• RT1020 FlexIO Camera Demo - DMA Speed

    I've modified the RT1020 camera demo to interrupt on every horizontal instead of every frame.  Even if I don't save all my data, and just put a simple row counter to count the number of interrupts I get, it...
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  • Where is i.MX RT1021DAF/1015DAF GPT clock input?

    RT1021DAF or RT1015DAF has GPT clock input? The Table 46-2 GPT External Signals seems wrong in reference manual page.2442.
    Alex Tsai
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  • How to do the bootable image upgrade after production?

    Hi,  Our platform is the iMXRT1020, we are using the XIP QSPI flash as our bootable image storage, since in our design we only embed a USB-A female port, not USB-Micro OTG, could we program the bootable ima...
    Calvin Lin
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  • About NOR Flash Write/Read in ASYNC mode (Non-ADMUX) at SEMC

    Dear All,   Please tell me about Flash Write in ASYNC mode (Non-ADMUX) using SEMC.   The reference manual only gives examples for ADMUX mode, but how are the addresses assigned when using non-ADMUX mode? &...
    George Fukutomi
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  • What is the recommended SEMC operation?

    Dear All,   Now we want to use SEMC to connect i.MX-RT1050 and FPGA.   The interface to FPGA is considering general parallel connection using address lines and data lines. It is an interface where address...
    George Fukutomi
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  • SRAM base address should be set as 0xA000_0000

    Dear All,   Does the NOR interface behave the same as the SRAM interface with respect to “set SRAM base address as 0xA000_0000 to avoid this behavior” ? And does it happen in 8bit data widht mo...
    George Fukutomi
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  • QSPI Booting relocation

    Good day All, I am working on a iMXRT1021 custom board that is based upon the RT1021 EVK with the exception that I would like to connect the QSPI Flash to an alternate FlexSPI port.  On page 283 of the reference...
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  • i.MXRT1021 ETM trace port size?

    What is the supported ETM trace port size on the RT1021? The 1020 reference manual suggests that TRACEDATA can be 1, 2, or 4 bits and 4-bit mode is recommended (see CoreSight trace port interface). Howeve...
    Chris Eyre
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  • RT1015 - FlexIO Camera Demo

    I found mentions of a FlexIO Camera Demo for NXP's Kinetis processors, but from what I could find - there isn't any similar demo provided with the 2.5.0 SDK for the RT1015 / RT1020 parts.  Ha...
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  • USB high-speed regulator

    Hi,    3V is generated from VBUS using LDO_USB. This 3V is for Full-Speed or Low-Speed. These are described in of the reference manual. However, high speed works at 400mV. Which regulator output...
    Yoshida Satoru
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  • RT1020/1050 DMA memory to peripheral

    Hi. I am looking for some example of source code for RT1020 or RT1050, with DMA, Memory to Peripheral, or Peripheral to Memory, using several GPIO ports.   In the SDK there are examples using DMA for Memory to ...
    Luis Hernandez Salvador
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  • One-stop secure boot tool: NXP-MCUBootUtility is upgraded to v1.4.0

    Source code: https://github.com/JayHeng/NXP-MCUBootUtility   【v1.3.0】 Features: > 1. Can generate .sb file by actions in efuse operation utility window >    支持生成仅含自定义efuse烧写操作(在efuse operat...
    Jay Heng
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  • How to place c or .o file to ITCM?

    Hi,   I want to place whole c file to ITCM (.text and .rodata). I found option in Managed Linker Script---> Extra linker script input sections but it won't work. Please see image.   Tried with differen...
    jtro 9
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  • Can i use iMX RT1020 Boot ROM 96KB?

    I'm using iMX series first time and i have question about boot ROM? 1) Can Boot ROM memory space is user programmable like internal ROM? 2) How to implement custom user specified bootloader? Any user manual? 3) If ...
    jtro 9
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  • Indicate if CAN frame experienced an arbitration loss (FLEXCAN)

    Hello,   I am curious if FLEXCAN module offers any way to detect if a particular frame experienced arbitration loss. Ideally, this information would be available to the sender, once transmit is idle, and the rec...
    Karl Fraasch
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  • IMXRT1021-evk Could not connect to core.

    We were trying to run zephyr OS sample program on MIMRT1021-EVK. Successfully flashed the code on MIMRT1021-EVK. After this step we were not able to debug the device, not even erase it. We tried to flash hello world c...
    Swapna Bulbule
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  • i.MX-RT1020 Debug Console

    Hi support community,   I tried a  flexspi_nor_polling_transfer project with IMXRT-1020EVK. The Debug console function works properly when it was under debug (connected with IDE). However, it do...
    Yoshiyuki Okada
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  • Is the SDRAM on the 1020 EVK broken?

    I have been unable to read or write from the SDRAM on the 1020 EVK.  I haven't even been able to read it using the memory window in MCUXpresso.    I started my project with the sai example code from th...
    Brian Ellison
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  • i.MXRT 1020 USB speed test

    Hi all, I want to run USB speed test on i.MXRT 1020 - EVK.  I ran some MCUExpresso USB examples such as CDC vcom, HID generic, so PC will be host, and board will be device. I change the speed to configure USB to ...
    Huong Ha
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  • 一站式安全启动工具:NXP-MCUBootUtility v1.0.0 发布

    [中文翻译版] 见附件   原文链接: https://community.nxp.com/docs/DOC-342297
    Leo Lin
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