• Does SD card interface work on 208 pin LPC54608?

    I'm trying to get the SD card interface working on an LPC54608 208 pin part. I'm aware of the errata regarding SD card interface 4-bit mode, and I have configured my device pins accordingly (as shown below). However,...
    Padraig Fogarty
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  • LPC11c24 LPC open example CAN not receiving messages

    Dear community,   I am testing two LPC11c24 evaluation boards CAN BUS. To do so, I have connected the units CAN_H,CAN_L, powered VCC and loaded the LPCopen CAN example on both boards. In the loaded LPCOpen exa...
    mat ric
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  • LPC1517

    Hi. I am new in the use of ARM cortex-M microcontroller. I have read a lot of documentation about it. Now I want to use an LPC1517JBD48E for a project, so a would like to see examples about how to configure I/O ports,...
    Andres Marchei
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  • LPC4370: DMA not work when program linked to memory

    I use HSADC together with GPDMA. My program works just fine when not linked to memory . However, DMA fails to work when program is linked to memory (more specifically, DMA interrupt cannot be triggered). I can ...
    Zhengyang Qu
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  • A possible defect of Chip_ADC_SetClockRate()

    Hi,   I'm writing to report possible defect of Chip_ADC_SetClockRate() in the LPCOpen 3.03. The content of this function is as below:       Chip_ADC_SetDivider(pADC, ((Chip_Clock_GetSystemCl...
    Jeremy Hsiao
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  • LPC1549 LPCxpresso Board read variable voltage on ADC pin

    Hello all,   I would like to read a variable voltage on ADC pin.   I suppose i must utilize a counter which detects several samples in a period. However i need to acquire only the high value Can someon...
    Luigi Giunti
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  • LPC11C24 I2C troubles

    Hello to all, I am using LPC11C24 for a project that requires me to implement I2C communication between the board (LPCXpresso LPC11C24 Rev B) and some sensors using I2C protocol. I looked at the example code provided...
    Federico Fiorini
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  • LPC11u12 USART inverted bits

    Hi everyone ! How can I config usart on lpc11u12 to send/recieve inverted order of bits? I didn't see anything in any register. Thanks
    Anton Rudomanenko
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  • Stuck in IntDefaultHandler after Wakeup

    Hello all, I'm working on a project using the LCPXpresso LPC11C24 Board Rev B with LPC-Link and I need to implement Deep Sleep mode for low power consumption usage. I'm also using MCUXpresso 10.2.1. I followed ...
    Federico Fiorini
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  • StartupCode LPC1517 random line issue

      There is an issue in my code after removing external oscillator from custom board working on LPC1517.   IDE   :   MCUXpressoIDE Library : REDLIB Clock   : Internal RC Clock PLLed to 72M...
    last modified by ATHMESH NANDAKUMAR
  • printf() not giving output in PUTTY

    Hi, After removing external crystal oscillator and using internal RC oscillator of 12MHz PLLed to 72MHz is giving error in printf().   printf() is not giving any output on putty, while TXDATA is working fine...
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  • LPC4330 Keil, simple example

    I have used LPC4330 chip in my board. Before I've worked by lpc1768, but I can't program for LPC4330 by Keil. Could you give me a simple example of turning pins off and on  for Keil software? in addition I use ...
    Leon Corleone
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  • Request for comments:  add a timeout to the LPCOpen I2C stack

    Hi all,   as some of you have found out before, LPCOpen I2C stack does not implement timeouts. If your I2C lines are blocked or pulled to GND, the LPCOpen transfer function will not return.   To add a time...
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  • how to configure LPC802 internal oscillator at 15MHz?

    Hi everyone!   I'm using LPC802 in a project, using KEIL. I would like to know how to configure the internal oscillator to 15MHz (max)?. I read the user manual, which says that to configure the internal osc...
    Leonardo Miguel
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  • LPC4370 and SDRAM Code

    Anyone has a sample code to access the EMC of the LPC4370? I'll be using the IS42S32800J (8M x 32). Thank you!
    Kristina Cortez
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  • LPC1769/LPCOpen: SPP Interface with Microchip SPI Flash

    Greetings! I'm trying to interface an SPI Flash memory from Microchip (SST25VF080B-50-4C; datasheet attached) using the SSP interface of the LPC1769 LPCXpresso board. I'm using the LPCOpen library. Initially I would ...
  • UART smart card mode

    Hello! I'm try to implement connection between LPC11u12 and smart card via UART. To provide the right clock to the smart card I should to fill UART DLL and DLM registers this way: uint32_t divider = ((( sys_clk / ((sc...
    Anton Rudomanenko
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  • USB MSC stop working when code is compiled to 0x00000000 instead of 0x1A000000

    Hello all.   I'm implementing bootloader for my LPC4337 based system (maybe it could be related also to LPC18xx). My code contains USB MSC stack from LPCOpen example (LPCOpen 3.02_43xx - usbd_rom_msc_sdmmc) conn...
    Ondrej Hnilicka
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  • Timer LPC11uxx

    Hi! Can anybody help me to config the 32-bit timer to catch 3 * 10^(-6) seconds? I did smth like that: if my freq equal to 48MHz, then every 154 ticks has passed 3 nsec. Using that idea, I avoid of configure prescaler...
    Anton Rudomanenko
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  • how can i set multiple Rx IDs in CAN Protocol?

    i am use LPC1833 Controller also i have LPCOpen SDK 
    Nitin Kanani
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