• Reason #3 to consider i.MX RT1010 – You can put it all out on (a) display

    So you want to add a display to your product? You look at the i.MX RT series table and see that the i.MX RT1010 device does not have an LCD interface, so you immediately write it off. Not so fast!  Did you know t...
    Kathleen Jachimiak
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  • Where is i.MX RT1021DAF/1015DAF GPT clock input?

    RT1021DAF or RT1015DAF has GPT clock input? The Table 46-2 GPT External Signals seems wrong in reference manual page.2442.
    Alex Tsai
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  • While POR booting from QSPI Flash, IOMUXC_SetPinMux(IOMUXC_GPIO_SD_B1_05_GPIO3_IO25, 0) crashes iMXRT1021

    We are developing a custom board based on IMXRT1021 with QSPI flash (same IS25LP064A-JBLE on EVK). I could get the board up and running evkmimxrt1020_igpio_led_output without any issue using JLink debugger. It wrote t...
    Kalana Withanage
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  • How to put whole .o object in ITCM

    Hello,   I am using RT1060 with MCUXpresso IDE 11.0.1 and checked AN12437 i.MX RT Series Performance Optimization application note to learn about how to put instructions in ITCM using AT_QUICKACCESS_SECTION...
    Tomohiro Inoue
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  • RT1050 QSPI flash change to Winbond W25Q32JV (3.3V)

    I want to use QSPI flash Winbond W25Q32JV instead of IS25WP064A.   1) how to get the flash driver .cfx file? 2) where to get the flash config define? const flexspi_nor_config_t qspiflash_config 3) Does mfgtoo...
    Felix Shih
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  • Write error to last sector of RT1604 flash on HAB

    HI, I could not write data to the last sector (0x3ff000) of internal flash of RT1604 on HAB closed mode. RT1604 was hang after writing flash.  I have used flexspi_nor_flash_erase() and flexspi_nor_flash...
    Namsu Mun
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  • DMA and On Chip RAM

    From reading AN12437, it seems that the DMA engine can access ITCM, DTCM and OCRAM. Is this true?   How does one deal with coherency i.e. let's say I have a buffer in DTCM or OCRAM and am DMAing data from the UA...
    Harjit Singh
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  • i.MX RT1060 Multi-channel SAI1?

    We're working on connecting up to 3 stereo codecs (all the same, and will be clocked at same frequency, bitdepth, etc) to the 1060 SAI peripherals. We see that we can do this individually with SAI1, SAI2, and SAI...
    Buck Fobb
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  • What's the voltage level when FlexSPI runs in Hyperbus mode?

    Hello! We want to connect the iMXRT1052 with FPGA by Hyperbus using flexspi port. We want the iMXRT to run as the master and FPGA runs as the slave of Hyperbus to exchange the data between them. But first of all we sh...
    Hu Bin
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  • IMXRT1060 example execution fails in release, but ok in debug

    Hello everyone, I am facing a problem using MIMXRT1060-EVK, which contains an MIMXRT1062DVL6A. I am trying to execute a simple example: SDK_PATH/boards/evkmimxrt1060/demo_apps/led_blinky I use GCC (gcc-arm-none-eabi...
    Camille Louapre
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  • flexSPI_B1外接QSPI Nor Flash启动问题

    Hi,在我的项目应用中采用i.mxRT1062,由于flexSPI_A用做了其它复用端口,只能用flexSPI_B1作为外部QSPI Nor Flash存储接口,QSPI Nor Flash 采用GigaDevice GD25Q54C,MDK 的 led_blinky 中如何设置在Nor Flash 中进行调试以及Flash Loader如何设置?,其与flexSPI_A1设置有何不同?谢谢!
    rayandy fan
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  • flex spi evkmimxrt1020_flexspi_nor_polling_transfer example

    Hello, I'm tring to use evkmimxrt1020_flexspi_nor_polling_transfer example with my own flash, what do i need to take care of in order to do that?   Thank you, merav
    Merav Strassberg
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  • Hardware trigger with ADC2

    As others I struggle with hardware trigger of ADCs. My base was NXP's example adc_etc_hardware_trigger_conv. It works as expected.  Next I tried to do the same but use ADC2 instead of ADC1. I  didn't get a...
    Kurt Staubli
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  • RT1064  EVK SCH and PCB files imported into Altium Designer

    Hello, is it possible to send me the schematics and pcb files of the RT1064 EVK converted to Altium Designer?   Thank you!
    Johann Zimmermann
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  • IMXRT1062 Hardfault Reading CAN3 ERFCR Register

    According to the 1060RM setting the ERFCR will enable the Enhanced FIFO.  However when I try to even read the register in the FLEXCAN  example it throws a hard fault.  When I tried it in my own applicat...
    Michael Smorto
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  • RT1064是否可以使用CSI fragment mode?

    IMXRT1050-EVKB開發板有個範例名為"csi_fragment_gray",但RT1064沒有。 想請教RT1064是否可以使用CSI fragment mode呢? 我有嘗試把它移植到RT1064上,但在CSI initial時會失敗,不知後續的SDK是否會發行相關的example?
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  • 添加外部c++工程后程序不能运行

    Hi, 我将外部的c++工程(工程包含.a文件)添加到demo例程hello_world中,gcc只编译进去,不调用它的任何函数,编译出来的elf无法运行,如果不添加这个c++工程,程序运行正常。 程序运行环境选择:MIMXRT1052xxxxx_flexspi_nor_sdram.ld   发现一个规律,当添加的c++文件较少,产生的.elf 145KB左右,可以正常跑, 当添加的c++文件较多,产生的.elf...
    br li
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  • Has anybody used Macronix MX Flash with iMXRT?

    Hi,  We are attemping to use a Macronix MX25L3233F QSPI Flash. As far as we can tell, it's a drop in replacement for the IS25LP part that the Eval Kit uses, (albeit a different size).   Yet we cannot get ...
    Chris Cowdery
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  • Debug configuration disabled

    Hi, I'm unable to change Debugger configuration the (Attach only for example) stays the same no matter what i do. Environment: MCUXpresso 10.3.0. Ubuntu 18.04.3 LTS     thank you.
    Merav Strassberg
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  • Reason #4 to consider i.MX RT1010 – It offers the ultimate flexibility with its FlexIO module

    Say for example, you are working on your industrial application using the i.MX RT1010 MCU and have everything designed out. You are using two UARTs for sensor interfaces, one UART for camera, and the fourth UART will ...
    Kathleen Jachimiak
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