• Unused declaration of variable 'g_pfnVectors'

    Unused declaration of variable 'g_pfnVectors'...'_Vectors'...'_bss_section_table'  I'm trying to build a simple program for a MKL27Z256VFM4 using C and MCUXpresso.   The code compiles with no errors, but w...
    Andrew Hartnett
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  • SDK Middleware Doesn't Appear in Mcuxpresso

    Configured SDK as shown below.     Installed SDK. Go to create New Project. Middleware tab is blank?     Windows browsed to downloaded .zip file. Contents shows Middleware folders and data. W...
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  • Adding i2c driver to VCOM SDK example breaks build

    Hi,   Trying to get the "CDC_VCOM_VCOM_freertos" USB virtual COM port example running. SDK 2.7 or 2.8 tested, under 11.1.1 and 11.2.0. Target FRDM-K22F   2.7 compiles and runs fine using default configs wh...
  • LPC1769 ENET_IRQHandler Enter interrupt function slowly.

    Hello, everyone: Thank you for reading my questions. Ethernet occasionally interrupts slowly when the host computer sends a frame of 1024 bytes, and many times it takes a few frames to enter, sending it multiple tim...
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  • Embedded wizard application in combination with HID device

    Hallo,   I am using the NXP LPCXpresso54628. I have created a graphical interface in embedded wizard that runs on the LPCXpresso54628. Simultaneously I want the device to act as a USB HID device.   Th...
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  • Compilation error

    I am using MCUXpresso 11.1.1 and SDK 2.7.0. From the Quick-start panel I imported example "host_hid_generic_freertos". It compiled perfectly. I then went to Manage SDK components for that project and in the drivers se...
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  • Fail to install OpenSDA probe firmware

    I have been having trouble running example programs on my IMXRT1050-EVKB. I kept getting error Unable to connect wire for probe index 1 Error: Wire Ack Fault - target connected?   So I tried to download OpenSD...
    Jiarong Qian
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  • Will KV10Z7 Series Get Further MCUXpresso SDK Support?

    I found that MCUXpresso SDK version of KV10Z7 series MCU stays at 2.2.0, while KV10Z1287 series continuously get support till the latest version, 2.8.0. Will KV10Z7 get SDK version 2.8.0 too? Or should I switch to KV1...
    Chekhov Mark
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  • fast USB-connection with k22f

    Hi there!  My goal is to read analog data and send it via a stable and fast (min. 10 kByte) connection from the k22f to my PC. I modified the example projects (especially the ones with a CDC or HID protocol...
    Ad Hofer
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  • USB host question

    I imported the "frdmk64f_host_hid_generic_freertos" example. When I connect a barcode reader I get the error "enumeration failed". Can someone help to solve this.  I noticed that the sysmpu driver is loaded. Do...
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  • probably a BUG found in Serial Manager

    I'm using MUCXpresso IDE with SDK version of 2.8.0 of chip KV58F1M0VLL24. I'm using C++, and both my C & C++ compiler is set to arm-none-eabi-c++ with -std=c++17. When compiling "serial_manager.c", it reported an ...
    Chekhov Mark
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  • USB enumeration failed

    I am using MCUXpresso 11.2.0 and SDK 2.8.0. I imported SDK example "frdmk64f_host_hid_generic_bm" . When I connect a usb keyboard, I get enumeration failed. Is this a problem with the usb stack?
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  • Using redlinkserv standalone. Probe list csv not found

    Hi,   We are trying to use program the FRDM-K64F board using SWD via commandline. We are using the following command: ./redlinkserv --connectscript kinetisconnect.scp time ./crt_emu_cm_redlink --flash-load-ex...
  • What's the best way to redefine malloc Et Al. functions for FreeRTOS ?

    Hi,   We have C++ projects, using Newlib, and noticed that internal functions of newlib (like printf() ) call malloc (and other functions of the same family like malloc_r, etc.).   This is problematic for ...
    Ibrahim KAMAL
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  • Bootloader: where is encrypted image support (K64F) ?

    Background: We're using Kinetis K64F in several products (and Freedom K64F boards for some development/test). We need to distribute encrypted firmware update images to customers. Historic implementation here used boo...
    Dave Nadler
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  • mcuxpresso: How to disable -flto only for some files?

    I am using mcuxpresso v11.2.0. I have enabled -flto for C++, C compilers and for the linker. I am using an external library which causes the link time optimization to fail Error: invalid offset, value too big (0...
    Victor Canoz
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  • Change processor in SDK example program

    I am working with the K60 in the 100 pin LQFP package.  I've gotten around to starting the USB portion of the project.  I would like to work with the USB VCOM example program in the K60 SDK, but it's for the...
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  • FRDM KW36 PSWITCH Example

    Hello guys,   I'm trying to develop a BLE application using mkw35 chip and an external pressure sensor. The pressure sensor must trigg the MKW via PSWITCH. I'm currently try to use  a callback, but it's nev...
    stefan fetita
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  • LPC845 & mcuxpressoide_11.2.0 : lto-wrapper failed

    Hello, I need to enable the -flto option for my project using an LPC845. If I turn on -flto for the C compiler, the C++ compiler and the linker in mcu settings, I get the following error: Building target: LPC845_Pr...
    Victor Canoz
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  • Request: Peripheral Tool I2C 'FreeRTOS' Mode IRQn priority

    This is a feature request for the Peripheral tool's I2C configuration.   FreeRTOS requires I2Cx_IRQn to be set to a lower priority than the default level, but there is no way to configure interrupt priority when...
    Wilkins White
    created by Wilkins White