• I cannot debug my FRDM-KW41Z as MCUXpresso cannot link to probes

    I have just downloaded the MCUXpresso 10.3.1 build 2233 (32-bit) for the first time to use with my new FRDM-KW41Z board and I have hit a snag when I try to debug any program in that it says it cannot link any pro...
    Colin Gerrish
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  • Application solved with uTasker

    This is a message to all of you who are as new into embedded development as i was a couple of months ago.   Me and my colleague had an application to solve but did not know how we where going to solve it when we...
    Andreas Andersson
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  • KW36 IQ method of BLE localisation

    Hi,      I see that KW36 is supported for IQ localisation. Please give me some API documents or examples to realize this.
    created by VIGNESH BALAJI
  • Bluetooth SIG Component QDIDs for declarations

    Are updates to the Bluetooth SIG component QDIDs planned to satisfy the requirement to use TCRL 2018-1? The Launch Studio only shows these older QDIDs: D031669 84040 - Component (Tested) NXP Semiconductors Kinetis...
    Bob Recny
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  • how to add support for kw41z in kinetis design studio?

    Hello, i installed kinetis design studio and i'm trying to create new projects for kw41z mcu. Unfortunately when i create a new kinetis project and i try to select processor name i read many mcu name but there is not ...
    marco mangraviti
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  •       [USB-KW41Z] Demo gpio_led_output wont seem to work

    Hello,    i'm just getting started with the USB-KW41Z and was trying to get the sample project to blink the LED to work but noting seem to happen. I build it and everything looks good:    Bu...
    Cesario Dos Santos
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  • FRDM-KW24D512 un-responsive after Bricking in Windows10

    Board:       - FRDM-KW24D512 Problem:       - Out of my four above types of boards, three became unresponsive due to bricking in Windows 10 or while trying to unbri...
  • NXP BLE corporate training

    Does NXP give any corporate training for BLE stack or BLE products? I am working on BLE with Kinetis W series device and would like to know that if there is any training program NXP offers on this?
    last modified by VIGNESH BALAJI
  • Obtaining a FRDM-KW36 and Documentation

    I'm trying to procure a FRDM-KW36 evaluation board for testing and development, but I cannot find them for sale anywhere yet. Documentation is not available either. Our usual hardware vendor has been getting the ...
    Jacob Whiteley
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  • KW36 Bluetooth low energy stack documentation

    Hi,     Please help me in getting documentation for BLE stack for KW36
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  • Programming KW36 FlexNVM with MCUXpresso IDE Example

    Introduction This document provides guidance to program or store code in FlexNVM memory available in KW36 MCU to use it as P-Flash memory. This article uses as the starting point, an example imported from the connecti...
  • KW41Z Hybrid BLE + 802.15.4 coordinator example does not work

    Has anyone got the example project below working because I cannot? frdmkw41z/wireless_examples/hybrid/ble_802_15_4_fsci_black_box_bm   This project appears to have been used in "https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/appl...
    Liam Hayes
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  • OM23221ARD: NTAG I2C plus kit with FRDM-KW41Z

    I am using the OM23221ARD: NTAG I2C plus kit with a FRDM-KW41Z board. According to the pinout, the NFC energy-harvesting output VOUT is routed to the P5-9VIN pin on the KW41Z Arduino header. As the output voltage...
    Steve Smythe
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  • Can't flash kw2xd since Low Power Mode enabled

    Hi,    I'm working on phyWAVE  KW2xD ARM Cortex-M4 board (KW22D512VHA5) with RIOT-OS.  I had no prior problems for flashing, debugging, running my code through OpenOCD / JLink / SWD interfac...
    Olivier Fauchon
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  • I want to know about maximum timer value for KW36z controller. How to get that value by calculation.

    KW36z Microcontroller
    Abhijeet Tippanna
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  • S32K DMA传输ADC数据

    #S32K ADC DMA :由FTM1每隔1ms触发PDB0,PDB0设置pretrigger 3个ADC0通道,3个ADC0通道采集完一遍通过DMA中断读取。之前用过采集4路ADC并通过DMA读取,但是改成3通道时进入不了中断,不知道是不是DMA传输ADC只支持特定的通道数。 配置程序如下,接收RecordBuf_ADC0[3]是uint32_t类型,ADC通道从2~4, 请大佬们帮忙分析一下问题: &...
    王 云
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  • MCG/PLL Configuration

    Hello,    I am using a KV46 in my design and have the MCG setup to run in PEE mode. I am using an external 8MHz xtal for clocking and I have the PLL setup so that the 8MHZ is /1 coming in. from there I hav...
    Brian Mohlman
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  • KBOOT Compatible Loader with additional AES-256 Encryption/Decryption for very strong IP protection

    Hi All   I am pleased to announce that the uTasker project now includes small-footprint KBOOT compatible UART/USB-HID loaders for (almost) all Kinetis boards and Kinetis parts that can be built with MCUXpresso, ...
    Mark Butcher
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  • Input interrupt or event in KW41Z with wireless_examples_thread_router_eligible_device

    Hi, I want to make at the Coap application from the example wireless_examples_thread_router_eligible_device an custom application. I need to send my luxometer value through Coap when an input interrupt comes in P...
    last modified by DIEGO COMIN
  • Error in LPTMR SDK

    I'm using the SDK for MKW41Z512 and have found a probable error in the SDK related to the LPTMR. In fsl_lptmr.h there is a function for setting the compare register. For some reason (which does not make sense if the t...
    Samuel Vestlin
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