• QSPI Booting relocation

    Good day All, I am working on a iMXRT1021 custom board that is based upon the RT1021 EVK with the exception that I would like to connect the QSPI Flash to an alternate FlexSPI port.  On page 283 of the reference...
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  • Data acquisition to SD card with IMX RT

    Hello, I am working on a project of data acquisition. I am looking for the possibilities of using an i.MX RT familly for my project.   My need is that I must store data continuously from ADC into a micro ...
    Lacouture Patrice
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  • FlexSPI initialization and debugging for multiple QuadSPI FLASHes?

    I’m looking for some guidance on how to configure, load and debug using external QuadSPI FLASHes other than the single boot device when using MCUSpresso.   I’ve got a custom board that uses either a...
    Steve Cornelius
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  • Fail to jump ivt_flashloader_signed.bin

    Hi,    I am trying to test "Flashloader_RT1064_1.0_GA" for HAB, but could not execute "ivt_flashloader_signed.bin". "ivt_flashloader_signed.bin" is generated from "Flashloader/flashloader.sr...
    Namsu Mun
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  • Hardware trigger with ADC2

    As others I struggle with hardware trigger of ADCs. My base was NXP's example adc_etc_hardware_trigger_conv. It works as expected.  Next I tried to do the same but use ADC2 instead of ADC1. I  didn't get a...
    Kurt Staubli
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  • Write error to last sector of RT1604 flash on HAB

    HI, I could not write data to the last sector (0x3ff000) of internal flash of RT1604 on HAB closed mode. RT1604 was hang after writing flash.  I have used flexspi_nor_flash_erase() and flexspi_nor_flash...
    Namsu Mun
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  • The interface firmware failed FAILED to reset/halt the target MCU Using QSPI Flash

    Board: MIMXRT1060-EVK  OS: Linux SDK: SDK_2.6.2_EVK-MIMXRT1060.tar.gz Program sample: evkmimxrt1060_hello_world.bin (imported directly from SDK)   When we dragged hello_world.bin file in mount directory...
    Sarveshwar Bajaj
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  • Can you save code to QSPI Flash?

    The MIMXRT1010 looks intriguing.  The dev kit price is right ($10). The demos are simple.  But does code go to SRAM?  Can you download code into the QSPI Flash?  If so, can you debug it?
    BC Stewart
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  • Reason #5 to consider i.MX RT1010 – It can spin motors

    All engineers – and most anyone – love to make things spin, right? That explains the revenue made on those fidget spinners. The inventor is a genius! OK ok … now back to MCUs … the i.MX RT MC...
    Kathleen Jachimiak
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  • RT1020 FlexIO Camera Demo - DMA Speed

    I've modified the RT1020 camera demo to interrupt on every horizontal instead of every frame.  Even if I don't save all my data, and just put a simple row counter to count the number of interrupts I get, it...
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  • Check whether USB host is connected or not

    Hi,   I use a i.MX RT105x microcontroller with USB OTG configured as Virtual COM Port device. How can I detect in my application whether my PC is connected to the uC or not? Is there a way to read the state of...
    Gianluca Panetta
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  • Problem while adding ethernet stack with GUI

    Dear all,        I'm using IMXRT1064 processor. I need to use Ethernet and GUI Together. So first i create the design using embedded wizard and convert it to the code for MCUXpresso IDE....
    prasanth R
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  • 如何用i.MXRT1061的FlexIO接口采集AD7768数据

    我的项目需要从AD7768接口取得采样数据(需要12个同步采样AD, 估计得AD7768 + AD7768-4), 我打算用i.MXRT1061的FlexIO外设, 但能否简便的硬件实现? 如何配置呢?
    王 伦展
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  • CKE control of RT1052 SEMC

    Hi Guys, Do you know how to control the CKE and CLK signals from SEMC module? I'm connecting a SDRAM (AS4C8M16S, clock = 72MHz) with it, everything works perfect except for the power up timing of CKE and CLK. As the ...
    tom fang
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  • J-Link crashes when reconfiguring FlexRAM on RT1050

    I am trying to perform a software reconfiguration of FlexRAM on the IMXRT1052, using just the SDK example, after the FlexRAM is reconfigured, the J-Link debugger halts with a HardFault.  I assume the J-Link is us...
    Jack King
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  • How to put whole .o object in ITCM

    Hello,   I am using RT1060 with MCUXpresso IDE 11.0.1 and checked AN12437 i.MX RT Series Performance Optimization application note to learn about how to put instructions in ITCM using AT_QUICKACCESS_SECTION...
    Tomohiro Inoue
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  • Debug configuration disabled

    Hi, I'm unable to change Debugger configuration the (Attach only for example) stays the same no matter what i do. Environment: MCUXpresso 10.3.0. Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS     thank you.
    Merav Strassberg
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  • Reason #6 to consider i.MX RT1010 – It enables secure solutions

    On what could be perceived as a low-cost MCU, it is nice to see that security was not compromised on the i.MX RT1010 device. In fact, the i.MX RT1010 MCU has the same security block that exists on many of the other i....
    Kathleen Jachimiak
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  • Tool for BEE encrypted data

        Dear sirs, we're wondering if there is a tool similar to elftosb for creating encrypted images for the BEE module. If we have not misunderstood, elftosb supports the verification of authenticity, but i...
    Daniele Pagani
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  • Camera Application with i.MX RT1050

    Hello! I found this document: https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/application-note/AN12110.pdf  Really nice example! i looking for the code for this example. Is it available?(incorporated camera, sd card and lcd) Be...
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