• i.MXRT 1052 - External interrupt code

    I am trying to use external interrupt on NXP i.MXRT 1050 EVK board. I have following queries -  1. Is there any code in the SDK for use of external interrupt ?? 2. How I can configure the extern...
    Suhel Mulla
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  • imxrt1064 USB video bit rate

    Hello, I have been experimenting with USB video lately and I would like to know if a imxrt 1064 can stream video over USB at 30 FPS for an uncompressed image with the resolution 640 x 480 (16 bit per pixel). If not -...
    Tamir Michael
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  • Differences of watchdog peripherals

    Hi i.MXRT experts,   according to the fact-sheet https://www.nxp.com/docs/en/fact-sheet/IMXRTPORTFS.pdf, the i.MXRT devices have four watchdogs. (In the datasheets for the i.MXRT1010 and i.MXRT1050 I only f...
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  • i.MXRT 1052 porting - sl_IfStartWriteSequence and sl_IfEndWriteSequence APIs

    I am working of Freertos based LPUART example from SDK on  NXP i.MXRT 1050 EVK board . I have following queries -  1. Is their any document / post having detailed dexplanation of LPUART_RTOS_Receive(l...
    Suhel Mulla
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  • i.MXRT 1052 - LPUART_RTOS_Receive() API issues

    I am working of Freertos based LPUART example from SDK on  NXP i.MXRT 1050 EVK board .   I have following queries -    1. Is their any document / post having detailed dexplanation of LPUART_...
    Suhel Mulla
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  • openOCD support for the rt1060

    Is there any support for the rt106* mcus in openocd?
    Richard Tilson
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  • Specific initalization parameters for the SDRAM chip on the rt1060-evk board

    I am having an immense amount of trouble getting the SDRAM chip initialized on the rt1060-evk. I went through the memory performance example found in an12437sw, however the exact values used to populate the SEMC regi...
    Richard Tilson
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  • GPIO Input And Output Problem

    Hi ı am using MIMXRT1052 on custom board. I am  using  MCUXpresso as an ide with  SDK_2.7.0_MIMXRT1052xxxxB. I tried to use GPIO2  pin 22 for interrupt. But ı cant get any interrupt. I examin ...
    Omer Kaan Basakinci
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  • QSPI flash debug inconsistency

    I have two identical custom boards with mxrt1052 installed on them together with IS25LP064a QSPI flash. When I try to debug the same project on them, one of it runs without any problem, whereas, debugging on the other...
    salih arslan
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  • RT1052 ENET MII接口配置

    你好 请问有RT1052 ENET MII接口的配置例程, 或说明文档? RMII接口已经配置成功, 但是MII的一直没通。   谢谢!
    br li
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  • RT1050/1060 - Where is the LCD_RESET signal?

    I'm looking at the RT1060 reference manual, and in "Table 35-5 - Pin use in DOTCLK mode", at the end of the table, an LCD_RESET signal is mentioned.  The string "LCD_RESET" does not appear anywhere else in the do...
    David Rodgers
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    MCUXPRESSO SECURE PROVISIONING TOOL是官方今年上半年推出的一个针对安全的软件工具,操作起来非常的简单便捷而且稳定可靠,对于安全功能不熟悉的用户十分友好。但就是目前功能还不是很完善,只能支持HAB的相关操作,后续像BEE之类的需等待更新。   详细的介绍信息以及用户手册请参考官方网址:MCUXpresso Secure Provisioning Tool | Software Devel...
    K.h. Qin
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  • MIMXRT1050EVK Nor Flash Debug Fail

    Dears,   I fellow the hardware user guild modified the resistor and debug in Nor Flash model, and found below error, No Algorithm found for 00000000-OOOO3C07H, can you please kindly help to advice?   BRs, ...
    Ray Deng
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  • FatFS erase and defrag NOR flash

    Hi   I'm using FatFS for a filing system on a nor flash device (e.g. RT1020-EVK) and I have a some questions:   1. Defragmentation:   I had a quick look at the source and it looks like files can be f...
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  • How to modify the default ITCM/DTCM/OCRAM memory allocations for i.MX RT1064

    Hello,      Our team is using the i.MX RT1064 microprocessor to develop an application that will likely exceed the 128KB ITCM memory size allocated by default. We have read through AN120...
    Alin Butoi
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  • FreeRTOS support for i.MX RT1050 EVK

    Hi,   I am looking for a basic code in freeRTOS that works on i.MX RT1050 EVK. Is this code available as example code?   Regarding, Aniket.
    Aniket C
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  • Set pin low every timer interval in hardware

    I am interfacing to an external ADC using the RT1064. The particular ADC supports a "Request" pin which allows the user to pull the pin low to request an ADC sample. The software will then set the pin high once the sa...
    Karl Fraasch
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  • How to print the "negative float point number" to show negative value?

    If I use  PRINTF("negative float test = %f", -1.234); to print the negative float point number, I got the positive value from console, like "negative float test = 1.234000"   Can you help me to fix it to...
    Felix Shih
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  • Wake RT1052 with regular GPIO IRQ

    In the RT1050 power_mode_switch demo - it uses the WAKE pin to wake up from low power modes (sys idle, low power idle, low power suspend, & SNVS), but documentation says the WAKE pin is only REQUIRED for waking fr...
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  • RT1064 Enet ENET_SendFrame execution time

    I use RT1064 and have two board(A and B)and found a problem: Board A send  a message to Board B(cycle is 50us), B recieve message and  go into interrupt . In receiving interrupt handler code,Board B...
    zeyong yang
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