• CYCLONE - FX burn card machine

    CYCLONE - FX burn card machine would happen in use process, must cut off the power supply plug can use again, looking for solutions.
    FanWei FAN
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  • How to calculate CAN BAUD RATE for LPC2129, How to calculate CAN BAUD RATE for LPC2129

    How to calculate CAN baud rate for LPC2129 board
    Akhilesh Vernekar
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  • MBD uses custom C code

    Hello everyone:       I am going to develop a Battery Manage System. I will use MPC5744P and MC33771C and I want to use the MBD method. I have download the MC33771C driver from the NXP w...
    SHAO Jianbo
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  • GDB server stuck, eval board MTRCKTSPS5744P

    Built project for eval board, MTRCKTSPS5744P, from inbuilt examples as per link in Getting Started with MTRCKTSPS5744P | NXP .   However during download process, the debug process stuck at 98%, ER...
    Patel Reddy
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  • why "flexcan_s32k14x.mdl" CAN no message  observed

    why "flexcan_s32k14x.mdl" CAN no message  observed based on s32k144EVB-Q100 and MBD toolbox version 4.0.0,matlab2016b,compiled debug by S32DS IDE. j107 pin1 /2 connected  and power supply by j16 ;can line th...
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  • Unable to run PMSM Closed Loop Motor Control Example

    Hello, I am trying to run PMSM Closed Loop Control Example from S32 example, on S32K144 EVB and DEVKit MotorGD. After building and downloading the code, on S32K144EVB I see Green LED is glowing. When I press SW2 or S...
    Rajarama Puranika
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  • build "extmode_s32k14x.slx" based on NXP_MBDToolbox  error

    1.build "extmode_s32k14x.slx" based on NXP_MBDToolbox  error. 2.my env set :GCC_S32K_TOOL ------"D:\MatToolBox\Toolboxes\NXP_MBDToolbox_S32K1xx\code\tools\gcc-6.3-arm32-eabi" thanks
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  • ADS problem of "XX is an instance of an undefined model XX"

    I have a problem when I simulated in ADS2020 (Advanced Design System 2020).   When I started simulating with the model"A2G22S251_01S_MDL_ADS", the hpeesofsim had an error: "G50v3_4_lib_CG50v3-3_HEMT_r1_schematic...
    勤 董
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  • PIL simulation - multiple target patterns issue in generated makefile

    Hi already refer the link: PIL simulation - multiple target patterns issue in generated makefile    this error is similar about the link,   my setup  matlab version: 2019a install path: ...
    Madeon Liu
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  • Questions about using PIT in MBD

    Hello, Everyone I have used the HCS12x series so far, and have recently purchased DEVKIT-MPC5744p and Rev.B boards from NXP. As the working environment is a simulation link, MBD Toolbox 3.1 was installed, the use o...
    Youngkug Park
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  • MBD Toolbox for MPC57xx Version 3.0 FCAN_Receive Blocking Mode

    Hello, 1.) Is anyone using the Toolbox for MPC57xx Version 3.0? If so, 2.) Have you used FCAN_Receive with Blocking Mode? If so, 3.) Can you share your model with JUST FCAN_Receive blocks with Blocking Mode? I only...
    Li Chen
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  • Sample code on EKF prediction for Adaptive Battery Modelling?

    Hi,   Customer is checking if we have any jump start Matlab code for this. They are using S32K1x and MC33771B in their new setup. They like to run adaptive battery modelling in this new board to improve accura...
    Marcus Lim
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  • Updated SPICE model for PESD1FLEX TVS Diode

    Hi  This is Vinod Kumar G and working as Design Engineer. Actually Iam looking for PESD1FLEX TVS diode updated spice model. I downloaded spice model from the NXP website but in that model clamping voltage vs pe...
  • (How-to) Multitasking on S32K144 MBDT Simulink

    Simulink has a mechanism to generate tasks at different rates within your model, this example shows a way to create three tasks running at 1ms, 10ms and 100ms each, this may be helpful to someone looking to implement ...
    Gustavo Ramirez
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  • NXP Simulink library for MPC5777C

    Hello,   I have been trying to use the CAN communication and ADC blocks with MBD_MPC574x_Config_Information block by selecting MPC5777C microprocessor but the CAN and ADC blocks shows the following err...
    Raman Nain
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  • BLDC Motor Control with Model Based Design

    This course explains how to design and prototype a Motor Control Application using Model Based Design Toolbox for MPC5744P              Course Objectives 1 - Leverage MBD Toolbox...
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  • code generated by MBDtool not executed on MPC5744P devkit

    Hello all,   I recently purchased a MPC5744P DEVKIT from NXP and received the Rev E. I flashed the bootloader with the the new RBF file .  However, my devkit is behaving wierdly now.I came across the followi...
    SHAO Jianbo
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  • S32K144 MBDT Serial Com. Build Error

    Hello,   I am making a Serial-to-CAN Convert module using NXP S32K144 EVB. Thanks to Razvan's answer, my previous problem was clearly solved by using LPUART for Serial Rx and FlexIO UART for Serial Tx.   ...
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  • RT1064能否连接双口RAM

    zhiping wang
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  • What do the words 8D and 94 on the variable capacitance diode model BBY40 mean.

    What do the words 8D and 94 on the variable capacitance diode model BBY40 mean. We have a unit that has an index of scanning fast lock code. According to the production feedback, some boards can't be scanned. There a...
    GuangYu Zhang
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