• KDS 3.0 Command Line Limit issue

    Hi, i have encountered the known issue of 8192 characters limit for Windows command line during the build. So i follow the proposed guide to solve it (Solving the 8192 Character Command Line Limit on Windows | MCU o...
    Francesco Salvatore
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  • USBDM Updated for KDS 3.0.0 and KSDK 1.2.0

    Dear All,   USBDM has been updated to support the latest versions of KDS and KSDK.   A video introduction is available at: USBDM with Kinetis Design Studio and Kinetis SDK - YouTube   The software i...
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  • KDS 3.0.0 freezes from the start

    Hi, I am a new user both of Mac OS X (currently it is version 10.11.3) and wished to use KDS 3.0.0 (and of course 3.1.0) on Mac. In downloaded the KDS package for OS X and installed it. When starting the program it s...
    Tomás Bautista
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  • Problem with KDS and Processor expert

    Hello, I have an old project wich works fine for me (it uses FRDMKL25, the include MMA8451 and an external I2C component). I would like to start a similar new project, unfortunatly something is going wrong. In my ol...
    Michel Meunier
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    Hello, My target is TWR-K64F120 +TWR-SER2, using KDS and FREERTOS, I've created  a project which is running OK and I can communicate over the serial link to a terminal using the DB9 connector on the SER2 board...
    Koorosh Hajiani
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  • How to configure MCU enter Vll0 and wake by lptmr and port in KDS 3

    I am using MKL02 and developemnt toos is KDS   How to configure MCU enter Vll0 and wake by lptmr and port in KDS 3(KSDK 1.3)?   i am not found componment in componment library.
    Thooman Wang
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  • KDS on OS X El Capitan (Beta)

    Hello,   If someone is trying to use/install KDS v3.0 on the public beta (4) of OS X El Capitan (10.11), you'll probably have a problem at the workspace selection. As i found no information about this on the In...
    Valentin Py
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  • Firmware Version update

    Hello all,   i have a question if it is possible use the eclipse template or others for update a constant value define as:   static const unsigned short firmware_version =  0001;   for update au...
    Daniele Cortellazzi
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  • KDS Kinetis DMA Example

    Dear all, as I had a hard time figuering the DMA out, i created a simple example, showing a simple copy example for the DMA with error checking maybe somebody will find this useful. uint8_t source[]={0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,...
    Michael Heidinger
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  • GDB Server Stucking

    Hi,   I am working with KDS3.0.0 and MQX 4.2. I have created an MQX project in KDS. Everything was working fine until I start to debug code. When I tried to debug the code that seems to stuck at 95% of Projec...
  • GCC: KDS toolchain segfaults when dividing _Accum types

    I use the gcc's fixed point extensions, which have been present in the gcc for Cortex-M since 2011.   The toolchain which is included in the current version of KDS (4.8.4 20140725 (release)) gives me a segmentat...
    Dominikus Gierlach
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  • Doxygen for MK22FX512VLQ12

    Hi all,   I'm developing a project with MK22FX512VLQ12 in LQFP 144-pin package. I use the Doxygen and Eclox plugin. When I generate the doc in html format, the pin s allocation for this package is not supported....
    Joaquim Martinez
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  • Processor Expert to KSDK-2.0

    Hi!,   I have one FRDM-K64F-AGM01 and also one BRKT-STBC-AGM01. I have tested some examples with mbed code and work. Both, the compiler online as exporting to KDS 3.0.2.   I have tried the FXO8700CQ integ...
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  • K24 qfp-100 breakout

    I designed a breakout for the K24F in QFP-100 and shared the project on oshpark, details here:   http://jacobjennin.gs/post/145282647930/kinetis-k-series-qfp100-breakout   It may be pin compatible with oth...
    Jacob Jennings
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  • KL15Z UART buffer "stutter"

    EDIT: After retrying different UART channels and un-commenting the code while(uart_GetCharsInTxBuf()!=0); My program is now working. There must have been an error in the generated code or init configuration that wa...
    Kevyn Schwab
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  • A message to KDS3.2 .deb package maker

    This message is to the person making the KDS3.2 package: Your dependency list is not full, especially that the 64bit system requires serveral 32bit dependencies. (e.g. libc 32bit). It would be significant more frictio...
    Michael Heidinger
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  • How to properly import MBED-RTOS Libs to KDS

    Hi All,   I'm currently working on setting up KDS on my Mac so that I can develop on the FRDM-K64F. I have had a lot of success so far setting up my computer and mcu to debug using the Segger J-link debugger and...
    Jeremy Kramer
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  • Re: DAC not working on FRDM-K22F ver 2

    HI guys, I'm also having troubles to make the DAC works. I tried your previuos tips but unsuccessfully. I'm using kinetisstudio 3.0.2 and k22f. Could you help me?
    Julio Ruzicki
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  • KDS Problems with Windows 10 Anniversary Edition

    Customer has installed KDS3.2 and KSDK1.3 on new laptop with Win10 Anniversary Edition.   When he types File-->Import the widow does not populate files as shown below. Any suggestions or recommendations?
    Brad Stewart
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  • Error with CRC_GetBlockCRC function

    I'm trying to use the CRC component to check an SPI communication but by using the function CRC1_GetBlockCRC this way CRC1_GetBlockCRC(CRC1_TDeviceData, &RVG_SPIReadBuffer, RVG_SPIReadBufferSize*sizeof(uint8_t),...
    Nadia Jarray
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