• Timing for burning fuses in RT106x

    Looking at this question: How to burn BT_FUSE_SEL on RT1050  there is some code that should enable burning of the BT_FUSE_SEL and FORCE_INTERNAL_BOOT fuses. However, when I try and do the re-calculation for...
    Carsten Groen
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  • Using RT1052 SDRAM config from EVK demo

    Could you confirm if the Micron MT48LC16M16A2b4-6a can use the same config as the RT1052EVK's ISSI is42s16160j-6bli SDRAM? ISSI datasheet: http://www.issi.com/WW/pdf/42-45S83200J-16160J.pdf Micron: ht...
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  • iMXRT1064 Emwin Demo 16 bpp

    I have a Emwin Demo SDK code generated for iMXRT EVK 1064 board.  I am using MCUXpresso 11.1 version with SDK 2.7.0   The Emwin Demo default LCD configuration is for 32 bit mode i.e. LCD_BITS_PER_PIXEL is 3...
    Anuj Tanksali
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  • Is it possible to connect 8080 bus LCD to MIMXRT1010-EVK?

    Hi I need to connect 8080 bus TFT LCD to IMXRT1010 evaluation kit. Unfortunately, I could not find any example of such a pinout connection(I need at least 13 FlexIO free pins). Please advise Is there any workable so...
    Andrii Loginov
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  • RT1050 is slower than RT1010

    With MCUXpresso I developed an application, which takes about 2.5 million CPU cycles on an i.MX RT1010 MCU, running at 500 MHz. Then I compiled and run the same C source code for the i.MX RT1050, with the same optimiz...
    Laszlo Hars
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  • SNVS Clock Scaling in i.MXRT1064

    We have an issue where SVNS RTC alarm runs at half speed during sleep compared to when running. Other than this, the wake up functions as expected. I cannot see any documentation on clock scaling for the RTC and I am ...
    Christopher Evans
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  • Loading Function from Flash/SD Card into SDRAM on MIMXRT1050-EVK(B)

    I am trying to load a function from flash into external SDRAM and executing the function on the MIMXRT1050-EVK(B). The future application for this will be loading a .bin from the SD Card into SDRAM and jumpi...
    Mike Cooke
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  • Trouble with debugger when using RAMFUNC

    Hello We just started to use RAMFUNC to improve code performance that is too slow with xip in QSPI flash. Now we have a problem with the debugger. When we set a breakpoint in a RAMFUNC function, and then try to sing...
    Daniel Haslimann
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  • How to add driver library in MCUXpress IDE

    Hi    EVK - IMXRT1064    I imported tcp echo free rtos example code it contains tcp echo example code and related driver code ethernet,lwip etc..    If i want to add httpserver,mqtt,et...
    Vasudhevan G
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  • ew_gui port to free rtos

    Hi,    Board = imxrt1064evk.    SDK = SDK_2.7.0_EVK-MIMXRT1064    I am trying to port ew_gui(ew_gui_bezier_clock) to free rtos.    I am getting error ew_gui&#...
    Vasudhevan G
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  • Internal arbitration delays when accessing H/W Registers

    Hello When the processor accesses H/W Registers like GPIO data registers or PWM value registers, there seem to be something like wait states where the processor has to wait for the peripheral. Is there information i...
    Daniel Haslimann
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  • GPIO init issue

    I found out that adding the line if code below to this function BOARD_InitPins(), makes my program fail. And while I try to debug I get this error message: please see attached.       IOMUXC_SetPi...
    Andre marcus
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  • Mixed C/assembly programs for i.MX RT1010

    Hello,   Code I am porting to the i.MX RT1010 includes an assembly function that is called from a C file. This assembly function finds the successor of an IEEE 754 double. I did this in TI’s Code Composer ...
    Daniel Milutinovic
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  • Is there a lpuart edma transfer size limit?

    Hello, I am using a combination of the lpuart_edma_rb_transfer and semc_sdram examples for the RT1020 EVK board to evaluate the uart transfer for big data sizes. From the host PC I send a data file via Tera Term to t...
    Stefan Mitterhauser
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  • Bus fault reading RXIMR on RT1064

    Although I can write to the individual mask registers (FLEXCAN1_RXIMRn) a bus fault is raised when I attempt to read them. I have tried setting Frz and then Halt to place the controller into freeze mode and I have als...
    Ahlan Marriott
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  • From which memory IMXRT1020 EVK example codes are executed ?

    Hi all ,   Since IMXRT 1020 is a cross over processor , which is basically a MCU with a extenal memory , How do i know into which external memory is IMXRT1020 EVK Example codes are flashed into and are executed ...
    Naren chandra
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  • iMXRT1064 PWM

    Hello,   I am using iMXRT1064 device and wanted to configure PWM on GPIO_SD_B0_00 pin. I configured GPIO_SD_B0_00 to use using MCU config tools as below,   routed: J4 Peripheral: PWM1 Signal: ...
    Anuj Tanksali
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  • SoC SION bit doesn't "follow" RT1064 Ref.Manual description of SW_MUX_CTL Register

    I needed I2C-3 peripheral, so I configured it using pinTool v.7 routing to available pins. The code generated by pinTool shows nothing unusual, the SION bits for both SDA [J12] and SCL [K10] pins are set by pinTool t...
    Steve Surowinski
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  • RT1052 CSI - stuck waiting for GetFullBuffer

    We are using the CSI in our custom RT1052 board, our code is BASED on the AN12110SW, but as we don't have an LCD, our camera is monochrome, etc - it's been altered according to our hardware.      I can...
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  • Firmware Upgrades?

    Hi All,  Could someone be so kind as to point me at docs or an example project for doing firmware upgrades? Ie., re-flashing the iMXRT in the field by and end user. Preferably off a thumb drive.
    Mike Spenard
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