Justin Mortimer

An update on our microcontroller portfolio

Blog Post created by Justin Mortimer Employee on Sep 6, 2016

Dear LPC and Kinetis customers, partners and enthusiasts,


It has been roughly 9 months since LPC and Kinetis merged under the new NXP. Both LPC and Kinetis teams are now under the same business line. Everyone has been working diligently to make sure the basic infrastructures are not broken and customers using either LPC or Kinetis are well supported.


We hope word has gotten out that both product families are doing well.  We have you to thank.


Which Family will Survive the Merger?

The answer is simple.  Both.


Over the past 9 months, both families have been introducing new products to the market and more are under way. Both LPC and Kinetis are the top 5 ARM-based MCU vendors and both have continued to grow. Our competitors have been hoping we will sacrifice one family after the merger, but we haven’t. Investments have continued on both product lines.  


You will see the fruits of our labor in the coming months with exciting new products coming your way.


In the long run, we intend to bring the best of both families together for an even stronger ARM-based portfolio, which we plan to share a future glimpse during the next post.  Apologizing in advance for not showing more, but we don’t want our competition to know everything we're doing.


Will NXP continue the Longevity Program?

Yes. Please continue to use your favorite LPC and Kinetis devices for your projects. We will continue to honor our longevity program and look for ways to strengthen it. We are in it for the long haul.


And if you didn't see our recent Longevity press statement, please check it out here, 

NXP Semiconductors :: Press Release 


Will the development tools merge?

Similar to our hardware strategy, we will continue to support our existing software platforms as well as enable our customers with strong tool partners, who like NXP, are committed to support both families.


As with our hardware strategy, we have brought together the software teams and using their combined strength to help weave together our products and shape our future. Plans are in motion, with some big announcements coming soon.  I think you will like what you see.


Thank you.

As with any merger, not all things go smoothly, but we are committed to make things better as we march forward with a stronger MCU portfolio. We appreciate your patience and loyalty to these great products.