• S32K144 MBD CAN configuration

    Based on S32K144, how to configure the CAN on Simulink/Matlab in order that we can recieve a few(not one)messages? Is there any examples? Thanks for your answer!
    Peter Deng
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  • Problem with CAN interface when using eTimer

    Hello,   I am using the MBD toolbox 3.0.0 and the target micro-controller is MPC5744P. For the problem that I bring here, I am also using the PMIC 35FS6500.   My target is to use the etimer0 as a counte...
  • SD card logging for S32K144 using Simulink

    Hi,   I'd like to use Adafruit MicroSD Card Breakout Board on S32K144 to log some data. I use Simulink to program my NXP board. Is there any document or example showing how I can log data on SD card? ...
    Soheil Fard
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  • Quadrature encoder block in simulink support package for FRDM-K64F

    Goodmorning,  I've some doubts about the block in the photo. I'm trying to control an electric motor via model-based software design. I want to obtain the ticks count and the direction thanks to a quadrature enc...
    Gennaro Scarati
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  • Model on EVB doesn't start after re-partitioning for EEPROM

    I've been using S32K144 EVB with default memory settings without problems. FCFG1 register shows 0xC for the DEPART field then (which means all the FlexNVM used as D-Flash).   Then I've re-partitioned memory on S...
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  • Example model "Finite State Machine Design"  issue

    Hello, I tried to adapt the example model Model Based Design Approach to Motor Control with S32K144 - part No.1 from Matej Pacha to use with S12Z-evaluation board without success.     ...
    Newbie Dr. Strange
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  •   MBD SPI problem based MPC57**

    Hello,community Now I have  a trouble with the MBD SPI based MPC5744P-dev. I want to use the stateflow to read the position of resolver of motor by SPI. I did the stateflow like following which refered to the ...
    hao xue
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  • Device is not detected or may be censored. DEVKIT-MPC5748G

    I follow Model Based Design Toolbox MPC57xx Series Quick Guide .In Bootloader Setup ,I used S32DS.POWER.2.1 to flash bootloader but it showed Device is not detected or may be censored then i follow this...
  • Synchronization of ADC with arrival of messages

    Hi. I'm a beginner of Model Based Design and I need of help. I realize the CAN communication with Arduino and NXP. The NXP board is the master and Arduino Uno is the slave. When a CAN msg arrives, I want to star...
    Paola De Cesare
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  • CAN Functionality Problem of S32K148EVB-Q176

    Hello,   I've started to use S32K148EVB-Q176 recently. According to samples and videos I'm trying to send CAN messages over built in CAN TRX of Evaluation Board.   But I failed it. There is no can sig...
    Eren SOYLU
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  • Issue with version S32K1xx 4.2.0 toolbox

    I'm having an issue with version 4.2.0 toolbox for S32K processor. Versions: Matlab R2019a Windows 10 MBDT:  4.2.0   View from Matlab Add-on Manager:   Issue Description: When I load an example...
    Andrew Weiss
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  • DEVKIT MPC5744P - Error for build model with Freemaster block

    Hello,   I am using the DEVKIT MPC5744P with Model-Based Design Toolbox for MPC57xx Version 3.0.0 and I can not build the model with freemaster block.     Can you help me with this issue?...
    Rafael Castro Barbosa
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  • FreeMaster Documentation - How to Use FreeMASTER over BDM/JTAG

    Can someone point me in the direction of FreeMaster documentation that discusses using the MultiLink debugger?  I can use it fine if I'm using the S32K144 dev board but on my PCB I can only get the oscope to work...
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  • S32K144EVB Communication Problem with Freemaster

    Hi,   This is Ozan. Currently I am using MBDT V4.2.0, FreeMaster 3.0 and Matlab/Simulink 2018a. I try to write a certain variable to non-volatile memory of S32 by using an example from toolbox. I changed a Memor...
    ozan eren
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  • S32 - MPC57 Model Based Design Simulink CAN Toolbox

    Hello,   My customer has some questions regarding MBDT:   I am planning to use CAN toolbox in your microcontroller unit. I need to enable and diable CAN transmit data online. But I could not see any Enable...
    Peter Vlna
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  • Matlab tool failed to connect to S32K118 board

    Dear Officer, We installed the NXP model based tool set on Matalb and start to work with S32K118 board. Following a simple Hello example, it seems it can't detect and can't connect with our S32K118 board via OpenSDA...
    He Wei
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  • s32k144 EVB board

    program -"flexcan_fd_master_s32k14x.mdl" generated by MBD in simulink ,cannot work ,no can message out .why,and how to resolve it from HW or SW aspect????Kirk HumphriesDhaval ShahRHinnenRHinnenJames Trudeau
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  • Issue with FTM Input Edge Capture Block

    Hello,   I'm using FTM blocks in my design but I can not simulate or build model when I use FTM Input Edge Capture block. Only this block give me errors. Can you please help me to solve this problem ? There is ...
    Utku Çekmegül
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  • MPC5744P CAN bus transmission fault

    Good day everyone! I work with DEVKIT MPC5744P using Embedded Toolbox in Simulink. I faced a problem listed below. When there is no message receiver or when CANH and CANL are locked the Tx stops, but Rx still operat...
    Timur Redgepov
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  • Flashing S32K144 with PEMicro Multilink from Toolbox

    We are building a controller using S32K core on a custom board. The board will not have OpenSDA implemented. My question is is there a way to flash the MCU via the JTAG header from the Toolbox directly? Or flash the ....
    Ray Wu
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