• PN5180 LPCD mode instructions

    Hi there,   I am currently trying to send the chip PN5180 to LPCD mode (auto calibration) from an active mode (card reader poll mode).   As MCU i am using a MK81 processor which send the instructions via S...
    Moises Reyes
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  • Ee(42). Could not connect to core.

    Hi there,   I am using the i.MXRT 1050 EVK and MCUXpresso v10.3 to build the standard "hello world" application. I had previously done this before successfully, but now I am getting an 'Ee(42). Could not connec...
    Owen Phelan
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  • MCUXpresso licence 'data/results' clause

    Before I can install any software at my workplace it needs to be reviewed by our legal team. Regarding MCU Xpresso they have asked for clarification on what the term below requires for compliance, for example it is un...
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  • imx8 SDK IDE

    Dear support community, I am a second year bachelor student in electrical engineering, so I'm quite new to developing from scratch. I am currently researching how to enable the hs400 mode on the imx8 platform. I am p...
    Daniel Mul
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  • autocomplete doesn't always work

    Hello,    This problem comes and goes, seems to fix itself under unknown circumstances, and seems to be getting more frequent the more code I put in this project.  It happens if I add a new define or s...
    Andrei Szeghy
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  • Error with LPCOpen: Unable to locate toolchain table control

    I wish to create new project using MCUExpresso with LPC1549 development board so I followed the procedure in How to create a new LPC project using LPCOpen and MCUXpresso IDE    and it generated this error,...
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  • Writing a driver for the PCA8537 SPI on ESP32. I have problem initializing the board. Any tips?

    The board looks dead, no matter what I try.Reset OK, SPI comm as intended on the pins, checked with a logic analyzer. PLS help.
    Peter Glen
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  • How to locate third party libraries in external flash

    I have a large third party library (example: libTLV.a) currently located and running on the K8x's Internal Flash.  I do not have any source code, just a header file (example: libTLV.h) and the library archive con...
    Denis Collis
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  • A question about configuring clock with MCUXpresso Config Tools

       Recently I updated my MCUXpresso Config Tools from V2.0 to V5.0, but it's quite curious that the file clock_config.c created by the new version of the tool is not able to make it work with the o...
    杨 森茂
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  • GUI Flash Tool, Flashing in specified area

    I am using the KM34Z256VLL for a metering application. My question is about the GUI Flash Tool. I have calibration data in a separated flash area (3f800 - 40000) that must not be deleted, but I would like to flash ...
    Jens Wagner
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  • Error in final launch sequence KW36

    Hello,   I am using Segger J-Link Plus debugger to download/flash the source code to KW36 board For the Wireless_UART BLE example project  MCUXpresso IDE version: 10.2.1_795 J- Link Plus version: 9.3 J-...
    Naven Suresh
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  • Ee(42) Could not connect to core - MCUXpresso

    Using MCUXpresso IDE v10.2.1 on a mac and development board OM40002 - this question is often asked but no solution for the MCUXpresso.   I have three development boards with integrated debuggers (OM40002) commun...
    Harry Bach
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  • LinkServer Debugging failing in MCUXpressoIDE 10.3.1

    I'm trying to debug a new FRDM K22F board running an unmodified frdmk22f_freertos_generic project from the SDK. However, after building the project without any errors (as far as I can tell), and attempting to debug it...
    Thomas Hardt
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  • Download error SW3524

    I'm trying to download zip file(SW3524) to demonstrate PNEV5180B 
    中磯 俊幸
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  • Error in final launch sequence

    what is the meaning of error in final launch sequence and failed to execute MI command in MCUxpresso software for frdm KW36A board.  
    Akshita Manwati
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  • Duplicate Project in MCUXpresso 10.3

    Recently we have Migrated to MCUXpresso 10.3. We have created One project also.   I have to replicate same project. So, I have created new workspace. using drag and drop method i have created new project.  ...
    Mayur Savaj
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  • FRDMK64F OpenSDA question

    Hi,  When I connect my PC Host to OpenSDA port of FRDMK64K, I am unable to get any message on my virtual COM port.  I have installed the mbed serial port driver and the debug message is OK on the console of...
    Albert Mann
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  • how can i  flash my mcu(qn9083) using MCUXpresso IDE

    i have imported the SDK in MCUXpresso IDE but i dont know how can i flash it on my MCU.
    krishna bharadwaj
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  • Custom Bootloader Error on Jump

    When I attempt to jump from my custom bootloader for a custom board with the K66 processor I get the following errors: *** assert failed : ../drivers/fsl_clock.c:236 : g_xtal0Freq *** assert failed : ../drivers/fsl_c...
    Curtis Robertson
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  • Comunication between lpc1549 and adafruit motor shield v2.3

    Hi, I'm a student and I have a problem with using the protocol I2C. I read all examples I2C that there are on MCUXpresso, but I don't understand nothing. Is there someone who could help me to write a working code?...
    Emanuele Romagnoli
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