• LPCUSBlib + FatFS + USB Write Error while powering down periodically

    Hi,     I have been using LPCUSBlib and FatFS in my project to support USB as a host. In my project, I store data to the USB device periodically. It was working smooth until I introduce a power save option. ...
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  • linkserver not found

    I was working with the LPC54102 on OM13077 for many weeks. Emulator functions were working well all the time.   Today, I can't get connection to the emulator. This makes it impossible for me to continue workin...
    Edelbert Greiner
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  • SDRAM and NOR Flash Sample / Reference code for Understanding the functionality

     Hi Jeremy,    I am using LPC4367 controller with MCU Xpresso 10.3.0_2200. I am using SDRAM and NOR Flash interface in one of our projects. I was working with Evaluation board OM13088 but it that board ...
    Gaurav More
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  • looking for the technical reference manual for LPC54114J256BD64

    Hi, I have the LPCXpresso LPC54114 eval board, and would like to check out the technical reference manual. However, it does not appear to be available on the web site, i.e., here: LPC541XX | NXP  Can someone a...
    Takis Zourntos
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  • two sets of API/driver functions ... there's the kind in the SDK, yet another that comes preloaded with MCUXpresso... why?

    Hello,      I was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this issue.      I am working with the LPC54114 board, a.k.a the OM13089 board, but I am assuming this issue exi...
    Takis Zourntos
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  • Using RTC on LPC-Link2

    Hi all, I have been trying to run the periph_rtc example on the LPC-Link2 (LPC4370) board but was not successful. So questions come up: - Can we run periph_rtc example on LPC-Link2 board? Or it requires other board ...
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  • RTC Initialization issue with LPC4367

    Hi  I am LPC4367 and I am testing internal RTC with my customize development board of my project. I am facing issue with RTC init . Follwing is the initialization sequence   Chip_Clock_RTCEnable();   ...
    Gaurav More
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  • CORTEX-M LPC43XX USB-VCOM basics - proper way to build a simple FSM

    I'm working on a project involving the LPC4370 mcu (LPC link 2 eval board) and Matlab. I need my embedded code to be user-reconfigurable from matlab: the user sends a command, the mcu replies. I'm using LPCOpen VCOM ...
    Andrea Bettati
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  • Flash read on LPC5101

    Hi,   i am using LPC54101. I try to read the flash address from 0x00000000 to 0x0007FFFF. But the top 512 bytes(0x0000 - 0x01FF) of the data what i read back is wrong data, after 512 bytes (0x0200 - 0x0007FFFF) i...
    Jerry Leung
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  • Trigger ADC with Timer

    I'm trying to trigger an ADC channel with a Timer, but it isn't working. Could you tell me where is the mistake? I'm using an LPC4337.   This is the code :   #include "board.h" /************ ADC setu...
    E M
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  • LPC1549: DEEP_SLEEP and Wake-up on triggers received in UART

    Hello, I am working on LPC1549 and want to put the controller into DEEP_SLEEP mode when desired based on few conditions and monitor the UART for wake-up trigger. It should also be simultaneously monitoring an ADC cha...
    Archita Dutta
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  • Which IDE to be used for debugging LPC4367?

    Hello,   I am working on the development of one of our product. There i am using LPC4367 tricore controller for my development. Initiatially i did the evaluation on OM13088 eval board along with LPCXpresso v8.2....
    Gaurav More
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  • 3-Phase BLDC control with LPC1549 SCTimer high current in reverse direction

    I am evaluating LPC1549 for 3 Phase BLDC motor control using NXP sample code (http://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN11523.zip) and the corresponding development kit (LPC1549 LPCXpresso Motor Control Kit (BLDC)...
    Kalana Withanage
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  • How to connect using USB port on PNEV5180

    Hello, I try to connect USB on PNEV5180 with my windows 10. PNEV5180 examples is not include any USB usage. so i downloaded LPCOPEN v2.10 (for LPC1769 mcu) and tested usbd_lib_cdc example on PNEV5180 board. but i di...
    SangWoo Cha
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  • unable to configure UART1 on LPC1124 microcontroller

    This piece of code works perfect to setup UART0.  After this the UART0 works just fine.   /* Setup UART for 9600 */ Chip_UART_Init(LPC_UART0); Chip_UART_SetBaud(LPC_UART0, 9600); Chip_UART_ConfigData(LPC...
    pascal carreweyn
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  • External SRAM data handling issue

    Hello, I am facing some trouble related to data handling in the external SRAM(Cypress) which is a 16-bit 1MB SRAM interfaced with LPC4088 using EMC. I use many structures with mixed data types inside. So many times...
    Priyank Bhatt
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  • LPC1769 doesn't communicate with Linux Ubuntu 18.04

    Hello,   We are using the usbd_lib_cdc_uart code in debug mode on the OM13085 board. We are trying to get it to communicate with a serial terminal program called screen.   The device works perfectly fine o...
    Neel Shah
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  • LPC54018  using emc with sdram for high frequrence

    Hello everyone. I need to run the code in sdram ,but i have some question. MCU: LPC54018 DDR:IS42S16160J when the frequence of EMC is lower than 90M HZ, SDRAM_DataBusCheck and  SDRAM_AddressBusCheck are b...
    L JX
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  • 关于LPC822的官方SDK配置

    如图使用官方SDK库函数及官方介绍的配置方法配置了I2C:   但是运行之后发现该功能无法正常使用,开启了中断后并未进入中断,于是debug监测程序运行过程,发现如下问题:其他系统寄存器在配置过程中可以看到寄存器值变化(如SPI等),唯独I2C的寄存器都未在复制后有所变化   以上问题让人实在困惑 另外 上次有个问题当时得到了解决,但在后续应用中发现又再次出现:所有临时寄存器在赋值后 都出...
    志荣 陈
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  • Bug in lpc_board_nxp_lpcxpresso_4337/src/board.c gpioLEDBits

    The green LED does not work on LPCXpresso43xx board in projects using /src/board.c gpioLEDBits[1].pin is set to 14.  The correct value is 7.  I.e. the green LED should be {port, pin} = {0, 7}. The followin...
    John Schooling
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