• problem for using AMMCLIB when generating code: can not find .tlc file

    when I use AMMCLIB in sumulink, simulating the model is fine, but when I build the model and generating code, following error is appeared:   S-function 'MLIB_Add_SF_F16' in 'untitled/MLIB_Add_F16/MLIB_Add_SF' sp...
    xiaobo zhang
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  • Freemaster with MPC5744P: Can not detect the board information ! The communication will be paused. Error code: 0x80000101 (Response timeout)

    Hi NXP team,   I use hardware "DEVKIT-MPC5744P REV.E.", My Aim to use software Model-Based Design Tools and  Freemaster. Firstly, I use SOFTWARE INTEGRATION GUIDE (SWIG) document and I run a very simple c...
    eCar German
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  • RAM/FLASH ECC error FCCU Fault injection

    How to inject RAM ECC NCF fault for FCCU?   is there any example available to create a RAM/FLASH ECC fault ?   Regards Akhil
    Akhil Kumar
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  • MBD Toolbox for MPC57xx Version 3.0 FCAN_Receive Blocking Mode

    Hello, 1.) Is anyone using the Toolbox for MPC57xx Version 3.0? If so, 2.) Have you used FCAN_Receive with Blocking Mode? If so, 3.) Can you share your model with JUST FCAN_Receive blocks with Blocking Mode? I only...
    Li Chen
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  • CCP Communication Error

    I am using MBD Tools to work on DEVKIT-S12ZVC. but when RAppID Programming MCU,it is not work.   I have flash the S12ZVC.rbf to the DEVKIT-S12ZVC.
    张 三
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  • Using Model-Based Design Toolbox for S9S12VR64.

    Dear MBDT Community, I am writing just to inquire whether if I am able to use the NXP's Model-Based Design Toolbox to model the S9S12VR64/MC9S12VR-family MCUs in my MATLAB/Simulink environment? Best regards, David
    David HEE
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  • Mklinux error on lsdk18.09

    I am using LSDK flexbuild1809 on Ubuntu 18.04 running in a VirtualBox VM. My target is LS2088ARDB. I run the following command: flex-builder -i autobuild-log -a arm64 -m ls2088ardb INSTRUCTION: mklinux DESTARCH: arm64...
    Ranganatha YN
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  • UART_Receive Block compilation error

    HI, I encountered some problems when using [model-based Design Toolbox for MPC57xx Automotive Version 3.0.0/Communication Blocks/UART Blocks/ UART_Receive], as shown in the figure. Set the Data size to 8; After rece...
    jia lu
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  • Simulink build error with example code, MC9s12zvm

    Hi:      I want to use a MC9s12zvm MCU for motor control with MBD approach.  First, MCToolbox and mcd_s12z_path.m are loaded into matlab. Then the freescale CW MCU v11.1 is installed. I also added...
    飞雪 陈
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  • about dtypelib.tlc version

    hollow, Recently, my OS is win7, with  matlab2017b , NXP_MBDToolbox_MPC57xx toolboxs(3.0) reintalled. Use the "\code\MPC_Examples\mpc574x\fcan " path,open "flexcan_mpc574x.mdl",error message is: ### L...
    陈宏 陈
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  • Using SDK JN-SW-4163 Problem. (Energy Scan result)

      I'm in test for using JN-SW-4163. After Energy Scan, I can't get MLME indication type right. So, it cannot pass into vHandleEnergyScanResponse(psMlmeInd) routine.
    Hyunchul Kang
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  • MPC5748 Eval.Board. Gerber File

    Hello everyone,   I'm working on at MPC5746C. I have a MPC5748 Eval.Board.  Is there any gerber files for MPC5748 eval board ? I'm wondering PCB details for Eval.Board.   Best regards,
    alican özpay
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  • I am trying to access the S12zvc potentiometer and console using code warrior

    I am pretty new to the NXP technology, pretty much trying to hire the S12zvc to do some tasks for me. But still cowling with it. I have 2 questions !     1. How it is possible to access and read values...
    ibraheem altaha
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  • Development of MC9S12 Series Chips Lincommunication Based on MBD

    Hello everyone. Excuse me, has anyone ever done the development of MC9S12 series chips Lincommunication based on MBD, and has the corresponding demo. Can you share the development experience?
    Herry ding
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  • Classical and Modern Algorithms for Trajectory and Speed Control of an Autonomous Vechicle

    1. IntroductionThis article discusses various algorithms for controlling trajectory and speed for an autonomous vehicle.  The car is built with S32K144 and the NXP's Cup car chassis as explained in depth in this ...
    Irina Costachescu
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  • Speed Control Systems for BLDC Motors - MTRDEVKSBNK144

      Acknowledgement Introduction Context Theoretical Considerations 1. Transfer Function - Pole Placement Method  2. State-Space - Linear-Quadratic-Integral (LQI) controller Architec...
    Andrei Cador
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    Hello everyone,   I will use TJA1080A for flexray. I'm devoloping a PCB.    I have a question for this product. Why is there battery supply voltage ? Is battery supply voltage using necessary ?  ...
    alican özpay
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  • Custom simulink block for MPC574xR

    Has anyone tried to make simulink block for MPC574xR? NXP has not yet released for this controller (maybe they would do so in 2019). So I was wondering if someone has tried this? If yes, could you please share your in...
    Raghu Rajappa
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  • Error encountered when creating PIL block for a simulink model with Motor control toolbox

    I intended to do PIL for my Simulink model. I created a template model ForPILCreate_Template.sltx, in which there is only one block MCD_MC9S12ZVMx_Config_Information inside. In this template model, all the configurati...
    Qi Wei
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  • NXP Model-Based Design Tools build model Errors

    MatToolBox install path :D:\MatToolBox\Toolboxes\NXP_MBDToolbox_S32K1xx\code\S32_Examples\common\amclib   build "ammclib_amclib_field_weakening_s32k14x.mdl",give errors. help......thanks      
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