• WARNING: Failed to read memory @ address 0x00000000

    Hi,   I'm running k66 with MQX 4.02. I'm getting the warning randomly. When this happens the debugger is disconnected but the target keeps running and it appears it runs correctly. Any idea how to debug?  ...
    Ariela Blumer
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  • KBOOT for KDS3.2.0 with SDK2.0

    Hello,I have to integrate a bootloader on a MK22FN512, For an important finished application developed on KDS3.2.0 with Eclipse and SDK 2.0 I want to load application firmware via UART0 interface. We bought 2500 parts...
    Didier JEANJEAN
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  • Kinetis Bootloader for FRDM-K64

    After we released the "Kinetis Bootloader to Update Multiple Devices in a Network for Cortex-M4" (Kinetis Bootloader to Update Multiple Devices in a Network for Cortex-M4 ), many customers want to port it to FRDM...
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  • assert() behaviour

    KDS 3.0 SDK 1.2 Using MQX   I'm using assert() to check some parameter ranges.   When it is triggered it drops into a infinite loop and nothing is output on the debug console. There isn't any source for...
    Randy Hermes
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  • Hexiwear programming on KDS

    Hi, I am being interrupted to program Hexiwear because of error that appear while build process.  When I try build MK64 KDS that error comes up. What should I do for that?
    Subin Seonwoo
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  • Memory Problems with KE06Z

    I am using the MKE06Z128 44 pin chip to replace the current processor for our company. I have been trying to understand memory issues and where my problems may lie.    Currently I have strange problems...
    cody hubman
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  • Semi-Hosting in Kinetis Design Studio with MQX

    Hello, When I build a baremetal project in Kinetis Design studio using the KSDK I can successfully get semi-hosting to work with printf outputs on the console inside of KDS. This is configured in the Debug Configurat...
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  • fatal error: PE_low_level_init.h: No such file or directory

    Hi everyone. I'm having a problem (actually two) when compiling my project. When I do it, I get this message that you can see on the image below. The first error, the file exist, but it is in another path. I ...
    Nícolas Ludwig
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  • OM13260 replacement board

    Hi,   I would like to use efficient NXP Fm program for testing PCAL6524 build boards. What is replacement for use USB to I2C interface OM13260 board, which not more manufactured. Can I connect FRDM-MKL25Z demo b...
    Marceli Firlej
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  • How to send 2 or more bytes of data by using PE KEA128

    Hi all,      I'm developing some audio application with KEA128, I was able to generate a sound using analog ports mainly PWM, for now, I moved to a digital audio application which KEA128 not so strong...
    Sheng Zhang
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  • Function placed in RAM - assembler warnings

    Hello everybody, I'm using KDS 3.0.0 and the micro is Kinetis K10. I need to place a function in RAM (and of course run it from there!) As suggested in the application notes "Relocating Code and Data Using the ...
    alessandro carozzi
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  • TWR-K60f120m and FRDM-K64f CAN communication

    I'm trying to setup CAN communication between the FRDM-K64f and the TWR-K60f120m with a TWR-SER board. I'm running the Flexcan example from the KSDK for the FRDM and the Flexcan example from MQX 4.2 for the TWR. I was...
    Timothy Smith
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  • Can we store hex data through UART into flash and RUN it from that particular location

    I am trying to store my hex file in another sector of the flash memory i.e (0x00050000) I want to store a hex file at different sector of the flash and to change the execution point to that address through my bootload...
    Keerthana R
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  • Relocating Code and Data Using the MCUXpresso IDE

    This document provides some sample codes and steps for relocating Code and Data into RAM/FLASH. Please look at them with projects in attachment. It is based on “MCUXpresso_IDE_User_Guide.pdf”, so about the...
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  • Relocating Code and Data Using the KDS GCC Linker File for Kinetis

    This document provides guidance for relocating Code and Data within the MCU memory map. As part of this process it explains how create new memory segments and sections by editing the GCC Linker File (.ld) for Kinetis ...
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  • KDS - attach debugger issue

    Using KDS 3.0, SDK 1.3, PE Multilink JTAG.   I just started using my app with the Kinetis bootloader. Prior to using the bootloader I was able to use a debug configuration to attach to an already installed appl...
    Randy Hermes
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  • Generating CRC32 from .srec files

    I'm using the flash-resident Kinetis 2.x bootloader, and now my goal is to enable CRC checking in the Boot Configuration Area.    I've read Erich Styger's excellent blog entry on CRC Checksum Generatio...
    Robert Poor
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  • Merging applications using Kinetis Design Studio

    Hello community!   Attached is a document that shows two methods of merging a user application and bootloader in a single file so it can be downloaded into the microcontroller at once and reduce manufacturing ti...
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  • Error in services launch sequence

    Hello Everyone,   Can you please help me to fix this problem? Whenever i click debug this what happen.   I really don't know how to fix this. What am i done wrong? i think i didn't do anything, i just de...
    Ken Carlo Ferry
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  • PE_low_level_init.h

    Hello,   I created a Kinetis 1.3.0 project with processor expert. The build failed with error: /Static_Code/System/PE_low_level_init.c:51:31: fatal error: PE_low_level_init.h: No such file or directory   p...
    Thomas Muench
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