• Using different Cameras with Matlab Toolbox

    Hi, I want to use the ov10635 Camera in combination with the Maxim Serializer/Deserializer in the Matlab Environment. I guess, that I have to change the 'sony' in the following lines, but I could not find any d...
    Sebastian Kruse
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  • How to use the CAN Bus on S32V234

    Hi, I want to use the build in CAN Bus of the S32V234 to communicate with an Teensy 3.2. For debugging, I've connected a PeakCan USB dongle to the boards CAN0 to send and recieve messages. I connected my PC via Putt...
    Sebastian Kruse
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  • Vision Toolbox Setup Problems

    Hi, I'm using the S32V234-SBC Board with the goal to run Matlab Code on it. I've followed the instructions given in the PDF 'Vision Toolbox Quick Start' https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/quick-reference-guide/Vis...
    Sebastian Kruse
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  • JPEG decoder 4stream demo timeout

    Dear All,   We are using Board: S32V234-SBC. This is for our product which can support multiple interfaces.  We have an order of 200 -pcs.  Our team is making progress on Camera, and ethernet interfa...
    Krishnakumar Mayannavar
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  • Small signal model for ADS and Spice

    Where do i get small signal models of NXP transistor for ADS and spice of on5088 transistor model and  BFU710F, transistor   
    Akhil Paul
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  • NXP S32V23 Design studio and Visual toolbox (MATLAB) Training.

    Dear All,   We have NXP S32V23 boards and we would like to get started.  Although the training videos are helpful, we would like to know if there is a workshop where our engineers could have hands-on. This...
    Krishnakumar Mayannavar
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  • How i can build the .model file for APEX DNN?

    Hello How i can build the .model file for APEX DNN? I want to use my own Neural Network at S32v234evk2. I installed S32v VSDK and saw the CNN_classifier example. in example and APEX DNN pdf file, squeezeNet's weig...
    Hyoungwoong Lee
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  • Connecting Bluetooth to S32V234 board

    Hi.. I'm currently using SBC-S32V234 board for my project. I need to add a bluetooth communication interface to the board, to communicate with my phone.. Is it possible to connect a hc05 bluetooth module to the micr...
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  • s32v :: auto-exposure

    to whom may concern:         hi, i am a engineer using s32v, i have a s32v-sbc board and a sony-imx224 camera which is recommended by nxp.         i want t...
    andy yu
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  • MPC5554-"automotive benchmark"

    HI, NXP and everybody: currently I am looking <MPC5554 Microcontroller Data Sheet.pdf>, at Page 17-NOTE 7:( 3.8 DC Electrical Specifications---------Operating Current 1.5 V Supplies @ 132 MHz:-------Average cur...
    洋 肖
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  • Ewmin 如何把多张BMP图片转成BIN存储在SPI FLash

    Hi Sir: 我有多张图片,我的理解是要做成BIN文件,合成一个BIN文件,存储在SPI Flash里面(每个BMP转成BIN文件,但是两者内容是一样的)。 有什么工具可以使用?还是说需要自己做? 能否告知,因为项目比较急,所以就希望有现成的工具可以使用。
    james lee
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  • S32V234 Matlab Vision Toolbox: Neural network without images as input?

    Hello, I am currently evaluating on how the S32V234 can be used for running neural networks. The provided CNN Matlab examples work pretty well on my dev-board. What I could not find was an example for a neural networ...
  • S32V234 Matlab Vision Toolbox: Compilation error (no rule to make target)

    Hello, I am currently trying to run the NXP Vision Toolbox examples on my S32V234 board. The cnn_squeezenet_image.m simulation works perfectly on my computer, but I always get an error when I try to compile it for th...
  • How to develop ARM cortex M4 with AUTOSAR

    How to develop ARM cortex M4 with AUTOSAR and communicate with A53 at the same time?    I want to control my peripheral with cortex M4, but I can't find any demo in vision SDK. How can I do that?
    Fei Peng
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  • how to make a isp graph project on s32v234 ?

    Dear all,         how to make a isp graph project on s32v234,  and can you give me some docs or videos ?
    Taikoto Cai
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  • 使用LPC54608的内部12位ADC

    使用内部ADC有一些问题。 评估后,精度是可以了,但是如何提供参考电源给LPC54608的模拟电源参考电源部分? 能够使得LPC54608可以测量0-3.3V范围的模拟量? 如何处理进入LPC54608的ADC管脚(比如滤波,怎么处理),能够确保输入模拟量到最后采集出来的数据是准确的? 能否给一些指导?
    james lee
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  • LPC54608J512BD208 with 24Bit RGB Driver

    LPC54608 ,using RGB 24Bit interface? Is there any LCD driver can be refer to ? now the color is not correct?
    james lee
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  • exclusive access operations on S32V234

    Hello, I need to know if the S32V234 SoC implements a Global Monitor [0] between the M4 core and the A53’s cores in order to make use of the exclusive access primitives LDREX/STREX [1] when updating the value o...
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  • s32v234 toolchain no link

    Hi,     when I use yocto compiler my s32v234 vsdk.there some problem. vsdk version 1.3 , bsp 19.0.    /bin/bash: /home/ccion/ccion/fsl-auto-yocto-bsp/build_s32v234sbc/tmp/m0-toolchain/bin/arm-eab...
    keson xiong
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  • APU_CASCADE_OBJECT_DETECTION_LBP_4_APU_LOAD.h: No such file or directory

    when I run the code:nxpvt_codegen('face_detection_camera_main.m',config); I meet a problem.as the follows: ../graphs/build-apu-nxp-sa-d/APU_CASCADE_OBJECT_DETECTION_LBP_4.hpp:8:97: fatal error:APU_CASCADE_OBJECT_DET...
    Weirong Wang
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