• 3 phase PMSM workshop module 6/2

    dumitru-daniel.popa can you please explain maths behind this? and from where this I_MAX=31.25A comes? because I in the data sheet of mc32gd3000 its been shown maximum current handled is only 5A.and motor also goin...
    Aniket Bagade
    created by Aniket Bagade
  • How to test a model that was flashed on MPC5748G using PEMicro driver and OpenSDA debugger

    I flashed a model in simulink using NXP MPC57xx toolbox, the built-in OpenSDA debugger, S32 Design Studio. Now I want to test that model on the board. Does the NXP MPC 57xx toolbox provide some means of sending inputs...
    Islam ElHariry
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  • Flexcan_echo_mpc574x: What do simulink outputs on the highest level do?

    This is the flexcan_echo_mpc574x example for the MPC5744P board. The output ports in this example are at the highest level of the simulink model. What does this do in the software?   How can I use output ports a...
    Andrew Fillingim
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  • How to read SPI message from the PowerSBC chip MC33FS6522LAE on the Devkit MPC5744P-Rev.E using MBD toolbox

    Hello,   I am using the Devkit MPC5744P Rev E and the Model Based Design Toolbox 3.0.0.   I would like to read a simple message from the PowerSBC chip MC33FS6522LAE, which is connected to the micro...
    Rafael Castro Barbosa
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  • [Warning] Wrong Configuration for PBRIDGE Clock in the MBD toolbox 3.0.0 - Devkit MPC5744P

    Hello,   I am using the Devkit MPC5744P and I could check that the Model Based Design Toolbox 3.0.0 for Simulink has a wrong configuration for PBRIDGE clock.   By default, any model using the MBD toolbox p...
    Rafael Castro Barbosa
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  • Generating Host ID for MBDT Toolbox in Matlab.

    hi, Matlab is not giving me the hosts ID that I need in order to complete the installation of Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K1xx Automotive Microprocessors Family. When I enter the command << mcd_...
    muana kasongo
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  • Torque control

    Hi dumitru-daniel.popa , I am using two user buttons as torque commands. For example , when I am running the motor at zero speed or any speed and apply some torque command, if we try to rotate the wheel and we c...
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  • Second FTM Dual Edge Capture --> Error

    Hello,   i want to read two PWM Signals with known frequency. So I use 2 "FTM Dual Edge Capture" Blocks, with following parameters:   Capture mode:       continuous Measureme...
    Felix Böckmann
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  • I2C Block Register Address?

    I'm trying to get I2C working on the S32K144 using Simulink Toolbox but there's no input for a register address.  Can I edit the block to accept a register address in addition to the slave address?  Simulink...
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  • Simulink top level subsystem block names cause different code generated from compiler

    We use MBD_toolbox MPC57xx V3.1 for our motor control (MCU). We have four top level subsystems (Application, HW interface, OS and MPC Config). The four subsystems were named automatically by simulink as subsystem 1,2,...
    last modified by LI CHEN
  • Non-existent field 'info' error when using GFLIB or GMCLIB

    Hello Everyone,   I am using Simulink (Matlab R2019b) and NXP_MBDToolbox_MPC75xx 3.0.0 to build code for a motor control application running on the MPC5744P DevKit.   When I include a functional block from...
    John Wale
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  • How do I debug files generated based on MBD using S32 for MPC5744P

    Hello,Daniel   dumitru-daniel.popa I am using the Devkit MPC5744P and the Model Based Design Toolbox  I want to import the generated code in the S32 Design Studio in order to run the debugger.  I f...
    hao xue
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  • CAN_CLK Setting in MBD for MPC57x 3.0 does not Match Data sheet

    Dear All For MPC5744P, the maximum CAN_CLK frequency must be 80MHz but the setting in mpc_clock_man_panther.c is 200MHz. Could you please explain this deviation?   Also, if I change the clock settings to 80MHz ...
    Abhishek Kumar
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  • The code generated by the MBD toolbox does not seem to work

    Hello Constantin Razvan Chivu dumitru-daniel.popa,    I modified an official example of flexcan to apply to my own development board.The&...
    mh sj
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  • MBDT - CAN on S32K144EVB

    Hello. I am currently trying to make a model with MBDT for a S32K144 EVB. On this model I need to receive 2 CAN messages on the CAN 0 channel (ID 1D7 and 1D8). These two messages are emitted one after another every 2...
    Arthur LUBAT
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  • RAM/FLASH ECC error FCCU Fault injection

    How to inject RAM ECC NCF fault for FCCU?   is there any example available to create a RAM/FLASH ECC fault ?   Regards Akhil
    Akhil Kumar
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  • 搭建好模型之后编译生成的文件,怎么通过IAR和S32DS下载到板子上?

    打开工具箱自带的例子s32k144_GPIO,编译完成后生成一个文件夹,怎么将生成的文件通过S32 DS和IAR下载到板子上?
    &#33150; &#21608;
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  • Connect the DEVKIT-MPC5744P with VX1000 or A8

    How can you connect the measurement device VX1000 device from Vector e.g. VX1060 Serial Base Module  or A8 Serial Interface Module from ATI  with DEVKIT-MPC5744P to measure the signals in...
    eCar German
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  • CCP Communication Error

    I am using MBDToolbox to work on DEVKIT-S12ZVC.   but when Progress MCU,it did not work.     I have flash the S12ZVC.rbf into the DEVKIT-S12ZVC.    
    张 三
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  • MBD Toolbox for MPC57xx Version 3.0 FCAN_Receive Blocking Mode

    Hello, 1.) Is anyone using the Toolbox for MPC57xx Version 3.0? If so, 2.) Have you used FCAN_Receive with Blocking Mode? If so, 3.) Can you share your model with JUST FCAN_Receive blocks with Blocking Mode? I only...
    Li Chen
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