• LPC1788 internal flash memory dimension insufficient

    Hi all, I'm using the following configuration:   - LPC1788FBD208 - 128 Mbyte external SPI FLASH (2 x IS25LP512M-JLLE) - 64 Mbyte external 32 bit SDRAM (1 x IS42S32160F-7TLI) - 2 Kbyte external I2C EEPRO...
    Nico Aprile
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  • SDK 2.6.0 : 54S018M keyboard2mouse standalone project is broken (KEIL)

    I downloaded the latest standalone project (keyboard2mouse_bm) for LPC54S018M-EVK board for KEIL IDE. The project does not longer build correctly If you attempt to build the project your get the following error:  ...
    bob belmont
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  • Configuring and using LPC54xxx USB with Keil uVision MDK

    I'm looking at replacing an LPC1857 with an LPC54018. We use Keil uVision MDK for software development and I don't see how to configure and use the USB peripherals on the LPC54018.   NXP has taken over the middl...
    Adam Lins
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  • Interrupt for Standard Timer Capture on LPC55S69

    Hi,   I am trying to set up the timer for two interrupts, one for match and one for capture in an input pin.   However I am struggling to understand the multiple interrupt system in the SDK for the LPC55S6...
    Safiullah Hussaini
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  • CanOpen on LPC54016

    Hi everyone. I developed a card with LPC54016/18 that communicates in a CAN network, using the microcontroller Can_fd peripheral. Now I need to insert the card into a CanOpen network. Is there a library with featur...
    Giuseppe Samà
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  • Use of AHBSRAM in LPC1768

    I'm working on a LPC17688. I want to use the AHB SRAM (32 KB at 0x2000 0000, 16 KB at 0x2000 8000 and 16 KB at 0x2000 C000) to store program.   Question 1 : what are the differences between local SRAM and AHB S...
    Ashok Rabadiya
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  • LPC1788: USB D+ Line pull-down after 11us

    I would like more information about theUSB 2.0  D-PLUS line on the NXP part number LPC1788 microcontroller. When we power up, the D+ line starts to go "tri-state", then after 11us, the D+ line is internally pull-...
    Paul Shaffer
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  • have any Linux cli command can get LPC11U67 FW version

    have any Linux cli command can get LPC11U67 FW version
    Che-Wei Su
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  • Can the I2C API be used without a subaddress/register address step?

    Hi!   I am using an NXP-824 to drive a radio device.  The device does not have any register addresses defined, and wants to just send a group of bytes based on a function code (which is not in the right pla...
    Ben Burch
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  • 如何使用IAR 开发LPC2294

    wuj junj
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  • A question about MCUXpresso Config Tools

    Our company used LPC54016JET100 chip.I have a problem that I used MCUXpresso Config Tools,but it does not contain LPC54016JET100.Which type do i choose in MCUXpresso Config Tools?
    爱飞 张
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  • Is there any documentation regarding usb mass storage device class?

    We're trying to implement a USB mass storage device on the LPC1778. We're having some issues with getting this to work correctly.   We are using the pre-assembled usbd lib under the lpc_chip_177x_8x folder/libs ...
    Fredrik Johansson
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  • LPC4370 performance with external SPIFI flash

    Hello. We are faced with the problem of slow work of some parts of the code in LPC4370. We created a test code of 2 functions that allow you to set or reset the debug pin of the microcontroller. We have repeatedly se...
    Vitaliy Livnov
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  • problem arise on console

    hai       I  am using lpc824  mcuxpresso   when i try to start my code console doesn't display any thing shows some problem   but serial terminal i got the o/p . cons...
    Aravind palanisamy
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  • serial print problem

    hai      I got the ADC value  in LPC824   the value of adc is printing IDE console but when i try to send that value to serial UART it doesnt take i don't know why value is not accepting...
    Aravind palanisamy
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  • How do I connect CT_INP3 to CT0_CAP1 on LPC55S69

    Hi, I am struggle with the InputMux feature on the LPC55S69. I was able to find the example where an pin interrupt is connected.       /* Connect trigger sources to PINT */     IN...
    Safiullah Hussaini
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  • Create new empty project

    Hello,   How can I create a clean new empty project (not an example, and not using a demo board) , which includes specific drivers and all the needed files for these drivers ? When I create new project using MC...
    Hugo NICOLAS
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  • Beginning with ARM Cortex LPC

    Hello,   I am very new to the arm cortex world, and I have to work with a LPC5411xx for an internship project. Sadly, I am completely lost, and I dont know how to learn to use this MCU, and I have many questions...
    Hugo NICOLAS
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  • I'm not able to connect LPC-LINK2 to LPCxpresso11U68 successfully.

    Hi Sir/Madam,   This is Daisuke FUKUDA with NEXTY Electronics Japan. Thank you for your support.   I'm designing some demo boards with LPC11U68. The demo board will provide the best way to reach our custom...
    Daisuke Fukuda
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    HAI   i am using lpc824  in IDE adc header file having only for adc0 address only i need all channels address. i searched but didn't got plz let me know the address of all channels address  plz fi...
    Aravind palanisamy
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