• How to add Processor Expert to existing KDS bareboard project

    There are new document on the Processor Expert Software community that describes how to add Processor Expert to an existing KDS bareboard project. See following links: Adding PEx to KDS bareboard project (with SDK) ...
    Marek Neuzil
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  • First experence with KDS (Beta) with FRDM-K64F

    Hi All   Here are some notes made whilst working with the new KDS for the first time with a FRDM-K64F board.     Installing KDS under Windows   The installer is simple to use. Just execute the s...
    Mark Butcher
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  • tip: printing codesize to console

    Hi, Just posting a tip that I found.  If you are like me and hate combing through a map file just for a quick look at a project's codesize, then luckily there is a nice utility built into Kinetis Design Studio f...
    Maclain Lobdell
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  • How to install KL03 SDK support in KDS 1.1.1 and low power demo application on FRDM-KL03Z board

    There are new document published on the Processor Expert Software community that describes how to install the KL03 SDK support in KDS 1.1.1/KDS 2.0.0 and how to create a low power demo application on FRDM-KL03Z in KDS...
    Marek Neuzil
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  • Issue to Beware of In Debugging OpenOCD

    I was having an issue in which, out of the blue, I could not debug my FRDM-K22F board with the P&E OpenOCD driver for anything, and it had been working flawlessly before. It would start to connect, then disconnect...
    Tharon Hall
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  • Create an MQX RTOS project with Kinetis SDK   Processor Expert in Kinetis Design Studio

    Hi, I finished putting together a tutorial on getting started with Kinetis Design Studio + Kinetis SDK + MQX RTOS + Processor Expert.   Check it out at How To: Create an MQX RTOS project with Processor Expert in ...
    Maclain Lobdell
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  • Segger JLink for MQX RTOS in KSDK Project using KDS for the MK60DX256Zxxx10

    Hmm, even though the path and everything was setup properly a restart seemed to solve it for the non-Z part (the Z part still is un KSDK-able, but that's okay for this particular PCB).    Neat!  Now i...
    nick erb
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  • KDS 2.0.0, how to create relative include paths?

    Right now I have a couple of include paths that are "literal" or hardcoded, whatever you want to call it.  For example:   C:\kds\em_GUI\include C:\kds\em_GUI\Core ... etc.   I would like to make th...
    Michael Economides
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  • PE suggested fix/addition. DMA request count overflow detection.

    Hi,   I have a PE DMA Channel LDD component setup to require 513 bytes, on UARTx Rx. This worked great, until I enabled minor loop channel linking. Then I started getting an on complete event after receiving onl...
    Andrew Parlane
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  • Using USBDM with Kinetis Design Studio

    Dear All,   Just having a play with KDS.   For those interested in using USBDM + KDS it appears to be quite straightforward.   Since KDS is based on a relatively lightly modified Eclipse (compared to...
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  • How to Convert a CW project to KDS. [Solution]

    When you try to convert a CW project to KDS you may experience some error. Like following:   Error: Description    Resource    Path    Location    T...
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  • USB powering mechanism using non-KSDK components

    Hi everybody,   The power mechanism is controllable in Kinetis SDK components implementing Freescale USB Stack (check box available in fsl_usb_descriptor component) but I couldn't find it in other processor expe...
    Muhammad Saad Nawaz
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  • OpenOCD with Kinetis

    Hi,   I find OpenOCD along with an FTDI-based JTAG debugger to be the most convenient way to do debugging with Kinetis devices.  Compared to a P&E Micro debugger, it is more reliable, faster to use, mor...
    David Brown
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  • Tutorial Series to drive WS2812B LED Stripes with Kinetis Design Studio

    Hello, I have posted a series of tutorials how to use the Kinetis eDMA with FTM, Kinetis SDK and Kinetis Design Studio to drive WS2812B LED Stripes: See Tutorials: WS2812B LED Stripes with the FRDM-K64F Board I...
    Erich Styger
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  • KDS3.0 Export

    Using KDS3.0 Export project generates large archive file. What must be included in the Filter Types to reduce size but to be able to import it on other PC?   Shaul
    shaul dorf
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  • Stack overflow warning

    This is just a warning.  I have been moving a working project from CW and MQX 3.8/4.x to KSDK and was having trouble with task delete.  It turned out that between the different compiler and the different ver...
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  • Memory profiling using valgrind

    Hi All,   We are doing our project in FRDMk64F controller, Using IDE KDS 3.0.0 and KSDK 1.2.0   Can anybody guide us to profile the memory use and leakage using valgrind or any other available way.  ...
    Rahul PS
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  • Using OSX version of KDS with CMSIS-DAP firmware on FRDM-KLxx boards.

    Hi folks,   I figured out how to get a working configuration with FRDM-KL25Z board.   I'm new on this platform and I want to use OSX or Linux for developing.   I do the following steps to get working...
    Ferenc Mikula
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  • Multiple instances KDS to debug two Freedom Boards

    WhtHello!   I'm trying to use 2 KDS on same machine, to develop a CANbus network.   I've 2 FRDM-KE06Z boards, configured 2 workspaces.   The started both KDS, each in a workspace.   Then i conf...
    Carlos Hass
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  • FRDMK64 FTM2 Ch0 config problem with PE

    Hi, I am using the FRDM K64 with KSDK1.3 and am trying to set up FTM2 Ch0 as an output but get an error from PE.   You can see from the image below I have selected the pin to be routed to J1-1 which is Port B18....
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