• USB CCID Class - Interface configuring

    Hi,   I am using PNEV7462C card reader and need to add two interface in CCID class(which can be seen under device manager with SMART_CARD_READERs CLASS with Two interface). In "phExCcid" example, it shows only ...
    Sachin Singh
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  • Syntax Coloring Partially Working

    I REALLY like having this capability to help sort out the gobbledygook.  Had intermittent issues with this before on other Eclipse tools.  Xpresso seems to be abnormally stubborn about this now.  What g...
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  • IDE for iMX8MQ & iMX8QM Processor

    Dear NXP Support Community,   We are working on iMX8 family of processors, the target core of interest is M4 core on which real time application will run over MQX RTOS. I would like to know if anybody in the com...
    Sangram Singh
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  • MCUXpresso complains "undefined reference to fmax"

    I guess fmax is not implemented; what alternative choices do I have; which one is better? BTW, there are a few other math functions like nan, isnand, isinfd not defined. Basically I try to port a Windows application...
    he dajiang
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  • Console vs Image Info Flash Usage Doesn't Match

    I experimented with compiling a Debug build vs a Release build using an example project frdmkl25z_rtos_examples_freertos_hello to see what would be gained.  I normally would use the "Image Info" function on the ....
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  • SWD Configuration

    Hi, I'm starting to use this software. Everything else is OK, but I can't do it in Debug. The following dialog box always pops up(I have connect the board):     0 available SWD Devices detected. Connect a ...
    Liu X.P. Liu
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  • PN7462AU-FW_v04.01.00.zip link request

    Hi All,   I am working on the PN7462AU kit for the contact card - SAM Card and contact less card - Mifare Classic card to perform read and write operation. For that I had use the Firmware example PN7462AU-FW_v...
    Sachin Singh
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  • USB hard fault problem on LPC1754

    Hello All,   I'm attempting to get the USB section of my application working.  I am encountering a hardfault and have not had any success in figuring out where/why this is occurring. The code is my predeces...
    Dan Budd
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  • Debugging unmanaed project

    Hello, I just got the LPC55s69 board and I was able to run the SDK projects on the current MCUexpresso IDE. Now, moving further, I tried to create a project and launch config for an unmanaged project (elf image built ...
    Michael Anburaj
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  • [Yocto] How does VARIABLE_*_something works?

    Hi, I'm trying to build my own yocto_meta-layer based on the BeagleBoneBlack and in  ./meta-fsl-bsp-release/imx/meta-sdk/conf/distro/include/fsl-imx-preferred-env.inc I found something weird:   PREFER...
    Miguel Miranda
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  • Cannot ping dev board after lwip initialization

    I am trying to build an application that uses FreeRTOS and the lwip stack. I am using the MIMXRT1064-EVK with version 2.6.1 of the SDK.   I am running into an issue where after I have initialized enet and tcp/ip...
    Joseph Downing
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  • LPC54018 : Unable to start debugging from main()

    IDE-MCUEXpresso, Controller - LPC 54018 (180 PIN), Development Board - OM40003 (LPCXpresso54018)   I am using "EOL_Programmer LinkServer Debug.launch" for debugging. I am trying to debug my application. But...
    Sreevishakh kp
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  • Adding Math.h library to a existing project

    I am trying to use lround function and it requires math.h to be included but I am not sure how to include it to an existing project that I have created. I have just created a new C/C++ project.  I have attac...
    Kartheek Gajjala
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  • Parameter Setting Tx Antenna

    Hi, I am working on the PN7462AU card reader for card reader. I am facing multiple time card detection of same card which is present in antenna field (also while keeping remained in contact direct with antenna plate...
    Sachin Singh
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  • K64F Enabling and Disabling USB while File Transfer is happening

    Hi,   I have some challenges in USB connection /disconnection through firmware.   For stopping USB MSC: USB_DeviceStop(g_msc.deviceHandle); USB_DeviceClassDeinit(CONTROLLER_ID);   For Restarting US...
    Mahendran Manoharan
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  • Send 8 bits using the MKE15Z256

    I am doing a project and need to send 8 bits through ports PTC10 ~ PTC17, but ports PTC0 ~ PTC9 are being used for other purposes.   Can I do it as follows? (In the attached file is better explained)   void...
    Marcel Giraldi
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  • 不建立工程情况下直接烧录elf文件到MPC5748G开发板

            我有一个编译好的elf文件,需要将它下载到MPC5748G Demo开发板里。请问S32DS 能否支持 在不建立工程的情况下,将elf文件下载到目标板?或者有没有其他下载方式。(硬件有:目标板,PE) 
    Miles M
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  • How do I connect the board and analog sensor?

    Hello,   I want to get analog sensor values using NXP board "TWR-KE18F". However, it is not done for the following reasons.    - I don't know much about the hardware, so I don't know how to connect th...
    Takagi Toshiyuki
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  • Unit testing with Unity in MCUXpresso

    Is anyone using Unity or a similar framework for unit testing within MCUXpresso?   I realize there's no full-chip simulation available.  What I'm after at the moment is just the ability to test pure functio...
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  • Cannot use SWO Trace function of MCUXpresso IDE

    Hello,   I would like to use the SWO Trace function to debug my code. However, the following error occurs and it cannot be used.   "Failed to configure the target for SWO - may not be supported on this tar...
    Takagi Toshiyuki
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