• Trusted Platform Module over SPI driver

    We've been hoping to add a Trusted Platform Modules on our new embedded product (based around the LPC54114) to deal with the FIPS 140-2 requirements.   From what I can tell (please correct me if I...
    Marc Bressler
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  • LPC546xx: how do you configure USB1 device ctrl to only enumerate as FS device?

    UM10912 / Table 935 / DEVCMDSTAT shows that USB1 device controller can enumerate at either FS or HS.   DEVCMDSTAT ::[23:22] Speed (01b FS, 10b HS)   However this field is read only. How can I force US...
    bob belmont
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  • Detailed instructions on creating Single Enhanced and Dual Enhanced images

    Hi,    Our company is using LPC54114. I need some detailed instructions or application notes on how to create Single Enhanced and Dual Enhanced images on LPC54114. The user manual mentioned it briefly but n...
    Chuan Tian
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  • Chip_IAP_ReadUID() code has a bug? Yes.

    The user manual says this: Return Code CMD_SUCCESS followed by four 32-bit words of a unique serial number in ASCII format. The word sent at the lowest address is sent first   But the code in the LPC5411x pack...
    Chris Pflieger
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  • LPC54114 SPI FIFOWR - Halfword Access?

    I'm trying to write to the SPI FIFOWR register setting the lower 16 bits only (data to be shifted out).  The UM claims that this register can be accessed for data writes only (not updating configuration) and that...
    Don Kebort
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  • LPC5411x Flash Signature Generator

    Has anyone used this hardware peripheral? Is there any device driver code for it? Will support be added to the CMSIS drivers?
    Chris Pflieger
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  • .eb.hdr section created in a new external flash section

    Hi,   I have created from MCUXpresso a new .text.flash section in a external flash memory. I am placing some binary data into that section, and it is actually getting there, however when I go and look to t...
    Jacinto Moreno
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  • LPC54114 write and read Data

    Hi,    I am a new buddy to the LPC54114 family of NXP. I have been working for more than three days on writing user data to the EEPROM.Now only I know that there is no EEPROM in the LPC54114 family as p...
    Dineshkumar J
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  • adding 3rd USB device controller port to LPC54608

    I would like to add a 3rd USB device controller port to my MCU. I looked for parts and ended up with two solutions:   a) use FT120 which interfaces to MCU via parallel bus (http://www.ftdichip.com/Support/D...
    bob belmont
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  • I cannot use emWin examples problem

    Hello I using LPCXpresso54608 and LPCXpresso54018, I have been trying to run emWin examples from segger in emwin library emWin Segger 5.48. but I cannot do it. I think this is because of timing problems I mean: when...
    Oscar Niño
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  • SPI transfer between LPC54608 and Raspberry Pi

    Hi everyone,   I have a LPC54608 (on a OM13092 demo board) and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+. I am trying to transfer data via SPI using the R. Pi as the SPI master and the LPC54608 as the SPI slave, but I don't mana...
    nathan sowie
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  • Getting start with LPCXpresso54608 & emWin Graphics;

    This tutorial explains some basic knowledge about drawing texts and images on  LPCXpresso54608 TFT screen using emWin library.   Tools Required: ->MCUXpresso IDE ->LPCXpresso54608 SDK 2.0.0 ->em...
    Ashok Ra
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  • invoking __disable_irq() within an ISR on LPC546xx

    I want to perform an atomic operation on a memory buffer that can be accessed from multiple ISRs. I was thinking of  providing a function that would be called from these ISRs to perform the atomic operation. i.e....
    bob belmont
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  • Detect SD card file system as device over USB cable using LPCXpresso5411?

    I was looking at the USB examples from the SDK of the LPCXpresso5411. Using the example "SDK_2.2.1_LPCXpresso54114/boards/lpcxpresso54114/usb_examples/usb_rom_device_msc_ram" I successfully got a PC to recognise the&#...
    Ronan O'Driscoll
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  • LPC54608 can bus off and can bus disconnected detection

    Hi, I'm working with CAN periph. on a LPC54608. I started from the example code "mcan_interrupt_transfer" from SDK with the OM13092 evb, I use the TJA1050T external transceiver and my code seems to works right. I'm ...
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  • XIP vs. SRAMx run typical use case for AFreeRTOS, etc.

    I would like to know what the "typical" use case is for running XIP vs. in SRAMx, especially if using AFreeRTOS (or some other RTOS). My estimations are that a simple AFreeRTOS application, if NOT using XIP, would con...
    Stuart Rubin
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  • LPC546xx: Enable EEPROM clock in AHBCLKCTRL0 before IAP EEPROM write API

    The LPC546xx IAP EEPROM Write page API  does not enable the EEPROM clock for the write operation. This causes  EEPROM write operation to fail when using the IAP API.  This problem does not occur for IAP...
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  • Is there a coupon code for discount purchase?

    I watched the webinar Part I: An Introduction to AWS IoT and Amazon FreeRTOS|NXP and at 1:09:18 ion was made about a discount coupon code that was to be provided in Part 2 but I didn't hear it.   Is th...
    Jeffery Biss
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  • BOD Unexpected Reset Issue

    Hi, we are currently using LPC54114 BOD feature and found a weird issue.   If I enter deep sleep mode with BOD reset on, interrupt off (BOD control reg is 0x04). #define POWER_UP_RAM_IN_DEEP_SLEEP (SYSCON_PDRUNC...
    Chuan Tian
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  • LPC54114 RTS not toggling RS485 output enable

    I've been working at getting the RTS pin on the LPC54114 to serve as hardware flow control for the RS485 driver's output enable (henceforth referred to as OE) and receiver enable (RE) pins. On the module, the OE and R...
    Marc Bressler
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