• Can stiction affection vibration sensors?

    Could the axis stiction issue with this MMA8652FC accelerometer affect the vibration sensor and cause it to export incorrect values? 
    Brad Shelton
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  • FRDM-K64F OpenSDA Debugger Problem

    Hello,    I am trying to configure an OpenSDA debugger probe in KDS 3.0 to load my application to a FRDM-K64F development board.  When I go to the configuration screen and select "OpenSDA Embedded Debu...
    Carson Ennis
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  • Preferred development system for FRDM-KE02Z?

    Hi,   I've recently got hold of a FRDM-KE02Z board (MKE02Z64VQH2) but I am struggling to get KDS set up to work with it. None of the SDKs 1.0.0-1.3.0 seem to support this board?   What is the recommended d...
    Toby Thain
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  • USB Host MSD on K22FN1M0AM12 Not Receiving Response from Attached Device

    I have a custom board using K22FN1M0AM12 that I am trying to implement USB Host MSD on. I am using KDS v3.2.0 with Processor Expert v3.0.2. I am not using any RTOS. I used the example "USB_MSD_HOST_K60_PEx" as a start...
    Kevin Penn
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  • Memory problems with KDS 3.0 and K64

    Hi, I’m using Kinetis studio 3.0. which I think is wonderful IDE. However I have problem that I hope somebody could help me. In my project I have several arrays and the pretty big, between 1K to 8K of unint8_t a...
    Mike Smith
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  • HEX file larger than memory

    Hi, I built release configuration of MKL25Z4 freedom_bootloader in NXP_Kinetis_Bootloader_2_0_0. The only change I did was modification of linker script:   MEMORY { m_interrupts (RX) : ORIGIN = 0x000...
    Martin Dušek
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  • Summary of FRDM-K64F open source debug interface

    FRDM-K64F is an ultra-low-cost development platform for Kinetis K64, K63, and K24 MCUs. this board is already widely used among Freescale customers. http://www.freescale.com/webapp/sps/site/prod_summary.jsp?code=FRDM...
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  • Baremetal code examples using FRDM-K64F

    For those of you interested in starting up designs with K64 and KDS here you will find basic baremetal examples with detailed step by step guides explaining which registers to configure, they also include Reference Ma...
    Pedro Augusto Panecatl Salas
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  • SPI SD Card interfacing without file system for MK20 using Kinetis Design Studio

    Hello,   I have been looking for an example code to interface to an SD card through SPI using a MK20 Kinetis microcontroller without using any file system (I do not need to use the card on a computer later, only...
    Pulsatrix P1
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  • ke06z64 chip can not be downloaded KE06Z64芯片出现下载不了的问题

    求助:KE06Z64芯片出现下载不了的问题: Help: ke06z64 chip can not be downloaded Keil5通过J-Link将程序下载至电路板的KE06Z64芯片(4M外部晶振),弹出窗口提示Error:Flash Download failed - "Cortex-M0+"。 Keil5 downloads the program to ke06z64 chip (4m external...
    zhou jiangen
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  • makefile:136: recipe for target 'HEXIWEAR_MK64.elf' failed

    Hi everyone,     I am new with KDS and I tried to use KDS to perform firmware changes on a IoT device, Hexwear, I have encountered the error of makefile:136: recipe for target 'HEXIWEAR_MK64.elf' faile...
    Frances Wong
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  • How to relocate code in flash to a non-standard starting point?

    General question: What's the right way to relocate the code in a project so as to leave room in "low flash" for a flash-based bootloader?  And how do I tell KDS that the code has been relocated? Details:  I...
    Robert Poor
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  • Base the next KDS on IntelliJ CLion

    I have been using IntelliJ IDEs for many years, and it's hard to even begin to describe how vastly superior IntelliJ is to Eclipse. Suffice to say: with CLion's remote debugging support release CLion 2016.2 EAP: Remot...
    Jacob Jennings
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  • (Solved) Unable to program MK22FX512AVLQ12 controller

    Hi ,   I am using MK22FX512AVLQ12 controller in one of my product. I have made the development board for the same. But after assembly I am not able to programm the controller. i am using PE MICRO FX debugge...
    Gaurav More
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  • Linux Host Support: 32bit or 64bit?

    The Kinetis Design Studio V1.0.1beta comes with 32bit Linux binaries only. While technically it is possible to run 32bit binaries both in a 32bit and a 64bit Linux environment, many newer 64bit Linux distributions do ...
    Erich Styger
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  • Kinetics design studio repository problem

    Ik krijg volgende foutmelding bij het zoeken naar updates en het installeren van new software in Kinetics Design Studio V3.2.0   No repository found at http://gnuarmeclipse.sourceforge.net/updates.   Ieman...
    kurt plaetevoet
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  • Not able to debug the code.

    Hello,   Currently, I am working on FRDM-KW36 development board. As per the BLE demo application user guide document I have uploaded the code of HRS(Heart Rate Sensor) on the development board. Then i checked it...
    Chintan Patel
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  • How to install and make USBDM programmer work in KDS 3.2

    Hello, pgo   I just bought a programmer running your USBDM from Luciano in Brazil.   Could you please explain me how to install USBDM plugin to make KDS 3.2 recognize USBDM programmer? I have carefully fol...
    Marco Aurelio P. Coelho
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  • How to Maximize FLEXCAN Throughput?

    Hi everyone,   I'm trying to get the K20 series chip's CAN controller to have the highest throughput possible. I've configured my CAN 1 port at 500 kbps and am transmitting an extended (J1939) frame every 1...
    Brad Shelton
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  • WARNING: Failed to read memory @ address 0x00000000

    Hi,   I'm running k66 with MQX 4.02. I'm getting the warning randomly. When this happens the debugger is disconnected but the target keeps running and it appears it runs correctly. Any idea how to debug?  ...
    Ariela Blumer
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