• what does "Download the program to the target board." mean in the lpc54018iotmodule_hello_world?

    I am working on the hello world example from the SDK examples lpc54018iotmodule_hello_world. In the readme.txt it says 1.  Connect a micro USB cable between the host PC and the LPC-Link USB port (J8) on the ...
    Jianyi Ren
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  • LPC54114j25

    how to increase watchdog timer Time for more then 2 min?
    santosh Ganachari
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  • LPC5460x firmware ISP DFU - host example

    Hi, I'm working on LPC54608 or LPC54606, the firmware is made with two binary files (a secondary bootloader and a main application) in internal Flash memory and a third part of the code is stored in the external SPIFI...
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  • What is IP3516HS?

    In the USB host example projects for LPCXpresso54608, there are three possible options for the USB peripheral: OHCI, EHCI and IP3516HS. OHCI is for USB FS, EHCI for HS, and IP3516HS apparently also for HS. This name d...
    VIctor Pecanins
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  • LPC54608 Secondary bootloader jump and main app debugging

    Hi, i'm working with LPC54608 and MCUxpresso, I have already coded my main application and now I have to code a secondary bootloader, so I have some question about this: 1 - first I've moved the main app at the 0x800...
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  • LPC54114 sleep mode using Interrupt

    Hi,    I have LPCXpresso54114 board. In which I created two external interrupt. INT0 is to wakeup the MCU from Sleep mode. And INT1 is to entering into the sleep mode. when I use INT1 to enter into the...
    Dineshkumar J
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  • LPC54018 & Baseboard Serial Port issue

    I have been working with the LPC54018 and the LPC Treadstone baseboard.   When we first received the baseboard and mounted the LPC54018 module to it, the UART functionality over USB worked (From the motherboard)....
    Bruce Boettjer
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  • LPC54618 Card LIN Support

    LPC54618 support SPI, UART etc. but I am not sure it is possible to implement LINBUS communication with these cards? If yes, is there any example code like mCAN example ?
    Anıl Onur Canbaz
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  • LPCOPEN usbd_rom_cdc example RTS/DTR

    I am using the usbd_rom_cdc example to and the LPC11U68 to create a device that gets accessed via a COM port on the computer. I am using the Xpresso-LPC11U68 board and MCUXpresso IDE v10.2.0.   Here are the issu...
    Philip Champagne
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  • LPC54114 problem in uploaded code

    Hi, I created my own sketch for the LPC54114 MCU using MCU Xpresso IDE. when I compile and debug the code it works fine. that means I can check my algorithm working fine and can read the respected data in console win...
    Dineshkumar J
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  • LPC54114 Power consumption at 3.6V

    We've got a design using an LPC54114 which we noticed had unexpectedly high deep power-down current of 80 uA, just with the processor and an analog reference voltage attached (2.5V ref, which consumes max 1.5 uA)...
    Bruce Andrews
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  • Ethernet RMII CRS/DV signal is missing on the 100-pin version of LPC54606

    Hello, an input for the Ethernet RMII Carrier Sense/Data Valid signal is missing on the 100-pin package version of LPC54606. Does somebody know if i can use the ENET_RX_DV (Ethernet receive data valid) input instead?...
    Rouslan Timofeev
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  • LPC54114 Design consideration

    Hi, I am using LPC54114 microcontroller for my project with LPCxpresso board. Now I want to design custom board for my application. So that I would like to know what are the design consideration I have to take care w...
    Dineshkumar J
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  • 54018 plain load image

    你好,目前我们公司项目使用的是54018,由于我们的目标程序较大,所以没办法直接使用XIP的方式或者Plain load image. 请问,有没有办法在使用Plain load image方式的时候,更改为external sdram?   或者,请问有什么办法解决这个问题?
    fisker avit
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  • OM13092/Keyboard2mouse : how can I force USB1 device ctrl to be FS ?

    With default settings, the example configure the Host Controller (USB0) FS (can't be anything else by design) and the Device Controller (USB1) HS. If you want to "force" USB1 to run at FS by modifying the options (usb...
    bob belmont
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  • LPC54144 Chipset whether support eMMC?

    LPC54144 Chipset whether support eMMC?
    Denny Zhou
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  • Using I2S DMA with mono Audio

    Hi,   I am using the I2S with DMA, however I am using mono audio, I was wondering whether there is a way to use the DMA in mono, as I don't want to just copy the same data to the other channel as I don...
    Jacinto Moreno
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  • LPC54608::SDK 2.4.1.::keyboard2mouse example always goes into hard fault in debug (OM13092

    Hello, I've downloaded SDK  2.4.1. for Keil MDK tool chain. I am using the example "as is" it with no modifications whatsoever. proceed as follow:   a) download SDK 2.4.1. package from SDK builder for KE...
    bob belmont
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  • My own project with - OM13090: LPC54114 Audio and Voice Recognition Kit

    Hello everybody, at the moment I work at a projekt to differ sounds. The sounds differ in amplitude and spectrum. In my opinion speech regonitation could be a solution.   So offline sound regonition offline on ...
    Florian Braun
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  • Trusted Platform Module over SPI driver

    We've been hoping to add a Trusted Platform Modules on our new embedded product (based around the LPC54114) to deal with the FIPS 140-2 requirements.   From what I can tell (please correct me if I...
    Marc Bressler
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