• MCUXpresso C++ Project and SDRAM problems (RT1020-EVK)

    Hi,   I'm experiencing a weird difference between an SDK demo project and a new C++ project.   First experiment:   I created an iled_blinky demo, and set the preprocessor symbols:   XIP_BOOT_HE...
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  • RT1052 CSI - stuck waiting for GetFullBuffer

    We are using the CSI in our custom RT1052 board, our code is BASED on the AN12110SW, but as we don't have an LCD, our camera is monochrome, etc - it's been altered according to our hardware.      I can...
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  • USB Freezes / kStatus_USB_Busy

    I'm trying to debug why after some random large amount of data / time - I start to see USB freezing, using code based on the evkbimxrt1050_dev_cdc_vcom_freertos demo in MCUXpresso.    My problem seems MAYBE...
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  • Invalid warnings in MCUXpresso Pin tool?

    The pin tool in MCUXpresso is excellent but there are a couple of things I don't understand. One may even be a bug.   1. If I create a project using the SEMC demo for the iMXRT1020-EVK I can compile it and run i...
    Antony Pace
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  • iMXRT1021 flexspiNOR unable to use HAB Encrypted XIP

    Hi, I am using the iMXRT1021 with flexqspiNOR flash. We want to encrypt the .sb image and the use on-the-fly BEE decryption. I am using the elftosb.exe, sdphost and blhost to produce and flash the .sb image. ...
    Tony Thurgood
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  • How to connect to a grayscale camera?

    Hi,     I want to use RT1064 to connect MT9V022 and transfer image data using dma, but I don't know how to write the driver. 
    陈 文龙
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  • Some questions in the PWM project ?

    Hi,    When reading the PWM project, I have some questions:    (1)What does the following code do? Some people say they are trying to turn off the fault protection? If so, I want to know how do t...
    陈 文龙
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  • flexspi_nor_flash_erase_sector is not working.

    I am using MIMXrt1020 evk .I want to erase sector number 593. But whenever I enter in this instruction flexspi_nor_flash_erase_sector(EXAMPLE_FLEXSPI, 593 * SECTOR_SIZE); my controller goes into fault. Please suggest ...
    meera shah
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  • Littlefs on RT1064 internal flash.

    I found the Littefs example on SDK. But It use the External Flash through the FlexSPI.   I would like to use the Internal Flash. 3MB for Program Area. 1MB for littefs Area.   In the lfs_support.h  ...
    ChoonGyeong Lee
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  • EVKB-IMXRT1050 bootloader version

    Hello,  I have some problem with drag and drop programming (EVKB-IMXRT1050). I'm using this tutorial: i.MX RT1050 CMSIS-DAP drag-and-drop programming  I have two different boards and I dont have any...
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  • IMXRT: Trailing clocks at end of FlexSPI access?

    The docs for the FlexSPI controller say that the output SPI clock is turned off when the interface is idle.  Timing diagrams, though, show the clock continuing off the right edge of the picture after the end of a...
    Neil Weinstock
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  • blhost.exe Connection Problem.

    I'm having trouble getting blhost.exe to connect to my MIMXRT1064-EVK with project evkmimxrt1064_flashloader running.  My PC is running Win10.  Right now LPUART1 it what is used over the "Freelink Interface"...
    Paul Roberts
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  • RT1064 Flashloader and Internal ROM and Flash.

    I am developing RT1064 using IAR. Please check below, Is it possible or not.   1. Flashloader into Internal using JLINK. 2. My App into internal flash using flashloader. 3. My App using Internal Flash and int...
    ChoonGyeong Lee
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  • i.MX RT1051 + mbedTLS + TLS 1.2 + DCP

    Hi,   I'm trying to setup a TLS 1.2 connection with mbedTLS on a i.MX RT1051 with Hardware/DCP accelerated AES128 and SHA256. For this to work I need to setup the mbedTLS heap allocator to use non-cached memory...
    Mathieu Borderé
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  • Why does the eDMA ISR get called twice after one major count completion interrupt?

    Hello!   In the attached project the eDMA Major count completion interrupt service routine gets called twice after one transfer is done.     The example simply copies the first 10 elements of sourceB...
    Stefan Mitterhauser
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  • C++ samples RT1052 SDK

    Dear collegues,   Is there an SDK with sample C++ projects for the RT1052 processor?   Best regards, Rubens Júnior
    Rubens Junior
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  • Is the performance of FlexSPI better if we connect one flash to Port A and one to Port B?

    Hello, I have already asked a question about FlexSPI here: Can we use a XIP flash and a data flash at the same FlexSPI controller?    The answer there was that using XIP on port A and saving data on port B...
    Stefan Mitterhauser
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  • LPI2C not releasing bus, STOP not sent

    There appears to be a race bug in fsl_lpi2c.c in LPI2C_MasterStop / LPI2C_MasterCheckAndClearError whereby after the STOP command is added to the FIFO, if a NAK arrives then the STOP may be lost, resulting in the bus ...
    Dave Marples
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  • EFuse boot

    Can you guys tell me how to configure my imx1060 devboard for fuse boot? Does this need to be done from mcu boot utility? Is there any register to write to in my code? I know there is a register bit that needs to be s...
    Andre marcus
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  • PWM Phase Shift in IMXRT 1020

    Hi community ,   Is there any example code available for PWM phase shift .  I did not find any register where we can provide the phase shift value . Please help with suitable references .   Thanks an...
    Naren chandra
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