• What's the difference between SIENF and IENF

    I have a GPIO interrupt working on an LCP11Uxx. There are two registers SIENF and IENF that seem to do the same thing. They both set a bit in IENF. The datasheet says writing to IENF sets an interrupt, and writing to ...
    Lydia Johnson
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  • LPCXpresso845MAX FreeRTOS

    Hello community,   I am currently using the above board based on LPC845 with Cortex M0+ core, I was wondering if there is an example project of basic FreeRTOS for this microcontroller such as the one in Debug fr...
    Eddie Vazquez
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  • CAN FD max data rate

    What's the max CANFD databandrate?  I can't find the define in the User manual and Data sheet; the demo give max 4M; when i try to set to 5M, it seems someting error;
    黎明 孟
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  • Getting error in sample code of LPC845

    Hi all, I'm migrating from LPC2148 MCU to LPC845 MCU, and downloaded keil code bundles from NXP website, but when i'm compiling sample codes , getting error as below:   .\Objects\Ctimer_PWM.axf: error: L6002U:...
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    Hello,   i would like to extend the functionality of the given library/firmware by enabling i2c slave mode of the MCU. Therefore, it would be helpful to have the source code of the firmware. I'm working on a LPC...
  • LPC546xx minimal clock speed when using USB1 in full speed

    We are using the USB1 (high speed USB peripheral) from the LPC54606, but we are using it in Full Speed mode (which is a lower speed than high speed). The reference manual mentions that the system clock should be at l...
    Arno Moonen
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  • How to Program LPC-link2 in CMSIS or J-Link mode

    Hi everybody   I'm working with LPC microcontrollers and using LPC-Link2 board to work with, I would like to share a tutorial about how to change LPC-Link2 board between CMSIS and J-Link mode, I hope this could ...
    Oscar Niño
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  • P&E Micro Multilink Universal Debug ISsue for LPC4367

    I am using P&E Micro Multilink Universal for debugging my development board. I am using LPC4367. It was ok till the time i was using LPC link3 which is there in the evaluation board OM13088.  Since our new d...
    Gaurav More
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  • LPC546xx mismatch between SDK and UM10912 static and dynamic memory region

    Hi NXP community   I am using LPC546xx and have found a mismatch between the SDK 2.5.0 and User Manual UM10912 concerning static and dynamic memory regions depending on Cip Select:   Static Memory Chip Sel...
    Daniel Gull
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  • LPC845 sampling time

    Good morning, I'm working with an LPC845 microcontroller. For a specific application I need to know how many TAD implies the sampling process of the A/D converter over the entire conversion time. I have searched on ...
    Pasquale Barrega
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  • 2 channel HSADC (40 Msps) and DMA

    Hi all   we need the LPC4370 for sampling 2 ADC channels with 20 Msps each (not continous but 1000 samples per channel in a row). This works with the Audio PLL at 80 MHz very well. We are able to acquire 1000 sa...
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  • GPIO mode setting for USB in LPC4357

    Hi, We are using LPC4357 processor. Pin 116 (or P2_1) is used as USB enable for USB1. We are using UBS 1 as mass storage host. Since P2_1 is also GPIO 5 bit 1 we are configuring through the control register SFSP2_1 (...
    S S
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  • Drive i2c device with LPC8N04

    Can I talk to a peripheral device using i2c with the LPC8N04 when it's powered by NFC? May I power a peripheral device from the LPC8N04? What is the output voltage and current supplied by the LPC8N04 when powered vi...
    created by pmg
  • Help with using libusb or vcom to receive bulk data

    Hi! I am working on a project that requires bulk data transfer. I was trying to use the given examples to learn how to use the usbd_rom_cdc_vcom and usbd_rom_libusb examples, but am not able to figure out how to ...
    Visweshwar Srinivasan
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  • LPCxpresso 54628 I2C slave stop condition issue

    Hi All,  I'm using a LPCxpresso 54628 and am running the I2C interrupt driven slave example code. My issue is that, while I see all my data come in on a ReceiveEvent, the I2C callback routine never hits the...
    Mike Spenard
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  • I2C library config for LPC1769

    Hi I'm making a project with an LPC1769. I'm trying to make a pulsioximeter using a MAX30100. This device is an optical sensor with an adc that transmit the data that it sense using I2C (and much more b...
    Javier Nakama
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  • Windows USB driver for LPC1549

    We will develop some USB device such as USB to serial, USB Keyboard using LPC1549. I'm looking for Windows 8.1 and 10 USB driver NXP home page. I find the "LPCXpresso Link2 USB driver package(REV 2.0.2)" at bel...
    Isao Takashima
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  • Where can I download the OM40002 Revision C Board Design Files?

    Where can I download the latest Rev C board design files for the OM40002 / LPC8N04 development board?   The LPC8N04 development board page here currently has board design files for Revision B. The curren...
    created by pmg
  • How to merge a FatFS Project with a second project ?

    Hello, to All, With the help of Kerry Zhou I was able to get some SD Card code from a previous 'Community project going. This question is somewhat of a follow on. I have an application very similar to the 'periph_i2s...
    James Whitney
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  • occasional hard fault exception on using IAP command to read UID

    lpc1114 I use LPC1114XL controller and came across an issue with IAP command to read UID. I was using this command in background loop to service a UART request(from PC) to read information. The code works, but rarely...
    brayan p
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