• LPC546xx iap write returns undocumented error code 21

    When writing to sector 0x0 starting at location 0x0 iap write returns error code 21 which is not defined in the user guide or fsl_flashiap.h. I'm using the same code to write to sector 7 without any issues. I'm using ...
    Casey Kelso
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  • How to merge a FatFS Project with a second project ?

    Hello, to All, With the help of Kerry Zhou I was able to get some SD Card code from a previous 'Community project going. This question is somewhat of a follow on. I have an application very similar to the 'periph_i2s...
    James Whitney
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  • OM13085 User Manual - overdue...

    Where is the user manual promised by Embedded Artists for the end of 2018?  I just need to know if a user manual will soon be released (and when), so that if not I can choose another product.   This is non-...
    Jeff Lloyd
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  • CAN with Extended ID filtering, how to set multiple filters?

    Can anyone post working code for CAN Extended ID filtering with multiple filters? I'm using LPC54618J512BD208 MCU and started off with the CAN example code in NXP Device Firmware Pack.  I'm able to receive...
    Manikanta G
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  • How to identify the Date code/year of manufacture of LPC1788FBD208

    I have procured 25 numbers of LPC1788FBD208 on which the following markings are there: LPC1788FBD208 SKP483.1 ZSD1821E
    jayanthy M.S.
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  • Detailed instructions on creating Single Enhanced and Dual Enhanced images

    Hi,    Our company is using LPC54114. I need some detailed instructions or application notes on how to create Single Enhanced and Dual Enhanced images on LPC54114. The user manual mentioned it briefly but n...
    Chuan Tian
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  • data for processor not avaliable

    Error: Processor LPC54608J512 is not suported or data for processor not avaliable ...
    Robson Colantonio
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  • LPC11U37H µsdcard sample

    I need to develop a system based on the LPC11U37H microcontroller to log temperatures. So i was looking in the LPCOpen samles but was unable to find one who write and read data to/from the sdcard. I am using the OM130...
    Serge De Maseneer
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  • IAP always returns with "Invalid command"

    Whenever I issue an IAP command (data in memory block, R0 points to data block, R1 points to return data block) it returns 167 cycles later with 0x01 in the memory location pointed to by R1, indicating an invalid comm...
    Ian Benton
    created by Ian Benton
  • LPC51U68 I2S Spec

    There doesn't even seem to be a section for LPC51 yet, so I put it in here. If I was to connect the device to a codec with several input and output channels, how many can it support? Reading the manual, it seems to h...
    Ian Benton
    created by Ian Benton
  • LPC11U GPIO Interrupt

    I'm trying to get a GPIO edge interrupt to work on Port 0 Pin 20 of an LPC11U24, but I can't figure it out. My code is as follows:   InitInterrupt() {    NVIC_DisableIRQ(FLEX_INT0_IRQn);  ...
    Lydia Johnson
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  • LPC5410x UART overrun issue

    I have always used interrupt based UART for any data transfer, so this is bit unknown to me. Seemingly most of my data goes down to the drain when I try to read uart "synchronously" (I dont mean synchronous mode of UA...
    Sven Savic
    created by Sven Savic
  • LPC11E67 SWD Debug: "Wire ACK Fault in DAP access"

    I'm attempting to debug the LPC11E67JBD48 via the recommended SWD connection (from page 75 of LPC11E6X datasheet), from an OM13058 board.    I am attempting this debug session in a brand new workspace, with...
    Andrew Murfin
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  • New debug probe firmware & drivers for MAX boards

    You may be interested to know that we recently released a new set of debug firmware and Windows 7 drivers for our boards that feature the LPC11U3x MCU as a debug probe (so all the "MAX" boards). The new firmware can b...
    Brendon Slade
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  • example code for usb virtual com port using lpc1768

    Dear sirs,   I need example code for usb virtual com port to communicate data to pc windows 7.   Thanks.   With regards   Dinesh
    dinesh sodha
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  • LPC802 Power-down mode

    In the power-down mode I have a consumption of 12uA but when I connect a sensor in the GPIO9 consumption goes to 64 uA has how to configure GPIO9 to maintain consumption in 12uA?
    Enrique Cerdeña
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  • Read EEPROM

    As the EEPROM is memory mapped at 0x03200000, is it necessary to use the IAP commands to read it? Or can it simply be accessed the same as the flash or SRAM? e.g. LDR R3,=0x03200000 LDR R0,[R3]
    Ian Benton
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  • LPC1765 ISP downloading problem

    Hello,   We have two board, one with a IMX6 and another one with LPC1765 MCU. We would like to download MCU firmware through ISP mode. MCU firmware is in two parts : an application software (soft A) and a config...
    Jeremy Bonhomme
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  • CAN FD max data rate

    What's the max CANFD databandrate?  I can't find the define in the User manual and Data sheet; the demo give max 4M; when i try to set to 5M, it seems someting error;
    黎明 孟
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  • Where is my code downloaded to on LPC1820 which is a flashless part?

    Hello, I have a question on how the code downloading works on LPC1820 (a flashless part). In my configuration, I used a 512KB external boot prom to host the firmware for this processor, and I am using Keil IDE to debu...
    Richard CHEN
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