• Application solved with uTasker

    This is a message to all of you who are as new into embedded development as i was a couple of months ago.   Me and my colleague had an application to solve but did not know how we where going to solve it when we...
    Andreas Andersson
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  • Kinetics KEAZ64 : Not able to secure it by editinh flash security bits

    I am using P&E Cyclone to flash the motorola S record file then writing 0xFF into the 0x40C address to secure it. However even after this when I am reading back the content I am seeing the 0x40C is still 0xFE .Du...
    Virendra Kumar
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  • produce a simple PWM signal usingand glow the RGB LED

    Hi, i need to produce a simple PWM signal using FTM and I need to glow the RGB LED when the PWM is high and turn the LED off when it is low. so, I generated the PWM but I am unable to sinc t with the RGB LED. can you ...
    sriram marisetty
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  • Conversion mode of ADC in MEK04

    Hi,   In my project i am planning to use MKE04Z64VLH4.   In my application i need to trigger ADC at fixed interval (For example at 625uS) and complete the conversion of all channel without firmware interve...
    Vipin Kumar Mishra
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  • FRDM-KE06Z extern processor KE04

    hello everyone,   I'm using the FRDM-KE06Z to program an external processor. in NXP web site, shows that this freedom board supports KE04. like the picture below.   When i try to program my MCU, the 17926 ...
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  • How to implement mke15z bootloader

    Expert: Hello!This is the first time for me to use mke15z MCU, and the platform I used is expresso.Now I have a very urgent project, which needs to implement the function of bootloader. The specific requirements are: ...
    jiajiang zhang
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  • Internal Temperature Sensor of MKE02Z64

    Please. How to measure internal temperature? The datasheet (Ref. Manual) show: However, what is the step/ºC? Sorry, I not found the data...   Thanks; Daniel.
    Daniel Tonn
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  • PWM Synchronization Using Kinetis Flextimers

    你好!    我需要将FTM0和FTM2同步,使用软件触发始终不成功,不知啥原因?代码如下:      // FTM2 配置      SIM->PINSEL &= ~SIM_PINSEL_FTM2PS2_MASK;    // 0  T22--PTC2   ...
    建雄 李
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  • FRDM board Eagle Footprint

    Hey guys, I'm find it very difficult to find eagle  foot print for the FRDM KE06z board. just wondering where can I find it or do i need to make one. I also need one for FRDM k64F. I need this as i'm designing a ...
    Abdelrahman Elmasri
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  • What is Normal Variation for the Kinetis MCU ADC Calibration Results

    We are using an MKE18F512VLH16 MCU in our application. We have noticed variation in the ADC calibration results which results in measurement variation in the voltage of sensor inputs. We performed a test where we perf...
    Doran Akutagawa
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  • Kinetis and i.MX RT Compatibility and Migration

    Hi All   The i.MX RT crossover parts are the natural path for Kinetis projects that need more power (300MHz to 600MHz Cortex-M7 at attractive prices and many peripherals that are well known to Kinetis users). Bu...
    Mark Butcher
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  • keaz64 CAN RX Question

    I used the CAN function.   But the RX code just run one time.   How to fix the question.
    James Wu
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  • KE15z - cannot get out of ROM bootloader mode

    Hi,   I've started a project with KE15Z. I have to flash the image into this controller using the ROM bootloader over UART. And I got successful with this. But I am not able to go back to the normal mode. E...
    Benson Peter
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  • SPI Slave Select as GPIO

    MKE02Z16VFM4 runs SPI0 as a master on PTB2, PTB3 and PTB4 (SPI0PS = 0). PTB5 is not used as part of the SPI0 functionality (MODFEN = 0 and  SSOE = 0) and configured as a GPIO output. However, the pin always stuck...
    Isaac Pilli
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  • How are 128bit unique identifiers for KE1xF generated?

    Can anyone tell me how the 128bit unique identifier for the KE1xF series microprocessors is generated? Our current databases for tracking devices is only setup for 64bit serial numbers. We are wondering if we can look...
    William van Dijk
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  • IBIS Model for MKE15Z256VLL7

    Hi    Please provide the IBIS Model for MKE15Z256VLL7. We need it to run simulation.   Regards Ashish HCL Technologies
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  • Flash writes with breakpoints NOT without

    Good morning   Gooe morning I attach a video to explain what happens. I erase and write the sector starting at address 0x1000. If a use a breakpoint in the function FlashCommandSequence() the erasing and ...
    Pietro di Castri
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  • FTM to generate PWM in Output compare mode in KEA128

    Hi,      I want to generate PWM in FTM 2 Channel 1 pin PTH1 using output compare mode. Please help me in setting the duty cycle, frequency etc.   I have made the code snippet below which ge...
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  • DMA Channel 4 Interrupt Problem

    Hi, I am using the MKE14Z256. My application is using 6 DMA channels. 2 UARTs RX and TX use Channels 0-3. Channel 4 is set up to move ADC Data when conversion completes.  The DMA Channel 4 is set up to move 8...
    John Power
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  • Using Kinetis Low Power Stop Modes with unrestricted UART operation - a report

    Hi All   The use of the STOP based low power modes has been investigated for systems that have continuous UART demands (that is, there is one or more UART that can receive at "any time" and the Kinetis SW may be...
    Mark Butcher
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