• Application solved with uTasker

    This is a message to all of you who are as new into embedded development as i was a couple of months ago.   Me and my colleague had an application to solve but did not know how we where going to solve it when we...
    Andreas Andersson
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  • ABB: MKM34Z256 Comparator input impedance

    Dear Colleagues, our customer ABB wants to use MKM34 comparators in their application  And there is question they didn’t find the answer in the documents: They want to use the three high speed comparator ...
    Petr Uhlir
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  • KM Family's NMI pin

    I am always indebted.   I use the KM Family's MKM14Z64A. I have a question about the NMI pin.   I'm switching after reset to use the NMI pin for GPIO. Also, because we want to disable NMI, we are programm...
    jun yamada
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  • KDS: Switching Between MCUs

    I have an interesting problem that I am hopeful someone might have some ideas how to resolve.   I am using KDS 3.2.0. I am migrating an application from K64 to KL27. I am getting a hard fault that occurs anytime...
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  • Completely Turning of Rx/Tx lines

    Greetings,   I am using KDS v3.2 with Processor expert on a MK22FN256LVH12 on a Custom board.   I am currently using a Bluetooth chip connected to the UART2 of chip, and I've noticed that even when I turn ...
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  • Kinetis and i.MX RT Compatibility and Migration

    Hi All   The i.MX RT crossover parts are the natural path for Kinetis projects that need more power (300MHz to 600MHz Cortex-M7 at attractive prices and many peripherals that are well known to Kinetis users). Bu...
    Mark Butcher
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  • Is FTFA_FSTAT->CCIF reliable as Flash available flag ?

    Hi,   I'm using KM34Z256 with IAP support. Currently interrupts are disabled during IAP flash write/erase to ensure there is no collision error (IAP code itself is executed in RAM).   However I'd like...
    Zixun LI
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  • GPIO Low Not the Same as Ground?

    Greetings,   I am using the MK22FN256LVH12 micro on a custom pcb board. With KDS v3.2 and Processor Expert.   I am trying to use two GPIO pins to control a 12V relay through controlling a BJT. One of my GP...
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  • From Shell Linux - Loading new software in MK66F and relaunch (restart)

    Hi,   I'm using the K66F FRDM and I want to load new binary software using the linux shell.   These steps already succeed: Generate a binary file. Copy this file to the boot loader Unplug and plug in th...
    MOUREN Daniel
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  • MK70

    takao kawai
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  • MKE02Z64VQH4 UART Buffer Overrun Problem

    Hello I am developping software for the above mentioned processor.  I use Processor Expert with the Serial_LDD component. I am lost with the following problem. Upon receive sometimes the AS1_OnError fires...
    Ad van Gorp
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  • K22FN512 UART FIFO Depth

    Hello,    In the reference manual I am having a hard time finding out information on FIFO depth for this microcontroller. I see how to define FIFO depth in the UARTx_PFIFO, but does each UART0 and UART1 all...
    Derek Cook
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  • MKM14Z64 ACHH5 has written a program forbidding the SWD interface.

    Hello.   I accidentally made this CPU's SWD (PIN 32, 33) Programmed to I2C0_SCL, I2C0_SDA and written to the flash ROM,   DEFAULT: SWD ALT5: I2C   Of course, debug connection with CMSIS-DAP is no lon...
    jun yamada
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  • Use FRDM-KL25Z as a debug probe.

    Thank you for your help.   It cut J11 as shown in the FRDM-KL25Z user's manual and connected to SWDCLK and SWDDIO of the MCU outside the board. The external MCU is MKM14Z64ACHH5. If you set the debugger to PE-m...
    jun yamada
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  • Problems with measures of MKM34Z256VLL after calibration

    Hello,   I work in V2com and we are developing a Three Phase Meter using the MKM34Z256VLL7 and following the NXP guidelines (Three Phase Power Meter Reference Design|NXP) we are using the original Firmware of th...
    Raphael Camargo
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  • Read I2C Data Line

    Greetings,   I am currently using the MK22FN256LVH12 Microcontroller with KDS v3.2 with Processor Expert.   I have an i2c sensor that I was forced to bit-bang to get the correct data out of it. So I have b...
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  • Bootclock initialization on a mk20dx

    Hello I'm using a MK20DX256 in a project. Normally i have used the generated BOARD_InitBootClocks()  to initialize the clock without problems but now i want to do it early in  SystemInit() because of a...
    Jacob Andersen
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  • What is the processing of unused pins of MKM14Z64ACHH5?

    hi,   I am using MKM14Z64ACHH5. The following pins are unused, but are terminal processing open? Should I pull it up or down? Also, where is the explanation of functions such as SDADP 0 written in the manual? &#...
    jun yamada
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  • What is the state of PTF1 pin = disable after reset?

    please tell me.   In the manual "Document Number: MKMxxZxxACxx5RM Rev. 1, 09/2014" Referring to "10.2 Photon Signal Multiplexing and Pin Assignments" No. 44 pin of 44 LGA type is disabled at DEFAULT. I will u...
    jun yamada
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  • MKM14Z64ACHH5  How to use the analog comparator.

    Hello, I am using CORTEX-M0+ MKM14Z64ACHH5. In the data sheet, it is described as follows. Two analog comparators (CMP) with 6 bit DAC and programmable reference input I would like to use this comparator as port i...
    jun yamada
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