• Generating CRC32 from .srec files

    I'm using the flash-resident Kinetis 2.x bootloader, and now my goal is to enable CRC checking in the Boot Configuration Area.    I've read Erich Styger's excellent blog entry on CRC Checksum Generatio...
    Robert Poor
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  • Merging applications using Kinetis Design Studio

    Hello community!   Attached is a document that shows two methods of merging a user application and bootloader in a single file so it can be downloaded into the microcontroller at once and reduce manufacturing ti...
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  • S9KEAZN64AMLC core clock settings

    Hello. I have made a board with S9KEAZN64AMLC microcontroller. Now i started writing code in Kinetis Design Studio and got some trouble. At first i had create a new project for this MCU. Most similar variant in KDS is...
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  • how to use the "debug" and "release" module with the "manage configurations"

    how to use the KDS ->progect_>c/c++ build->manage configuration  for debug and realease?
    du gg
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  • gmtime

    Hi,   I am using KDS3.2.0 for KV58F240 MCU. I am using cdatm_UTC = gmtime(&time_count); to convert seconds into UTC time.   I can compile and run it, but it won't return from this call. Can anybody t...
    Christie Su
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  • Error in services launch sequence

    Hello Everyone,   Can you please help me to fix this problem? Whenever i click debug this what happen.   I really don't know how to fix this. What am i done wrong? i think i didn't do anything, i just de...
    Ken Carlo Ferry
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  • SDK manual selection

    I don't want to use processor expert in my project but it would be interesting for me,  to be able to use some functions related, for example, to the flash managment. I mean to use it as internal EEprom....
    Claudio Brunelli
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  • KDS real time expression missing

    Hi. I have to use KDS ide, althouhgt it's not recommended  for new design.  For some pc problem  I have done a new installation software but now I can not to use the real time expression vie...
    Claudio Brunelli
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  • KDS3.2 Building Qestion

    Hi:       My Project ,use kds3.2 to building project,but behave this question:        Build project error:                    ...
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  • Programming KL26Z128VLH4 microcontroller without using KL26Z128VLH4 microcontroller

    Hi, One of my project I want to use KL26Z128VLH4 microcontroller. These days I'm doing research on that. I found a development kit FRDM-KL26Z which is using KL26Z128VLH4 microcontroller. When I open the sch...
    Harsha Ganegoda
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  • [KEAZN64] Flash Protection Issue

    Hello,   I am trying to protect lower region of the flash where I configured it to be for bootloader software. As per datasheet, I have to set the configuration in register FPROT. I succeeded to configure FPRO...
    Mohammed Aboelnasr
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  • Questions about debug of KDS

    I recently want to use KDS IDE to create a new project with FRDM-KEZA128Q80, but when I began to debug(in the mode PNE), the result always be false with the comments that "The eclipse project is missing necessary devi...
    Nico He
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  • Programming MKL24Z32VFT4

    Hi,  I developed a custom development board using NXP MKL24Z32VFT4 32bit 48QFN microcontroller. For the programming my board I took out SWD pins. What are the possible programmers/debuggers can I use to programm...
    Harsha Ganegoda
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  • KDS Cannot install, cabinent file is corrupt

    I'm trying to install KDS. I am developing for Hexiwear, which according to them requires KDS. When installing I get the following error: "The cabinent file 'disk1.cab' required for this installation is corrupt and ca...
    Jason Rogers
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  • PE_low_level_init.h

    Hello,   I created a Kinetis 1.3.0 project with processor expert. The build failed with error: /Static_Code/System/PE_low_level_init.c:51:31: fatal error: PE_low_level_init.h: No such file or directory   p...
    Thomas Muench
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  • assertion failure when linking with GCC floating point math library

    I followed the example from CMSIS DSP KSDK 2.x Kinetis Design Studio.pdf. to compile the GCC version of the example "arm_fft_bin_example" under the SDK_2.0.0_K32H844P_ER3 toolchain. I was able to link with libarm_cor...
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  • GDB crashes using KDS3 KSDK1.2 and MQX on FRDM-22F

    Hello, I just installed KDS 3 and KSDK1.2 and tried to compile and run the 'hello' mqx  example from C:\Freescale\KSDK_1.2.0\rtos\mqx\mqx\examples\hello\build\kds\hello_frdmk22f The build was ok (I rebuilt all ...
    Ivan Vernot
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  • How to insert version number into C code AND generated filename

    Our project has a standard version numbering system with major, minor and revision numbers.  For this discussion, assume they have values 1, 2 and 3 respectively.   I'd like to define the major, minor and r...
    Robert Poor
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  • Link folders not being created

    Hello, There is a weird error I am getting I am trying to create a link folder inside a virtual folder. But, when I try to do this it gives me an error. It is shown below. Whats the problem here? 
    saad saeed
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  • How to assure pre-build action finishes before proceeding?

    I'm using the Pre-build steps and Post-build-steps feature of KDS 3.2. (Yes, I will switch to MCUXpresso as soon as I can figure out how to create a Bootloader Configuration Area in MCUXpresso.)   ...
    Robert Poor
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