• Two versions of fsl_dcp.c/.h in SDK -- which one is official?

    Hello,   It seems there are two versions of the file fsl_dcp.c and fsl_dcp.h in the SDK. Specifically I am looking at:   SDK_2.6.0_MIMXRT1052xxxxB https://mcuxpresso.nxp.com/en/dashboard?uvid=182709&a...
    Stephen Schwartz-Fenwick
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  • RT1050 LPSPI last bit not completing in continuous mode

    TL;DR - On the RT1050 LPSPI peripheral, when continuous mode is active (TCR.CONT == 1), the last SCK edge of a transfer does not complete, which means the last byte does not arrive in the RX FIFO, which means that whe...
    David Rodgers
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  • NXP-MCUBootUtility failed out

    Try to run NXP-MCUBootUtility.   No luck.   Any idea from anyone?   Thanks much!!!   I have RT1060 FVK.   The J9 Micro-USB is properly enumerated as HID port.  D...
    Jei Chou
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  • GPIO Interrupt Newbie Question

    Hi Gents,  New to interrupts on the iMXRT. How does one register a GPIO interrupt handler (say as you use to do with registerHandlerGPIO(x,y, my_handler) )?  There are the double-weak functions...  So ...
    Mike Spenard
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  • iMXRT1052 and emWin: problems with D cache

    Hi,   I was trying to build a GUI using the emWin library on the iMXRT1052 microcontroller and I encountered a performance problem. As far as I know, the LCD and GUI buffers should be placed in a non-cacheable r...
    Krzysztof Chojnowski
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  • SDK2.3.0 FatFs sample for MIMXRT1050-EVK does not work

    Hi all,   I tried FatFS sample in SDK_2.3.0 for EVK-MIMXRT1050.   Console said: FATFS example to demonstrate how to use FATFS with SD card. Please insert a card into board. Card inserted. Then pro...
    Takeshi Masumoto
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  • Synchronize flexPWM-Modules

    Hello,   how can I synchronize the four flexPWM-Modules on the iMXRT Controller? I haven´t found a way to do so. Synchronizing the four Submodules of one Module seems to be easy, but not synchronizing sev...
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  • LCD frame buffer in HyperRAM

    Hi, I am using my own design with IMXRT1062. I have connected S70KS1281 hyperram chip to FLEXSPI2 interface. All initialization of hyperram is based on AN12239SW example project.   Hyperram is working, I am abl...
    Peter Janco
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  • i.MX RT 1064 EVK audio example

    Hello, I have an i.MX RT 1064 and I have installed the MCUXpress SDK with FreeRTOS feature. The helloworld example is working fine. I need to verify the audio output of the EVK and ethernet functionalities - in Fre...
    Radhika Krishnan
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  • Recommended workflow for creating firmware for custom board

    Hi,   I need to design a board based on the I.MXRT, so I purchased the EVK-MIMXRT1060 for getting acquainted with the tools.   So far, I have imported design examples successfully for this EVK from the SDK...
    M. Patricio Cohen Sch.
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  • USB Custom class for RT106x

    Hello, I need to make support for some PC tools we are using for an existing product (LPC2458/LPC1788/LPC54608). On this we are using a custom USB class (using 2 bulk endpoints transferring data from device to PC and...
    Carsten Groen
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  • Sqlite port for IMX-RT

    Hi,   I am working on IMX-RT1060. I am using FATFS file system on SD Card in my project. Now i want to use sqlite over FATFS. Is there any example available for sqlite on IMX-RT??
    Vivek Aggarwal
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  • Max current sink on iMXRT1021 GPIO pins

    Hi All,  I need to know the maximum current you can 'sink' through the GPIO pins on the iMXRT1021. It is not in any of the datasheets. I need to know per-pin and total currents. (We have a group of LED's whic...
    Chris Cowdery
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  • RT1015 ETM trace data mux configuration

    I'm wondering if there is some information missing in the RT1015 reference manual in regards to mux configuration for ETM trace support?   The 4 data pins needed for ETM trace support are listed as being on...
    Bert Downing
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  • DSB macro usage in ENET_DriverIRQHandler()

    In ENET_DriverIRQHandler() the DSB fix for ARM errata 838869 appears twice in a row.   I have two questions:   1) Why is this Data Synchronisation Barrier required twice in succession ? ...
    Simon Walke
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  • Having trouble with MFG Tool ( fuse programming )

    I'm having some trouble using the manufacturing tools to program one fuse. The target is a custom board with 1062. My first question is about how to use the tools. My understanding is that step 1 is to use sdphost to ...
    George Pontis
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  • Cache handling on the iMXRT-Family

    Hello,   NXP has altered the CMSIS-Sources (from here https://github.com/ARM-software/CMSIS_5) and added an extra “register”-qualifier (see below-left the NXP Version – below-right, the one fro...
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  • RT1050 - Recreate DCD SDRAM config C code?

    So this is a three-pronged question... How does one generate the C-format DCD header components such as "evkbimxrt1050_sdram_ini_dcd.c"? Where can I find the MCU Config Tools file (.MEX) which generated the clock se...
    David Rodgers
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  • RT1062 JTAG Debugging

    Hello all. We are having some issues connecting to the RT1062 in JTAG mode using a J-Link Plus. We are seeing this both in our custom hardware and on the NXP MIMXRT1060-EVK development board.   For our custom ha...
    Mike DeKoker
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  • About the problem of sector erasing in 【driver_examples\flexspi\nor\polling_transfer】 routines

    driver_examples\flexspi\nor\polling_transfer  There is no write enablement in the flexspi_nor_flash_erase_sector program,The original program is: It should be written as the following program, the sectio...
    Op Fancy
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