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Did you miss the LPC83x introduction?

Blog Post created by Jesse Garcia Employee on Nov 4, 2016

In case you missed it, we extended our low cost LPC800 series, back in September with the addition of the LPC83x family. The LPC83x family introduces new functionality to our streamlined LPC800 series, which includes LPC81x and now LPC83x.  If more functionality is needed, our extremely popular superset LPC82x family is likely the one you need.


The LPC800 series is great 8- and 16-bit alternative for use in various systems, such as end node connectivity, gesture sensing for HMI, basic motor control, power line communication, battery power management … applications are endless from IoT smart home to building control, industrial automation, children’s toys, and more.


LPC83x Block Diagram


The LPC83x family includes option for 32 kB flash, with the addition of 18 ch DMA and up to 12 channel, 12-bit ADC.  Rich capability bundled with a low price has allowed LPC800 series to become the most actively quoted and fastest growing LPC family to date with millions of units shipping in 2016.


The LPC832, available in TSSOP20 with 16kB of flash, and LPC834 available in HVQFN33 with 32 kB of flash, is just the start of the LPC800 relaunch.  Just wait until 2017 when many new product families are launched to market!

LPC824-MAX (OM13071)

If the LPC83x fits your requirements for your next design, the recommended board to purchase is the LPC824-MAX (OM13071) and using the free LPCXpresso IDE, you can use code bundles for the LPC800 series to speed up your design.


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