Justin Mortimer

LPC Outlines MCU Roadmap for the Broad Market

Blog Post created by Justin Mortimer Employee on Oct 12, 2016

The LPC team is extremely excited to unveil today our new product introduction plans for the coming year.


But before I introduce our plans, I just want to say a few things about our team.  I am personally very proud to be part of this small, humble group of talented engineers.  We're a team of thinkers, tinkers and doers; we have a passion for innovation, creative thinking and finding ways to improve efficiency.  We come to office because we want to create something meaningful, but we're driven by seeing customers bring an application to life with our microcontroller.


Over the past decade, LPC has been adopted as the microcontroller of choice by tens of thousands of customers.  We have built a portfolio of products that people have come to love, and continue to come back to again and again.


Any success we have been fortunate enough to see has been because an engineer took a chance with LPC.  They believed in the product and put trust in us as a supplier.  We cannot thank you enough for that trust.


We have always had a clear focus - build products that everyone will want to use.  I guess you could say we built our portfolio around the needs of the broad market.  Sure we have won the confidence from a bunch of very large customers, but that was never our driving ambition.  Just the opposite, mass market is in our DNA.


So where are we going?   Back to where we started.  

The broad market.  



We are doubling down on two areas that we believe in strongly and think help solve market challenges.


(1) Provide customers with a broad offering of 8/16-bit alternative microcontrollers within our Entry-level LPC800 Series, something we call the engineers toolkit.  We do this by bringing a number of new products to market over the coming year with new features and exciting innovation.  As you can see, the coming year will be busy, but certainly not the end of our ambitions.


(2) Leverage our Power-efficient LPC54000 Platform to bring to life a large, new family of microcontrollers, which we think follow nicely in the footstep of our most popular microcontrollers.  Starting with LPC546xx, we think you will see a lot of value in the updated peripherals, improved power and performance, added security and protection, and more.  But again, this is just the start.  When the time is right, we will outline the rest of the story.

LPC's 2017 Broad Market MCU Roadmap(click for larger version)


LPC is just one piece of our larger NXP microcontroller team, which includes Kinetis and i.MX.  These groups work together on various complementary programs that focus on tackling a variety of market opportunities.  We have a number of exciting ambitions planned in all of these groups, so stay tuned for continued announcements and market launches.


This first year has had its challenges, and I am sure that there will be more, but thank you for continuing to believe in us and our products.