• LPCXpresso 11C24 to RPi CAN communication

    Hi,   i am trying to setup 2-way communication between an LPCXpresso 11C24 and a raspberry pi with PiCAN2 HAT. When i run the cansniffer on the Pi and run the nxp_lpcxpresso_11c24_periph_ccan_rom example p...
    Thomas Brijs
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  • LPC ADC gain error vs absolute error spec

    In most (all?) of the LPC series the ADC performance specification figures include gain error (E_G) and absolute error (E_T).   For example:   LPC1110/11/12/13/14/15 (10-bit ADC), +/- 0.6 % gain ...
    Eric Rullens
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  • have any Linux cli command can get LPC11U67 FW version

    have any Linux cli command can get LPC11U67 FW version
    Che-Wei Su
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  • Flash read on LPC5101

    Hi,   i am using LPC54101. I try to read the flash address from 0x00000000 to 0x0007FFFF. But the top 512 bytes(0x0000 - 0x01FF) of the data what i read back is wrong data, after 512 bytes (0x0200 - 0x0007FFFF) i...
    Jerry Leung
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  • Change Code Read Protection via SWD

    What are the steps necessary to change the Code Read Protection (CRP) on an LPC1114FBD48/302, using the SWD interface?
    Joel Hart
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  • Global constant in GNU AS

    I have an assembler program consisting of several partial programs. I know that labels have to be declared as "global" so that other partial programs can see them: label: LDR R0,[R1] can only be seen by the same pa...
    Ian Benton
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  • lpcxpress iDE pemicro multilink universal tools config

    lpcexpress IDE not config(SWD) Pemicro multilink universal problem ! Howto configulation help me!
    jongsub kim
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  • DMX512 Slave SDK not working

    Hello,   I´ve being trying to use the source code and schematic provided by NXP in the AN11153 (DMX/RDM slave) but I can´t seem to make it work. I´m using a LPC1112/102, and I tried compiling ...
    Thiago rodrigues
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  • unable to configure UART1 on LPC1124 microcontroller

    This piece of code works perfect to setup UART0.  After this the UART0 works just fine.   /* Setup UART for 9600 */ Chip_UART_Init(LPC_UART0); Chip_UART_SetBaud(LPC_UART0, 9600); Chip_UART_ConfigData(LPC...
    pascal carreweyn
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  • Product Selector

    I'm searching an MCU, preferably from the LPC family to start a new development. After using the product selector for some time, it wondered me that I was always getting a very limitted number of hits. https://ww...
    Tom Vandingelen
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  • Hard-fault on SBL re-entry, Application Note AN12037 (LPC11U6x USB DFU Secondary Bootloader)

    Hi, This post reports two problems we identified with the integration of a secondary bootloader (SBL) for firmware updates on a LPC11U68. We followed the application note AN12037 (LPC11U6x USB DFU Secondary Bootloade...
    David M.
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  • How to set PIO0_8 as GPIO output on LPC11C24 MCU

    Hello,   I am trying to set Pin PIO0_8 as GPIO output with state 0. I am able to do so for pin PIO0_7 but not for PIO0_8 & 9. My code is: @ // for PIO0_7 pin Chip_GPIO_SetPinDIROutput(LPC_GPIO, 0,7); C...
    Ajay Kumar
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  • DALI LPC1114 Slave BOM Detailed Description

    Hi,   I'm trying to assembly the DALI Slave LPC1114 and I do need some help with the Bill of Materials (BOM). Does anyone can give a detailed description of the following BOM elements?   Part Value Device P...
    Yuri Ribeiro
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  • LPC11U68 BSDL

    Hello, Where can I find BSDL file for LPC11U68?   Thanks,   Alexandre    
    Alexandre Baudouard
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  • LPC11C24 ADC_IRQn

    i use      lpcopen_v2_00a_keil_iar_nxp_lpcxpresso_11c24    static ADC_CLOCK_SETUP_T ADCSetup; void ADC_INIT(void) { Chip_ADC_Init(LPC_ADC, &ADCSetup); Chip_ADC_EnableChannel(LPC_ADC, AD...
    shen jian
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  • How to create a non-encrypted factory image with custom secondary bootloader on LPC11U68

    Hi, We are working on a firmware for the LPC11U68 (custom PCB design), and we try to integrate a secondary bootloader (SBL) because the primary bootloader (DFU via ISP-mode on USB MSC) is not suitable for our applicat...
    David M.
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  • Extern variables (OscRateIn and RTCOscRateIn) not set in board.h

    Hi, I have a "linker" problem in a project that use the LPCOpen board configuration (board.c and board.h) on a LPC11U6X. The physical setup: Custom PCB with a LPC11U6X chip, and a design very close to the OM13058 L...
    David M.
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  • LPC11Cxx SPI Master - Slave

    There were lot of questions/answers on this topic. None of them helped resolving my issue though ..  I have one 11Cxx as a master and another 11Cxx as a slave. I tapped into SPI lines with logic analyzer and I ...
    Sven Savic
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  • BSDL request

    Hello, Where can I find BSDL file for LPC11E68JBD64?
    Leonid Kurilan
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    i'm trying to make a simple led switch on or off with an LPC1124   P3.4   but when i'm initializing, i alway end up int HardFault_handler  I have no idea what is wrong ?   /* Initialize GPI...
    pascal carreweyn
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