Nick Gonzalez

Quick and Easy Development for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at the Edge

Blog Post created by Nick Gonzalez Employee on Dec 11, 2019

The next generation of machine interfaces is here. As embedded technology evolves, NXP continues to innovate with technologies like cloud-based/local voice control and face recognition for secure access/authentication. Resources for these technologies are abundant, but how can NXP continue to offer an efficient, easy, and quick path to development for people who do not want to reinvent the wheel? How do we make it easier to innovate?


Enter NXP’s turnkey, production-grade IoT ML/AI edge computing solutions. NXP provides the option of an integrated approach to development, with solutions that include out-of-box hardware, software, schematics, layouts, documentation, certifications, and BOMs to enable developers to add sensor-based capabilities into their design easily and quickly. The advantage is a faster time to market with the ability to leverage popular services like the Alexa Voice Service for AWS IoT Core Integration or compute completely offline when it comes to face recognition, for instance. 



NXP's i.MX RT106A solution for Alexa Voice Service (AVS) is an example of a turnkey solution that has helped developers quickly add Alexa into their products, noted in devices like the Instinct smart light switch. The added support, software, and certifications dramatically reduced costs and helped realize the design in just under four months. 


SLN-ALEXA-IOT Solution Kit for Alexa Voice Service
SLN-ALEXA-IOT Solution Kit for Alexa Voice Service


Our vision is to simplify complex IoT integration challenges, focused on voice, vision, and acoustic event detection with integrated solutions that increase productivity and time to market. It is an exciting time within the Internet of Things space, and we at NXP are proud to be providing the tools and technology to allow people to innovate further and create the technology of tomorrow, today.