• Bluetooth audio local-echo

    Hi, I am working with imx6ull-evk with a bluetooth board . I use bluez and HSP profile . When I connect a smartphone(TEL0) over bluetooth, tha board imx6 is the audio interface of the smarphone. When I do a call from...
    sergio d'orazio
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  • imx8mq+Android2.3.0 adb issue?

    Hi community:    The current imx8mq Android9_2.3.0 bsp adb function is invalid. The previous bsp function of Android9_1.0.0 is normal. What is the reason?
    传策 薛
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  • Custom wayland compositor on IMX8M

    Hello,   I 'm using IMX8M with yocto / wayland image. Is it possible to avoid using weston and use my own compositor ? I try using some Qt examples (pure-qml, minimal-cpp, minimal-qml....) but i can't find a c...
    Frederic DUCHASSIN
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  • EGLFS problems after HDMI reconnect

    Hi,   we're using Yocto 2.5 (sumo) on an iMX6quad with the fslc-framebuffer distribution. We're running a QT5 app with the eglfs platform.   When we plug in an HDMI cable and start the QT app eve...
    Rick Pannen
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  • I.MX6Q Mic. Recording Problem!!

    Good Day! My name is Jason Oh from Korea(South).   I have ported android 7.1.2 successfully to our custom  i.mx6q board. CPU       : i.MX6Q OS     &...
    Jason Oh
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  • imxeglvivsink inside a GTK window in Wayland

    We are using an imx6-based board running Linux with Wayland. I need use the Vivante GPU's imxeglvivsink to display video inside a GTK+3 window with GStreamer. The problem is that the video with the imxeglvivsink plugi...
    Samuel Jimenez
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  • How to get I.MX8QM MEK board docs

    Hi: I've recently bought a I.MX 8 QuardMax MEK board directly from the NXP website, and i can't find any further detailed documents on imx8qm MEK's web page except a startup instruction and a fact sheet. The documen...
    Kortan Zhang
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  • I.MX8MQ A54透過RPMsg 與M4訊號傳輸UART亂碼

    imx8mq 在uboot下. cortex m4 的debug uart 输出log正常 启动内核后, 通过rpmsg 和m4 互传消息, cortex m4 的debug uart輸出就為亂碼。當程式跑完rpmsg_ns_announce(my_rpmsg, my_ept, RPMSG_LITE_NS_ANNOUNCE_STRING, RL_NS_CREATE); debug uart...
    家齊 林
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  • How to Flash *.wic.gz fromat binaries on IMX6 Solo using USB OTG

    Hi, I am currently working with Yocto project with warrior branch. I have generated the core-image-base and i am successfully able flash binaries using sdcard. But i want to flash binaries using USB . I have find to...
    Amit Priye
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  • IMX8MM Linux boot issue

    I have working for device imx8m mini  evaluation for some similar product. I tried build default Linux kernel source code and try to boot from SD card. But the Linux kernel has not fully boot. I have attached log...
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  • Android 9 imx8mq  OTA incremental update error

    hi, 1.I use make otapackage -j12 build a full update package , it works well. 2. when I use incremental package to update, there is a error occurs:       Applying 21701 operations to partit...
    chen yy
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  • SPI don't work on iMX6 - Linux

    Hi, i have a problem with SPI on iMX6. I'm using a Congatec Module. The module mount a iMX6 Solo. I want to configure ECSPI1 as a "spidev" device.   Initially the congatec dtsi was:   &ecspi1 { fsl,...
    Marco Padovani
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  • how to enable HDMI port on linux platform for imx8qm mek

    I am working on xen for imx8qm mek board and used the boot environment setup " U-Boot > setenv displayinfo  'video=mxcfb0:dev=hdmi,1920x1080M@60,if=RGB24' for an HDMI display " ,for linux (domain 0) as it...
    Nakshatra A
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  • imx8是否设置2clock/pix模式存放sensor传来的数据

    你好, 在imx8qxp-mek上的MIPI-CSI链接一个sensor接收的是2clock/pixel的yuv422_8_8数据格式的数据源,图像尺寸设定为1920*1080,但显示出的尺寸为960*1080,且显示图像为带有深浅的绿色剪影,反色显示,不丢帧,如下图 使用的命令为:gst-launch-1.0 v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! 'video/x-raw,formate=YV12,w...
    peterson hou
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  • How to disable DDR/BUS frequency scaling from kernel space?

    Hello, I am creating a linux distribution using the yocto project that runs on an iMX6UL processor (Variscite DART6UL SOM in particular). Currently, at startup during runtime (via rc.local) the DDR/BUS frequency scal...
    Maxwell Pung
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  • Missing i.MX8 DDR Tool

    I am trying to run the i.MX8 DDR Tool for a new i.MX8M mini board, as referenced in this post: i.MX8 MSCALE SERIES DDR Tool Release (V3.00)  But there's no tool there.  The post (and others) refer to a GUI...
    Allen Ivester
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  • Linux Kernel setting for MCIMX6Q4A

    Hello community,   If default Linux BSP image, it have H/W VPU library and enable VPU module clock and power, on no-VPU device like MCIMX6Q4AVT08AER, what happen to run video encode/decode application on ...
    Takayuki Ishii
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  • How to See the All CPUs load in IMX8M Mini on Console

    Hi,   We are working with IMX8M Mini EVK target. Our program utilises all CPUs. We would like to see the load of all CPUs on console.  I guess top command gives the all CPU load usage as single ...
    Sreedhar A
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  • Bitbake not installing files from recipe to rootfs

    Hello!   I'm currently using yocto to build the system imx6sxsabresd (IMX6 Solo X). I have successfully built the image however I want to add some a script to init.d to turn on a led. I'm appending to the linux-...
    Jon Clay
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  • [Immersiv3D AudioFramework] : [DECODER] pad push error -2

    Dear all   For an audio post processing application, I had to use a chunk size of 512.   So in the /usr/local/share/rest/default.rest file, I modified the following line : PUT pipeline0/pipeline.elt/...
    Vinay V S
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