• LPC546xx ADC burst mode

    I'm using an LPC54606 and I would like to use a channel (n°3) of the ADC to generate an interrupt when it is under a threshold. I need that the ADC is "continuously and automaticaly" on working so it seem that th...
    Karim BOALLAL
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  • CTIMER capture via DMA

    Hi, I would like to capture a long pulse train with the LPC54618. The input signal is connected to CT0_CAP2 and CT0_CAP3. Desired low-times and high times in the pulse train is ~150ns. With my current solution it se...
    Gunnar Bohlen
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  • CAN FD with RxErr

    The offical demo used for CANFD debug, the RxErr occured; The CAN OE used for the msg monitor and the Rate change to 500K/2M; the 2 nodes connected together; No other CAN node in the network; You can see that the da...
    黎明 孟
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  • LPC546xx iso7816 driver

    Hello.   I want to implement ISO7816 interface using LPC54608 smartcard interface. According to UM10912 , lpc546xx series can support ISO7816 interface. I found there were no ISO7816 driver example in&#...
    yangyong wu
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  • How to transfer the data between the GPIO port to internal memory SRAM in LPC4370 without using the DMA technique such that is there is any single Embedded C instruction to transfer the any one of the GPIO port data into the internal SRAM specified addres

    How to transfer the data between the GPIO port to internal memory SRAM in LPC4370 without using the DMA technique such that is there is any single Embedded C instruction to transfer the any one of the GPIO port data i...
    sujay p
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  • How to do a software reset LPC54018

    Somebody could tell me how to do a software reset on LCP54018? 
    Oscar Niño
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  • CAN error flags usage

    Hello,   I am looking into can.h file that is in can_fd.loopback example. _can_flags status can be seen by calling CAN_GetStatusFlags(CAN_Type *base) function but there is no info how to reach _can_error_fl...
    Anıl Onur Canbaz
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  • Why "Page Erase/Program cycles" is less than "Sector Erase/Program cycles"

    Hi, In the section "11.1 Flash Memory" of the LPC51U68 and LPC54xxx datasheet, it states that Why the number of "page erase/program" is a less than "sector erase/program"? Page is part of a Sector. It does not mak...
    Conrad Kwok
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  • Missing SRAM layout of LPC546xx 136KB RAM version in doc

    LPC546XX has 136KB RAM and 256KB flash version, but I cannot find the 136KB SRAM memory map in the reference manual, which all describe RAM as 200KB.   My question is which is the SRAM layout for 136KB RAM ver...
    Yao Zou
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  • NXP LPC54018 IoT Module & AWS IoT

    Hello,   I've started working with LPC 54018 & AWS IoT. I've followed all the step-by-step instructions as mentioned in the tutorial for the aws_shadow_wifi example (OM40007|LPC54018 IoT Microcontroller Modu...
    Saranya Chitta
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  • Serial Terminal not working while debugging using J-Link

    Hello,   I'm using NXP OM40007 (LPC 54018 IoT Module) to run the hello_world_virtual_com_xip program to the serial terminal (Tera Term) from the demo apps folder of the SDK 2.3.1 using MCUXpresso IDE 10.2.1. I'v...
    Saranya Chitta
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  • Debug problem with my new LPC 54018 IoT Module OM40006

    Hello,   I'm working on NXP OM40006 IoT Module Baseboard (LPC 54018). I'm using MCUXpresso IDE with the respective SDK installed.  I've tried to run the Hello World program from the demo apps of the install...
    Saranya Chitta
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  • Enabling MII (data + mdio config) on LPC54618, fsl_enet

    Hi!   I was charged to do a project with NXP LPC54618 that involves TCP/IP communication. They got me an example board with LPC54628 where I found (in the SDK) some lwIP working examples that got rid me from PH...
    Mirco Franchetti
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  • Can't connect to SWD device after using BOARD_BootClockFROHF48M()

    Hi, I am using the OM13089 development board which includes the LPC54414. After using the function BOARD_BootClockFROHF48M() to change the frequency the debug process crashed and since that point I am not able ...
    Daniel Wetzel
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  • 32Hz Wakeup From Deep Sleep

    Hi,   I'm would like to  use an LPC54114 to sample several serial sensors at 32Hz. For power savings, I'd like to put the LPC into deep sleep in between each sample, to get current draw down to <200uA. T...
    Sam Bennett
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  • NXP - IOT Demo

    This is simple demo of SMTP Email notification using NXP's LPC43S67-A70CM Cloud Connectivity Kit checkout the video here.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBJj3hkHgd0
    Ashok Ra
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  • I want to use USB conection to read files from pendrive using LPCXpresso54018

    Hi   Somebody know how use USB connection on LPCXpresso54018 board to read files from pendrive? Could anybody help me?   Best Regards Oscar Niño
    Oscar Niño
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  • Flash read/write on LPC54102

    Hi,   i am using board which contains NXP's lpc54102. I am trying to write data to a flash (Sector 15 , Address 0x0007E000) and read it using memcpy() function. I am using Chip_IAP_CopyRamToFlash() api to write ...
    Chethan Kumar
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  • Problems Using SDIF on my Own Board LPC54018

    Hi I'm using LPC54018 MCU in my own board, I have configured respective pins from SDK to the LPCXpresso54018 board to myb own board with the same configuration the only change is: I'm using 208 package insted of ...
    Oscar Niño
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  • SRAM function param crashes with pointer reference, pass by value OK

    I have a program in which most code is running from flash (XIP). I have a few functions which run directly out of RAM. These RAM functions have been located by the linker into the SRAM0 section. The rest of the RAM (s...
    Stuart Rubin
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