• Debugger firmware update LPC11U35 (OM40002)

    I have updated the debug firmware for the OM4002 LPC8N04 board in accordance with the board user manual (UM11082) section 3.4 in an attempt to get the debugger working again.   Unfortunately after doing this, wh...
    Harry Bach
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  • PN7462AU - Extended APDU

    Hi All,   I am working on the PN7462AU Eval kit and I need to know that is PN7462AU supports the Extended APDU command or not ?   Thanks & Regards
    Sachin Singh
    created by Sachin Singh
  • [PN7462AU] GPIO interrupt

    Good day,   I'm a engineer using PN7462AU. I am developing an NFC communication program.  My question is very similar to this question. But there's no answer on that page. ※ URL : PN7462 GPIO Inter...
    Haje Lee
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  • Share your FreeMASTER dashboard designs, get a free board!

    Share your FreeMASTER dashboard designs, get a board!   Calling all FreeMASTER fans!   Are you an experienced FreeMASTER user who has already created custom dashboards, or are you an HTML/Javascript coder wh...
    Brendon Slade
    created by Brendon Slade
  • Why are interrupts not working in debug?

    MCUXpresso 11.1.1, MKV42F64, barebone, PE Micro Multilink. I have interrupts set up on PIT and PORT. When I run the application without the debug interface, the program runs correctly, detecting external interrupts an...
    Malcolm Macdonald
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  • MCUXpressIDE Bootloader app cpde  changes the address.

    hello everyone:      The APP code needs to redirect the application address. The application needs to change its address. I'm just changing 0x00000000 to 0x00001000. What should I change about MCUXpr...
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  • LWIP can't Read Unsigned Byte ?

    Hi. My application is Lwip tcp/ip client app. LPC1769 conntect to my server and server send unsigned byte array. Lwip can't read data that bigger than 128. How can ı solve this problem.       Not: I m...
    Ramazan Kurban
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  • MCUXpresso can't find JLink debugger

    I've just upgraded to MCUXpresso 11.1.1, and to Segger JLink 6.63e. Now, MCUXpresso can't find the JLink debugger. I get this message when I try to debug: No compatible probes available. They may be disabled, disconn...
    Jeffery Thompson
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  • I2C Reset via 9 clock pulse in FRDM-K64 and FreeRTOS

    Hi, Sometimes while doing I2C communication, I was getting error "I2C Busy" status 1100 from the i2c driver. I am testing in remote set-up so unfortunately I am not able to take SCL and SDA line pulses on CRO. I wo...
    Darshan Shah
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  • i.mx rt 1060 debug freelink jtag

    Does the FreeLink JTAG port (10 pin J34) work for general debugging on the MIMXRT1060-EVK platform?  I'm using a J-Link Mini on the 10 pin port, but I get a "J-Link V6.62d Error - MAIN_LogError: Insufficient spac...
    Aaron Minner
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  • CAN Transmission generating Reception Interrupt

    Hi ,   I have been developing code for CAN driver upon the Base SDK  Code for my project ,I have configured my Reception through an interrupt and transmitting data outside through normal transfer function ,...
    Dhanush KumarN
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  • FRDM-K22F-AGM01 how to communication with other board?

    I am trying to send data to raspberry pi via TX  RX,what should I do? board:FRDM-K22F-AGM01,FRDM-STBC-AGM01 sensor:FXAS21002C,FXOS8700CQ IDE:MCUXpresso
    guanru chen
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  • [PN7462AU] NFC polling without RF reset

    Good day,   I'm a engineer using PN7462AU.  I am developing an NFC communication program. When I remove the card (tag), I want to recognize it and stop all communication.   Below is the setup...
    Haje Lee
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    I am using frdmk64f_agm04_sensorfusion_freertos_agm04 SDK, and I want to read via UART I can't read from UART.  I got an error after flashing the SW whenever I call GETCHAR or SCANF.   and debugging s...
    Micheal Saleab
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  • Breakpoint installation failed: Unmatched Quote

    Hello,   I meet a problem when I add break points in my code. All the break points don't work and show error as the screenshot.  All types of the break points have the same issue.   Does anyone have t...
    jingtian li
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  • AppWizard selective export and save

    Hello,   I am currently evaluating AppWizard with emWin using Visual Studio 2019.   When I "export and save" from AppWizard, it overwrites files in the visual studio solution used to reflect the GUI change...
    Josh Sewnath
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  • Custom command for the Speed setting

    Hi All,   I have the PN7462AU Eval kit, In which I need to develop the RF speed selection based on the user/custom command. Through sending the command for respective speed will be gets activated. for example l...
    Sachin Singh
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  • MCUXpresso combine mcan and ethernet

    Hello,   I use the CAN-FD Kit LPCXpresso54618 and its IDE MCUXpresso IDE V11.1.0 This is the first time I use an NXP board.   In my project I want to evaluate the messages of a CAN bus and send them via Et...
    Simon Hilt
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  • Unit-testing in MCUXpresso?

    My target is a Cortex-M4 processor. In my project, I have already separated out the testable core-logic into a static-library, and now, I would like to conveniently unit-test it.   How can this be achieved using...
    sharon urban
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  • How to add code files in sections of Flash?

    Hi,   I am using MCUXpresso IDE for a project(MK22FN512xx) where I need to link code files in a specific section of the flash. I would really appreciate if someone could point me in the direction of where to loo...
    Anish Venkataraman
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