• 3-Phase BLDC control with LPC1549 SCTimer high current in reverse direction

    I am evaluating LPC1549 for 3 Phase BLDC motor control using NXP sample code (http://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN11523.zip) and the corresponding development kit (LPC1549 LPCXpresso Motor Control Kit (BLDC)...
    Kalana Withanage
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  • How to connect using USB port on PNEV5180

    Hello, I try to connect USB on PNEV5180 with my windows 10. PNEV5180 examples is not include any USB usage. so i downloaded LPCOPEN v2.10 (for LPC1769 mcu) and tested usbd_lib_cdc example on PNEV5180 board. but i di...
    SangWoo Cha
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  • unable to configure UART1 on LPC1124 microcontroller

    This piece of code works perfect to setup UART0.  After this the UART0 works just fine.   /* Setup UART for 9600 */ Chip_UART_Init(LPC_UART0); Chip_UART_SetBaud(LPC_UART0, 9600); Chip_UART_ConfigData(LPC...
    pascal carreweyn
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  • External SRAM data handling issue

    Hello, I am facing some trouble related to data handling in the external SRAM(Cypress) which is a 16-bit 1MB SRAM interfaced with LPC4088 using EMC. I use many structures with mixed data types inside. So many times...
    Priyank Bhatt
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  • LPC1769 doesn't communicate with Linux Ubuntu 18.04

    Hello,   We are using the usbd_lib_cdc_uart code in debug mode on the OM13085 board. We are trying to get it to communicate with a serial terminal program called screen.   The device works perfectly fine o...
    Neel Shah
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  • LPC54018  using emc with sdram for high frequrence

    Hello everyone. I need to run the code in sdram ,but i have some question. MCU: LPC54018 DDR:IS42S16160J when the frequence of EMC is lower than 90M HZ, SDRAM_DataBusCheck and  SDRAM_AddressBusCheck are b...
    L JX
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  • 关于LPC822的官方SDK配置

    如图使用官方SDK库函数及官方介绍的配置方法配置了I2C:   但是运行之后发现该功能无法正常使用,开启了中断后并未进入中断,于是debug监测程序运行过程,发现如下问题:其他系统寄存器在配置过程中可以看到寄存器值变化(如SPI等),唯独I2C的寄存器都未在复制后有所变化   以上问题让人实在困惑 另外 上次有个问题当时得到了解决,但在后续应用中发现又再次出现:所有临时寄存器在赋值后 都出...
    志荣 陈
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  • Bug in lpc_board_nxp_lpcxpresso_4337/src/board.c gpioLEDBits

    The green LED does not work on LPCXpresso43xx board in projects using /src/board.c gpioLEDBits[1].pin is set to 14.  The correct value is 7.  I.e. the green LED should be {port, pin} = {0, 7}. The followin...
    John Schooling
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  • LPCOpen for LPC17xx flaw in IAP libraries

    All the calls in IAP library (file "iap.c") have a clear astounding defect: they reserve for result data an uint32_t[4] array, while it's clear from UM10360 (sec. 32.8 IAP commands) as from way older application notes...
    Luca Matteini
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  • LPC1769 Release build

    Hello,   The LPC1769 code (usbd_lib_cdc_uart) from LPCOpen 2.1.0 is running in Debug mode on my dev kit just fine. However when I try to compile it into Release build I get this error:       Wh...
    Neel Shah
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  • Extern variables (OscRateIn and RTCOscRateIn) not set in board.h

    Hi, I have a "linker" problem in a project that use the LPCOpen board configuration (board.c and board.h) on a LPC11U6X. The physical setup: Custom PCB with a LPC11U6X chip, and a design very close to the OM13058 L...
    David M.
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  • IPv6 in LPCOpen example dc_freertos_webserver

    Content originally posted in LPCWare by kmdewaal on Fri Jul 31 03:21:40 MST 2015 Hi all, For a research project I needed IPv6 support on an LPC43xx board. I could not find an IPv6 example application anywhere so I ha...
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  • P&E Micro Multilink Universal and LPC Link2 debug isuue for LPC4367

    I am using P&E Micro Multilink Universal for debugging my development board. I am using LPC4367. It was ok till the time i was using LPC link3 which is there in the evaluation board OM13088.  Since our new d...
    Gaurav More
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  • Entering ISP mode from user code with LPC11U68JBD48

    I'm using LPC11U68JBD48 microprocessor. I have a switch which toggles PIO0_1 pin. I can go into the ISP mode by pressing the switch and by applying power to the board (Resetting board).   Now I have my applicati...
    David Yun
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  • LWIP receive incomming packages multiple times

    Hello,   I'm running a LPC4357 on a OEM board from embeddedartists.com I have a LWIP implementation based on LPCOpen where I receive commands from a client computer (LPC is server) and response some data to the...
    Michael Schuehle
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  • Implementing IEEE 1588 on an LPC43XX

    I have a project using multiple LPC4333s, presently using a custom communications protocol to synchronise data samples and collect the sampled data across the devices. I am looking to change the communications protoco...
    Jonathan Smith
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  • LPC11C24 Interrupt Logic

    Hi all, I'm developing some software for a PCB using the LPC11C24 board as MCU, and I have a doubt regarding the interrupt logic. As far as I know, I can define a WAKEUP_IRQHandler and a PIOINT0_IRQHandler, the forme...
    Federico Fiorini
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  • Getting error in sample code of LPC845

    Hi all, I'm migrating from LPC2148 MCU to LPC845 MCU, and downloaded keil code bundles from NXP website, but when i'm compiling sample codes , getting error as below:   .\Objects\Ctimer_PWM.axf: error: L6002U:...
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  • Correct COM parameters for LPC 'Periph_DMIC' example

    Greetings, I have built the 'periph_dmic' example from LPC_Open for the LPC54114. This example streams numerical data from the UART to a terminal, as opposed to the 'i2s_periph_dmic' example which streams audio data ...
    James Whitney
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  • Just out of the box experience

    Hi All,   Just getting familiar with the NXP LPC controllers. I am stuck with the following: LPC812: Failed on connect: Ee(36). Could not connect to core. LPC845: Failed on connect: Ee(42). Could not connect ...
    Peter Herijgers
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