• Best option between S32V234-EVB2 and SBC-S32V234

    Hi, We want to start with the s32v234 to finally develop our own board based on this SOC. Which kit do you consider the most appropriate considering the available information, schemes, etc? S32V234-EVB2 or SBC-S32V2...
    Javier Vicandi
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  • Reboot issue for NXP S32V234 EVB

    Hi Support team,   We are using S32V234-EVB2 evaluation board for my custom work. we are facing an issue with S32V234 SD card boot. During our testing NXP board suddenly started rebooting co...
    Pratik Parvati
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  • 2019b

    Does this toolbox support Matlab 2019b? 
    Jim Duan
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  • Problem with S9KEA8P UART0 running

    Hello, We are trying to communicate with UART0  of S9KEA8P MCU without OpenSDA port which means we are taking RX and TX pins directly from MCU. For that we have used the attached sample program.    By ...
    Sundar Vinayagam
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  • Connecting Bluetooth to S32V234 board

    Hi.. I'm currently using SBC-S32V234 board for my project. I need to add a bluetooth communication interface to the board, to communicate with my phone.. Is it possible to connect a hc05 bluetooth module to the micr...
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  • Need information on connecting S32V234-EVB2 to other MCU using UART

    Hello,   We wanted to connect NXP-S9KEA8P44M48SF0 to S32V234-EVB2 board using UART. Please do share details about connecting.   We understand that, S32v234-Evb2 has serial to USB converter chip ( tty...
    Prem J
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  • need support for S32V234 EVB2 linux kernel sources code set up on our PC(locally)

    Hello, We are using S32V234-EVB2- SC29288, and wanted to set up LINUX KERNEL 4.19. version locally. Please do provide documents to set up kernel source code base locally. i.e complete kernel sources, including all d...
    vaibhav nanoti
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  • How to get data source directly from CSI?Not through the CSI-SRAM-FDMA-DDR approach

    Isp_csi_dcu routine development, using different types of cameras, how can more directly get the camera information?
    国栋 范
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  • Develop camera with S32Design integrated environment

     Is there a way to get data directly from CSI?I write my own graphic algorithm, and I write my own Framebuffer output.I just want to get the image data a little bit easier Thanks
    国栋 范
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  • where can I find the SBC-S32V Demo's Schemtic

    I can find S32V-R3V Schemtic,but I think this is not the SBC-S32V Demo's Schemtic thanks!
    yongchao yang
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  • S32V234 how to do communication between cortex A53 and Cortex M4

    Hi , Have you find a solution for communicating with A53 and M4?   I have a subject to use M4 for real time control which receive information from image process result on A53 then run rea...
    askariz askariz
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  • How to use the CAN Bus on S32V234

    Hi, I want to use the build in CAN Bus of the S32V234 to communicate with an Teensy 3.2. For debugging, I've connected a PeakCan USB dongle to the boards CAN0 to send and recieve messages. I connected my PC via Putt...
    Sebastian Kruse
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  • JPEG decoder 4stream demo timeout

    Dear All,   We are using Board: S32V234-SBC. This is for our product which can support multiple interfaces.  We have an order of 200 -pcs.  Our team is making progress on Camera, and ethernet interfa...
    Krishnakumar Mayannavar
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  • Using different Cameras with Matlab Toolbox

    Hi, I want to use the ov10635 Camera in combination with the Maxim Serializer/Deserializer in the Matlab Environment. I guess, that I have to change the 'sony' in the following lines, but I could not find any d...
    Sebastian Kruse
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  • S32V234 how to do communication between cortex A53 and Cortex M4

    Hi How to do the communication between Cortex A53 and Cortex M4? I am planning to use M4 to receiving the data form the peripheral device and than passing the message to the A53. I am using S32V234 soc, dose this sys...
    BT Wu
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  • where can I find this SW Activation Code

    when I installed the VSDK, the NXP Compiler for APU must be installed,So,where can I find the  Activation Code?
    yongchao yang
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  • Vision Toolbox Setup Problems

    Hi, I'm using the S32V234-SBC Board with the goal to run Matlab Code on it. I've followed the instructions given in the PDF 'Vision Toolbox Quick Start' https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/quick-reference-guide/Vis...
    Sebastian Kruse
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  • Small signal model for ADS and Spice

    Where do i get small signal models of NXP transistor for ADS and spice of on5088 transistor model and  BFU710F, transistor   
    Akhil Paul
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  • NXP S32V23 Design studio and Visual toolbox (MATLAB) Training.

    Dear All,   We have NXP S32V23 boards and we would like to get started.  Although the training videos are helpful, we would like to know if there is a workshop where our engineers could have hands-on. This...
    Krishnakumar Mayannavar
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  • How i can build the .model file for APEX DNN?

    Hello How i can build the .model file for APEX DNN? I want to use my own Neural Network at S32v234evk2. I installed S32v VSDK and saw the CNN_classifier example. in example and APEX DNN pdf file, squeezeNet's weig...
    Hyoungwoong Lee
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