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NXP has released the newest versions of MCUXpresso SDK, IDE, and configuration tools. In addition to new product support, you will find these updates and enhanced features in the new releases:


MCUXpresso SDK v2.5.0

  • Updated support for i.MX RT1020, i.MX RT1060, i.MX7ULP, i.MX8MQ, LPC54S0xx, LPC51U68
  • Updated to latest GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain compiler (GCC Version 7-2018-q2-update)
  • Expanded device and board support for Azure Cloud Connectivity, MCU Bootloader, NXP Touch Library, Multicore SDK
  • Updated included middleware - mbedTLS, Amazon FreeRTOS(TM), emWin
  • Updates to NXP developed middleware and drivers:
    • EDMA, Flash, FlexCAN, FTM, SAI, GPIO


MCUXpresso IDE v10.3

  • Improved SDK handling and installation
  • Upgraded GNU ARM Embedded Toolchain (to GCC Version 7-2018-q2-update)
  • Added support for MCUXpresso SDK v2.5.0
  • Upgraded integrated version of MCUXpresso Config Tools to v5
  • Improved and unified ‘Registers’ view
  • New ‘Faults’ view
  • SWO Trace for supported debug probes (P&E and SEGGER debug probes in addition to existing LPC-Link2 SWO support)
  • Enhanced Project Explorer View: visualization of selected project and build configuration
  • FreeRTOS Kernel Awareness for V10.1.1 and for reentrant newlib heap scheme

* More detail can be found in this blog as well.


MCUXpresso Config Tools v5.0

  • Added ability to configure USB middleware in the Peripherals Tool
  • Added Data Manager which allows overview of downloaded data, their versions, tool support information, update outdated data, or manually downloaded new data
  • Support for specifying the default core for multi-core processors
  • Improved PeripheralsTool and Clocks Tool UI and support
  • Support for exporting custom configurations to a user selected directory
  • Added ability to import/export Clocks configuration from registers state (memory dump and csv formats are supported)
  • Added in-tool tutorials (eclipse Cheat Sheets)
  • Support for copy/paste of pin(s) supported in Routed Pins view

The following article explains how to use the MCUXpresso Software and Tools to enable runtime statistics for Amazon FreeRTOS V10:

Tutorial: Using Runtime Statistics with Amazon FreeRTOS V10


With this it is possible to see how much CPU time (Runtime)  is spent by each task in the system:




NXP has released new updates to the MCUXpresso suite of software and tools. These updates include support for new Kinetis, LPC and i.MX RT devices based on the Arm Cortex-M core, along with improved features and functionality.
In addition to new product support, you will find these updates and enhanced features:

MCUXpresso SDK v2.4.0

  • Updated support for i.MX RT1050, LPC8xx, LPC54018, LPC546xx
  • Updated GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain compiler: GCC Version 7-2017-q4-major
  • Enhanced middleware: Amazon FreeRTOS™ v10, QCA Wi-Fi, Amazon Web services, LittleFS, FatFS R0.13a, lwIP 2.0.3, NXP USB, SDMMC, and Secure Element Middleware Support (A71CH)


MCUXpresso IDE v10.2

  • All Pro Edition features have now been incorporated into the Free version (Pro Edition has been discontinued)
  • Redesigned Quickstart Panel – including dedicated debug operation links
  • Updated GUI Flash tool – with easy binary programming and erase capabilities
  • Debug performance improvements
  • Live graphical visualization of global variables
  • Enhanced self-configuring external flash drivers for flashless MCUs
  • Access to SDK documentation directly within the IDE
  • Updated Eclipse Oxygen

Learn more by reading this IDE blog article.


MCUXpresso Config Tools v4.1

  • Pin Muxing and GPIO Initialization now included within the Pins Tool
  • New Config Tool Overview screen with individual tool summary
  • Support for Undo / Redo functionality
  • Improved Peripheral Tool UI and support, including support for multiple Peripheral Component versions

Learn more by reading this Config Tools blog article.