• iMXRT1021 flexspiNOR unable to use HAB Encrypted XIP

    Hi, I am using the iMXRT1021 with flexqspiNOR flash. We want to encrypt the .sb image and the use on-the-fly BEE decryption. I am using the elftosb.exe, sdphost and blhost to produce and flash the .sb image. ...
    Tony Thurgood
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  • FTP and flash file system for RT1020?

    Hi,   What is the best way to get a file system set up in flash? For example, the RT1020-EVK has an 8MByte flash, and I would like to set up a flash FS that allows FTP access (via ethernet)?   I am l...
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  • i.MX RT1020, FlexSPI and 1.8V Flash?

    Hello, would it be possible to connect a 1.8V Octal SPI Flash (like the Adesto ATX064P) via FlexSPI to a i.MX RT1020? The schematic of the i.MX RT1020 EVK shows this possibility. NVCC_SD is switchable...
    Gerhard Ferdan
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  • TRNG Errata?

    Hi All,  We are experiencing an issue with the TRNG. Inside the driver, there is mention of a defect in function trng_ReadEntropy().    /* Dummy read. Defect workaround. * TRNG could not clear ENT_VAL...
    Chris Cowdery
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  • Board Wizard error message

    Hi, I'm trying to use the New Board SDK Wizard to make a board SDK for our custom hardware. I've watched videos and read PDFs about how to do this but it doesn't work for me. When I select the New Board SDK Wizard and...
    Antony Pace
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  • How to reset FlexIO Timer on Pin rising edge?

    Hello, I have two FlexIO timer running on RT1020. FlexIO timer 0 toggles the output every 0.5 seconds and timer 1 is triggered by timer 0. This setup works fine. Now I have to reset timer 0 on a rising edge of an Chi...
    Stefan Mitterhauser
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  • iMX RT1020 RMII with external clock

    Hello,   I am using RT1020 to connect to a switch via RMII interface. The reference clock is provided by the switch. and I am using the SDK sample code lwip_tcpecho_freertos Do I only need to make modificat...
    Benson Young
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  • RT1050-EVKB: SW5 DIP not fitted (SW5-1 is EncryptXIP)

    Why are the DIP switches SW5 and SW6 not fitted to the RT1050-EVKB eval board? Especially SW5, because SW5-1 is used to enable Encrypt XIP. It is a bit annoying having to solder on our own...   Note that the R...
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  • Invalid warnings in MCUXpresso Pin tool?

    The pin tool in MCUXpresso is excellent but there are a couple of things I don't understand. One may even be a bug.   1. If I create a project using the SEMC demo for the iMXRT1020-EVK I can compile it and run i...
    Antony Pace
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  • elftosb issue

    Hi, I'm trying to use elftosb (V4.0.0) to generate an updated version of the flashloader sb file, and having some troubles. I created a bd file with the following contents;   options { flags = 0x00; startAddr...
    Dave Marples
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  • RT1050 Encrypted XIP example sets BEE_KEY0_SEL to a reserved value?

    Document: AN12079.pdf: How to use i.MXRT Security Boot, Application Notes, Rev. 0, 10/2017 Section: 3.3.2. Generate SB file for FlexSPI NOR image encryption and programming Pages: 25-27   The example .bd file ...
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  • What is the purpose of the 'Encryption XIP enable' eFuse?

    If I run a signed UNencrypted xip demo (iled_blinky) on a board with the SRK and BEE_KEYx_SEL fuses burnt, the demo runs fine out of flash as XIP. This signed UNencrypted xip demo works fine if the 'Encryption XIP ena...
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  • Documentation for TRNG?

    Hi All,  There appears to be no documentation for the TRNG peripheral. The MIMXRT1021 Reference Manual describes what it does, and shows how to enable the clocks _to_ the peripheral etc.   But nowhere is t...
    Chris Cowdery
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  • How much SRAM does the i.MX RT 1015 have?

    Hi All   Simple question which is answered in the data sheet:     But, when I try to configure its FlexRAM (which should have 4 banks of 32k each) I find that there are 8 banks and their default lay...
    Mark Butcher
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  • BOOT problem on MIMXRT1064DVL6A board

    Hello, I have design a board that includes : - a MIMXRT1064DVL6A processor, - Memory IS42s16160j, - SD card slot, - JTAG, - A led I was inspired by IMXRT1064 EVKB Board to design it. I am trying to program t...
    Lacouture Patrice
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  • RT1020 Bus Encryption Engine

    Hi,   Does the Bus Encryption Engine encrypt as well as decrypt?   For example, if I was running an Encrypted XIP application (from serial nor flash), and I wanted it to write something to a different area...
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  • Support for HAB in Zephyr

    Hi guys,   I'm currently evaluating if Zephyr running on the i.MX RT series will be viable for an IIoT project due to complete at the end of 2020, however I'm concerned that it may be missing key support ar...
    Alistair Lowe
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  • Unable to get signed or encrypted image to run on RT1020

    Hi,   I am unable to get signed or encrypted image to run on RT1020   I have two RT1020 eval boards. One has the SRK fuses blown and the HAB closed fuse blown. The other is unchanged from out of the box....
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  • RT1020-EVK SDK flexspi/flash demo does not work?

    Hi,   I'm trying to run the evkmimxrt1020_flash_component_nor SDK demo on the RT1020-EVK, and I get a hardfault. See attached screenshort of MCUXpresso IDE.   The demo is unchanged from default. The RT102...
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  • Can I access HAB error logs via JTAG?

    In the document: i.MX RT1020 Processor Reference Manual, Rev. 1, 12/2018 In section: 8.3.6 Boot security settings   The text refers to an error log: "All detected errors are logged" " the error log can b...
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