the example USB cdc Virtual com port (usb_device_cdc_vcom) it is written : @Because there is no dynamic detection between the host and the device, the COM port must be closed from the terminal t...
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  • USB Cdc file transfert integrity

    Hi   I'm using KDS 3.2 with KSDK v2 and a Freedom K64F. My project works with FatFs, LwIP and stack USB class CDC VCOM   Today I transfer small files(<100kB) by ethernet on the SD card ; TCP / IP guara...
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