• What is the function of VDD_USB_CAP

    Hi, It looks like the USB of i.MX RT can be used normally no matter VDD_USB_CAP is floated or not. I just wander what is the function of VDD_USB_CAP. Thanks.
    Carolyn Zhang
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  • Wake RT1052 with regular GPIO IRQ

    In the RT1050 power_mode_switch demo - it uses the WAKE pin to wake up from low power modes (sys idle, low power idle, low power suspend, & SNVS), but documentation says the WAKE pin is only REQUIRED for waking fr...
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  • RT1020 drv:Can you provide CAN demo that  fifo noblocking

    Can you provide CAN demo that  fifo noblocking ,Thanks.
    t t
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  • RT1050/1060 - Where is the LCD_RESET signal?

    I'm looking at the RT1060 reference manual, and in "Table 35-5 - Pin use in DOTCLK mode", at the end of the table, an LCD_RESET signal is mentioned.  The string "LCD_RESET" does not appear anywhere else in the do...
    David Rodgers
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  • Weird phenomenon in RT1052 while transmit massive data through usb

    Hi all   I'm facing a weird problem when using usb_vcom_bm on rt1052. Example as below (modify from official usb_vcom_bm sdk example) It should transmit over 30000 bytes at once from rt1052 to pc after receivi...
    Eric Chen
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  • Adapt Azure IOT from heap3 to heap4 (FreeRTOS)

    Hi, I'm currently working on a project that needs connecting to Azure Cloud. My project is working on Heap 4, therefore I need to adapt the Azure IOT to the same Heap (currently working on Heap3). I know that we ha...
    Mohamed Gouia
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  • RT685 EVK / Flexcomm I2S 24bit audio

    Hi,   can someone please provide an example how to configure the WM8960 Codec / I2S on RT685 to I2S stereo 24bit mode (which has 32 clocks per sample, so in total 64 per both channels)?    Technically...
    Petr Otoupal
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  • RT1020 - How is the OTPMK set and used?

    Hi,   I have some questions regarding the OTPMK key:   How do I set the OTPMK for the RT1020? When setting BEE_KEY0_SEL=b10 to use the OTPMK, does it use the OTPMK unchanged, or does it combine it with other...
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  • imxrt1064 USB video bit rate

    Hello, I have been experimenting with USB video lately and I would like to know if a imxrt 1064 can stream video over USB at 30 FPS for an uncompressed image with the resolution 640 x 480 (16 bit per pixel). If not -...
    Tamir Michael
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  • can you configure FlexIO to output HDMI stream?

    Hi, I'm wondering if it could be possible to configure FlexIO on the imxrt 1011 to output HDMI stream? Or is there any limitation that make this impossible? I'm thinking just adding LVDS tranceiver on some gpio in o...
    claude-david gaudreault
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  • Minimum SWD Debug pins for i.MXRT1064 w /LPC-Link2

    I'm confused about what pins are necessary to get SWD debugging working with the i.MXRT1064. (I will be using LPC-Link2). All the documentation I can find is for JTAG.   Do I need to keep JTAG_MOD (GPIO_AD_...
    Ben Luey
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  • How to remap FlexRAM into a single data RAM area

    I'd like to share my struggles and eventual success on putting the fragmented default FlexRAM layout of the i.MX RT1010 together on to a single block.   The reason for doing this is that there's large third part...
    Benedek Kupper
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  • iMXRT1064 Coin Cell or Supercapacitor usage

    Hello,    I am working on a project with iMXRT1064.  I am using a SuperCapacitor as a replacement for a coin cell battery.  As per indications on the development kit schematic, I connected super...
    Nikhil Sawane
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  • iMXRT1050 - Enhanced LCD Interface (Outstanding Requests)

    Hi, i have a question regarding the LCDIF General Control2 Register. We had to modify the OUTSTANDING_REQS bitfield from REQ_2 to REQ_8 in order to avoid screen shifts.   In the RM it says: "This bitfield indi...
    Johann Hagler
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  • Why would a DSB instruction never complete?

    Hi All, MIMXRT1021DAF5A, IAR compiler, FreeRTOS, code in Serial Flash (SQPI)  I have a DSB instruction that never completes. This causes a processor 'lockup'. This is the sequence of events: 1. Code executing ...
    Chris Cowdery
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  • RT1020/RT1050 - Why is the PRDB encrypted differently to the KIB and app?

    Hi.   I am using the RT1020, but I am told this document applies: Security Reference Manual for the i.MX RT1050 Processor, Rev. 1, 04/2018   Regarding the following notes found in this section: Section 3...
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  • XIP through OTFAD problems on RT1011

    Hello, we are using RT1011 and we are having troubles with XIP from FLASH on FLEXSPI through OTFAD. Our application is correctrly encrypted and we can see that the startup code at the reset vector is executed co...
    Stefano Voulaz
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  • Bad USB device mode DMA performance in RT1064/1062

    Hi,   We experience data loss in USB device mode when isoch and bulk endpoints are used in parallel. We analyzed this issue in detail (we specialize in USB technology) and found the following:   1) If one ...
    Udo Eberhardt
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  • How to connect an external clock source

    Hi,   ICould you tell me how to connect external clock sources? I'll use i.MX RT1064 with external clock sources for 24MHz and 32kHz. I check the below thread and see the connection to XTALO and RTC_XTALO...
    Masahiro Kiniwa
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    I'm working on the SLN-VIZN-IOT and I need a calendar to program some functionalities, so the kit is it eqquiped of a RTC ( real time clock ) ?  Thank you for your futur response. 
    Kévin Hector
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