Miguel Hernandez

New MCUXpresso Software Releases Now Available

Blog Post created by Miguel Hernandez Employee on Jun 14, 2019

New versions of MCUXpresso SDK, IDE, and Configuration Tools are now available. In addition to new product support, you will find these updates and enhanced features in the new releases:


MCUXpresso SDK v2.6.0

  • Updated peripheral drivers to v2.6.0 SDK code base for all included boards and devices
  • Updated to latest GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain to GCC8 (2018-q4-major)
  • Expanded device and board support for Cypress Wi-Fi, nghttp2 (HTTP/2)
  • Inclusion of MQX v5.x Application Builder
  • Updated included middleware –
    • Amazon FreeRTOS Kernel v1.4.7+
    • Arm Mbed TLS v2.13.1
    • IwIP v2.1.2
    • Microsoft Azure Cloud Connectivity SDK v1.2.13
    • TensorFlow Lite and ARM CMSIS-NN (eIQ™ ML Software)
    • Segger emWin 5.48r
  • Updates to NXP developed middleware - USB Stack


MCUXpresso IDE v11.0.0

  • Improved support for Cortex-M33 secure / non-secure projects
  • Updated underlying Eclipse Framework to 4.10.0v201812 / CDT 9.6.0
  • New “Heap and Stack Usage” view provides ability to track heap and stack usage during debug of baremetal projects
  • Implemented “editor awareness” for linker map files, linker scripts and linker script templates, providing syntax coloring as well as navigation of file contents
  • New “Image Info” view gives a breakdown analysis of a project build, including overall memory usage, content of memory regions and static call graph (including stack usage information)
  • FreeRTOS Task Aware Debugging functionality now directly implemented within the IDE

   Learn more by reading this IDE Blog Article.


MCUXpresso Config Tools v6.0

  • Addition of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) tool supporting Cortex-M33 TrustZone
  • Addition of Device Configuration tool, supports Device Configuration Data (DCD) commands configuration
  • Code changes are graphically tracked in real-time within the code preview window
  • Project Cloner in New Configuration Wizard: Added support for MCUXpresso SDK v2.6
  • Peripherals Tool: Documentation view history can now be navigated
  • ‘Update Code’ now possible without an assigned toolchain project