• sdphost, blhost on Mac OSX

    Neither the provided binaries nor binaries built from source from the SDK for sdphost and blhost would run on my Mac (OS 10.15.3 Catalina).  I tracked the issue down to a pair of bugs in the function ge...
    Andrew Pines
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  • BME280 connection problem

    BME280 chip init: ID read failed: -5  Connect BME280 to iMX RT1020 through I2C4 pins D14 and D15
    Florin Straton
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  • MIMXRT1050 EVK Board RK043FN02H-CT(LCD Panel) Touch IC:FT5336

    MIMXRT1050 EVK Board RK043FN02H-CT(LCD Panel) Touch IC:FT5336 but SDK is fsl_ft5406_rt?There should be no driver. Is there a corresponding driver?
    jiangqiang lao
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  • Read & write data to qspi

    In one of the project i am using imxrt1050 mcu with qspi flash. i need to store some configuration data in to qspi  runtime ,i can see sdk example that use RAM  to do this but how can i do with flash?if any ...
    venu gopal
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  • MIMXRT106x pin muxing - LCD + SDRAM + 2 x Ethernet

    I just realised that the pin muxing on the MIMXRT106x parts means that you cannot have LCD + SDRAM + 2 x Ethernet.   This is because signal ENET2_MDC is only available on pins D6 and D7 Pin D6 is also the only ...
    Nick Wallis
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  • Slight error in i.MX RT 1050/60/64 data sheets

    Hi All   This should be GPIO3.IO[10] - same mistake in i.MX RT 1050, i.MX RT 1060, i.MX RT 1064 commercial and industrial data sheets.   Regards   Mark [uTasker project developer for Kinetis and i....
    Mark Butcher
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  • Trace is impossible on iMXRT1021 with Ethernet and QSPI !

    I'm going to put this out there - I'm very frustrated with the design of the iMXRT1021. Specifically, the pin multiplexing options are very poorly designed.   My use case is what I would expect to be very commo...
    Chris Cowdery
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  • Firmware Update in i.MX RT1060

    Hi Everyone,   We are trying to develop an UVC+HID camera using RT1060. This camera will be used in i.MX7 platform. We are trying to design a firmware update method.   High level design of Firmware Update Me...
    Arun Muthuganesh
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  • i.MX RT Technical Videos

    HI All   After some 7 months intensive work with the i.MX RT parts I have started documenting the work in videos in the "uTasker i.MX RT" playlist:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXztWg9m6_8&list=PL...
    Mark Butcher
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  • i.MX RT Boot Loading Concept Video

    Hi All   I am pleased to present a general i.MX RT boot loading concept that has been finalised in the uTasker project to allow: - IP and clone protection with AES256 level security without the need to configure...
    Mark Butcher
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  • LPSPI Receive Fifo Overrun in Master Mode with Stalling and TxMask Enabled

    Suffice to say, I'm fairly certain I've found an ugly new chip errata on the RT1060 (and presumably all other parts using the LPSPI module). When performing a continuing read, with CONT set in the origi...
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    Hello,   I'm running the IMXRT1050-EVKB. My target: build PWM variable duty cycle with DMA.   My  reference: SDK_2.6.0_EVKB-IMXRT1050, example: inputcapture_outputpwm_dma. This examples de...
    Leonid Shigris
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  • 1050 EVK HyperFlash content mismatch for second write

    Hi Everyone,    I am working on 1050 EVK and using Hyperflash which is the default.  If I run HyperFlash example from the SDK (boards\evkbimxrt1050\driver_examples\flexspi\hyper_flash\polling_transfer...
    Murat Cakmak
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  • i.MX RT 1060 AES256 encrypted boot loader [USB-MSD, USB-HID Kboot, SREC LPUART, SD card]

    Hi All   I have placed a reference boot loader for the i.MX RT 1060-EVK at https://www.utasker.com/iMX/RT1060.html#SDCARD_BL   It supports the following firmware upload techniques to QSPI flash: - USB-MSD ...
    Mark Butcher
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  • Teensy 4.0 Support

    Hi All   The uTasker project now supports also the popular Teensy 4.0 (i.MX RT 1062).   The following is a boot loader that can be installed on the Teensy 4.0: https://www.utasker.com/iMX/Teensy_4.html to ...
    Mark Butcher
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  • i.MX 8M Mini Evaluation Kit DDR4 SCH and PCB files imported into Altium Designer

    I've been trying to import the i.MX 8M Mini Evaluation Kit DDR4 SCH and PCB files imported into Altium Designer however Altium keeps saying the files can't be imported. Do you have the SCH and PCB for the DDR4 an...
    William Dunkley
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  • A way to create a binary that is copied to RAM from the ROM bootloader in RT1050

    Hello, everyone, in the last few days I have been looking for a way for the ROM bootloader to copy to DTC RAM the binary I was building. In this regard you have probably seen some posts of mine and a colleague of mine...
    Massimiliano Cialdi
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  • Crossover Code Challenge: And the winners are..

      So excited to share that we have 17 new Hackster projects based on the i.MX RT1010 and MCUXpresso that were recently awarded prizes. Looking for some inspiration? From digital stethoscopes to rovers and more, ...
  • SD Card loader for i.MX RT 1020

    Hi All   SD card firmware loading has been ported to the i.MX RT project and can be tested on the i.MX RT 1020 with binaries here: https://www.utasker.com/iMX/RT1020.html#SDCARD_BL   Compatible with Kinet...
    Mark Butcher
    created by Mark Butcher
  • utFAT ported to i.MX RT

    Hi All   I have just ported utFAT to the i.MX RT USDHC - a binary is available here: https://www.utasker.com/iMX/RT1020.html for testing on the i.MX RT 1020 board.   Complete project code size is 43.5k inc...
    Mark Butcher
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