• Module 1: Environment Setup

    INTRODUCTION In this module of the 3-Phase PMSM Workshop, the focus is on the hardware and software setups that are going to be used throughout this workshop to implement and test a complete 3-phase Permanent Mag...
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  • how to build the program that generated by MBD toolbox 3.2.0 in the S32DS 2.1?

    Open S32DS for PA and select Import/S32 Design Studio/ProjectInfo.xml Importer,but can not find .cproject,can not build in S32.  MBD toolbox 3.2.0,S32 Design Studio for Power Architecture.example:flexcan_mpc574x...
    yang shujun
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  • NXP Simulink  ?

    Does the NXP Simulink Toolbox work with any SPI device or only with the S32 processor?
    Greg Durlacher
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  • S12Z PIL/SIL Simulation: Where to find the example model "FOC_Sensorless_SIL_PIL.slx"

    Dear MBD-Team,   where can I find the example model mentioned in the "MBDT-General-Presentation.pdf" ?     Many thanks in Advance! Best regards! Tony
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  • Does S12ZVMx Toolbox supports Matlab 2017a?

    Hi,   Customer reports that S12ZVMx Toolbox v1.3 is not compatible with Matlab 2017a. S12ZVM toolbox cannot be found in Simulink toolbox library. Would you please help to confirm if s12zvm toolbox could work on ...
    Tony Zhang (auto)
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  • "PART 15: Processor-in-the-Loop (PIL) Validation" on S12ZVML12EVBLIN issue

    Dear MBD team,   With youtube tutorial "PART 15: Processor-in-the-Loop (PIL) Validation" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSabErrV4M8&list=PLd9y9YP-KUTB4OZ31XKLjXMLu9rV0Eh-d&index=16&t=0s &#...
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  • How to start using 4.1.0 Model-Based Design Toolbox for S32K1xx Automotive Microprocessors Family with s32K148?

    I have the following problem when compile: Product: aaa.mot Build product type: executable Building file startup_S32K148.o... "C:\Users\Equipo9\Documents\MATLAB\Add-Ons\Toolboxes\NXP_MBDToolbox_S32K1xx\tools\gcc-6.3-...
    Fermin Mendoza
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  • Synchronization of ADC with arrival of messages

    Hi. I'm a beginner of Model Based Design and I need of help. I realize the CAN communication with Arduino and NXP. The NXP board is the master and Arduino Uno is the slave. When a CAN msg arrives, I want to star...
    Paola De Cesare
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  • CAN transmission for multiple IDs

    Hi!   My question is:   Programming CAN funcionalities for a CAN Tx and a CAN Rx through the MBD toolbox I have the following issue: For the Rx box, you can receive any message ID, while for the Tx box...
    Juliana Rojas
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  • Unable to install the Model based design toolbox.

    Dear engineer,    I encountered the same problem as Cannot install Model based design toolbox because *.mltbx file missing 。I want to know if you have solved this problem now,If yes, please give m...
    yangyang liu
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  • Using custom content in MBD Toolbox from MATLAB

    Hello everybody,   Is it possible to use MATLAB code and call it for its use in MBD toolbox for a S32K14x board? Where can I find a guide for how to do this?   Thanks in advance.   Juliana
    Juliana Rojas
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  • OpenCV for Microcontrollers?

    Hey guys! I'm using the K64f and I wanted to ask if there is any possibility to use OpenCV functions on it? I've also heard of an alternative "OpenVx". Does someone has experience with this or other alternatives? &#...
    Matthias Rödder
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  • Can Real Time Clock count even if BMS is off

    Hi, This is Baran Celikten from Ford OTOSAN BMS team. We are using SK32K144EVB and FRDM33771BSPIEVB cards to develop BMS algorithms. We have some modes which includes sleep or even off mode ( when supply voltage is ...
    Baran Celikten
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  • Device is not detected or may be censored. DEVKIT-MPC5748G

    I follow Model Based Design Toolbox MPC57xx Series Quick Guide .In Bootloader Setup ,I used S32DS.POWER.2.1 to flash bootloader but it showed Device is not detected or may be censored then i follow this...
  • Model-Based Design Toolbox four-part How-To series

    Four-Part How-To Series Model-Based Design Toolbox (MBDT) is an integrated development environment and toolchain for configuring and generating all the necessary software automatically to execute complex applications....
    Toño Hernández
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  • How to use your own C code in our Toolbox (Battery Management System example)

    Introduction The aim of this article is to help any user of Model-Based Design to enjoy his/her own custom C libraries or to call any C drivers or components that are not yet supported by NXP's toolbox....
    Marius-lucian Andrei
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  • MBD based stateflow timestep problem

    hello I have a question when i use the stateflow in the MPC5744P_MBD. I want to use stateflow to do some pin voltage-level changes for some communication, But when i do a simple test, every index++ in simulink-st...
    hao xue
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  • Getting License error with MBDT Toolbox

     License Error: -1, Model-Based Design Toolbox License Missing, please go to The Model-Based Design Development Toolbox Web Site to get a free license or request a demo. Provide the following HostID: ec51e3ec
    Harjit Singh
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  • Data/Parameter Store in Embedding System Memory Permanently

    Hi, I am Baran Celikten, a member of Ford OTOSAN Battery Management System Team. We are using SK32K144EVB and FRDM33771BSPIEVB cards to develop BMS algorithms. What we want to know is data or parameter change/store ...
    Baran Celikten
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  • How to install Bootloader for S12ZVML MINIBRD

    Hello ,   Could some body tel me how to install boot loader to the S12ZVML MINIBRD . This is for MODEL BASED DESIGN toolbox recommendation .   Tried to Load the RBF file from the MCT folder but failed . 
    Basil Mathew Tharian
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