• imx_builder --- standalone build without Yocto

    Mar 13, 2020: imx_builder_03122020.tgz  --- change the i.MX8MN  configuration.  Dec 11, 2019: imx_builder_12112019.tgz --- add support  L4.19.35_1.1.0 August 28, 2019:  imx_builder...
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  • i.MX6UL_6ULL_FAQ_V2

    This FAQ is based on MYIR's i.MX6UL&6ULL products but also can be applied on products of other vendors.
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  • Android_Release_Notes.pdf

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  • eIQ ML face detection using iWave’s i.MX8M Mini Development kit

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  • Unboxing MYD-JX8MX NXP i.MX 8M based Development Board

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  • High-performance ARM SoM Powered by NXP i.MX 8M

    MYIR introduces a high-performance ARM SoM MYC-JX8MX CPU Module, which is built around the NXP i.MX 8M Quad processor featuring 1.3GHz quad ARM Cortex-A53 cores and a real-time ARM Cortex-M4 co-pro...
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  • Face Recognition Solution Based On i.MX RT106F

    NXP MCU-level face recognbition solution is implemented by using i.MX RT106F, which makes the developers add face recognition capabilities to their MCU-based IoT products. This ultra-small size, integrated software al...
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  • IOT-GATE-iMX8 - NXP i.MX8M Mini Internet of Things Gateway

    NXP i.MX8M-Mini CPU, quad-core Cortex-A53 Up-to 4GB RAM and 128GB eMMC LTE modem, WiFi 802.11ac, Bluetooth 5.0 2x Ethernet, 3x USB2, RS485/RS232, CAN-FD Custom I/O expansion boards Fanless design in aluminum, rugg...
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  • 美国大学GPA要求 挂科导致GPA低会被开除吗

    Grade Point Average, 又叫GPA,也就是成绩的平均绩点,是国外院校所采用的一种评估学生成绩的制度。计算方法是把各门学科所得到的分数,换算成一个绩点,再按照各学科所占学分比例加权所得的数字。每个学校对于GPA的整体要求,以及各科老师的评判要求也会不一样。而GPA的高低也会直接影响美国留学生能否顺利毕业,我们常说的一个概念就是美国留学本科期间GPA不能低于2.0,如果低于2.0会有被学校开除的风险。当然根据具体学校...
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  • IMX RT - Drum Pad

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  • eMMC5.0 vs eMMC5.1

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  • Unboxing MYD-C8MMX Dev Kit Based on NXP i MX 8M mini A53 Quad Processor

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  • Patch for HW ZQ on i.MX6

    Issue description: ZQ calibration issue with LPDDR2 memory with two chip selects    Micron has verified it on my customer's board with i.MX6Q. (ECT-SYT-1163 for FIC.pdf) The patch is made based on lp 5.1,...
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  • i.mx6q ADV7180, no pobing. no/dev/video/0

    Problem statement: The ADV7180 is interfaced with i.MX6q processor on CSI0 bus as shown in following schematic circuit. The linux version 3.14 is used (YOCTO build). The decoder adv7180 is not getting probed at kernel...
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  • Forlinx latest catalog updated with new items

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  • LPDDR4 Capacity for IMX8M Mini

    Hello, I'm planning to change 2GB LPDDR4 to 4GB for the IMX8M Mini Quad board. Or change 2GB to 1/2/4 / 8GB →Is there a problem, when not changing the hardware design?   Many Thanks.
    yuh ah
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  • CL-SOM-iMX8X - NXP i.MX 8X System-on-Module by CompuLab

    NXP i.MX 8X SoC, quad-core ARM Cortex-A35, 1.2GHz Integrated 2D/3D GPU and 4K VPU Up to 4GB LPDDR4 and 64GB eMMC 2x MIPI-DSI / LVDS, up-to 1080p60 Certified dual-band WiFi 802.11ac, BT 4.2 2x GbE, PCIe, 4x USB, 3...
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  • HX_DU5602D_V0R4_Hardware_Design.pdf

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  • 2Gb DDR3L AIT & AAT Datasheet.pdf

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